Opium Garden

{UPDATED:} 02/20/01. 'Mates' series updated.}

"OPIUM: The strong oder encircles and cacoons its willing and giddy victims in it's unyeilding grasp. And in exchange for your seneses, your control, it will 'gift' you with a electric pleasure so profound you will willingly and eagerly become its slave."-T'Kitra.

Welcome to the Opium Gardens.

I am...my true name is irrelivant for my purpose,I am known as Patroness T'Kitra,that is all you need to know about me.You have entered my gardens,...my haven.But I shall not harm you for it curious one, for I know why you are here. You have come to hear my stories, of a valent ship and her crew...you have come to hear of Voyager.I shall tell you then, though I will not tell you how I have gained this information, that also is irrelivant.Yet I must warn you, it has been ages sense I have taught,and teach you culture and art I intend to do...yet not yet. For now simply read.

-Patroness T'Kitra.

Do we have to go threw the hooplaw? 1.)Paramount owns star trek and it's universe.No infrigment intended. 2.)Don't steal anything!!!


This story was a JetC challenge story:Write a story in wich J/C are obviously a couple yet don't appear in the story.

Crystals of T'Yorka series.(NC-17)

This series is about special crystals that allow Tuvok and his mate to temporaraly come togther durring 'pon farr',this leads off to J/C.


A amulet can make or break a connection,if one is not careful.

Mates series.(NC-17)

What happens when primative insticts take over?

Together we stand.

Together the crew of the USS VOYAGER, face mans biggest fear: Being forgotten.

In my eyes.

Beauty is only skin deep right?...wrong.


A jornule entry by Tuvok, explaining his love for his mate T'Pel and his captain Kathryn Janeway.

Truth or Dare.

Is confession really good for the soul?

Commandments of Voyager

The Rules of Command


Step into my parlor...

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