Literary Contributions

This section was established to hold items written by other people that I wanted to include, but that don't count as 'humour'. This includes poems and various other miscellaneous items, but it does not include stories, unless a) they're very short stories, and b) I really like them. So far there isn't much, but it will be added to. More writings by people other than me can be found in the Essays section under "Shadar's Mad Meanderings" and in the section of Other People's Humour.


Madness - by Gilhan Saragon
Untitled (Dragonmount) - by The Amyrlin Seat
The Dreamwalker - by Stargazer
The Storm - by Silvereye


Screenwriting for the Wheel of Time - by The Masterizer

Rambles - new

Technically, this section should probably be humour, but it's somewhat - hmm - unique. It comes from the old WoT Alliance BBS, and it's rambling. What is rambling? Well - I think that's something you really have to find out for yourself.

Rambling and the Intrigleemen
Entry of the BBS Rambler
A Point About Rambling

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