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The history of this Weyr began at Benden Weyr, for that was indeed what it began as long ago.  The second Weyr to be inhabited, it held it's own traditions and prestige for generations until the fateful Ninth Pass where it truly entered history as more than a location.  (See help pern and help theme)  After the erradication of Thread, life in the Weyr settled down to a dull murmur, with rarely the occassional disaster or joyous event to sparken the energy within it.

So it was during the celebration of the 3rd Millenium that the Weyrleader of Benden, V'lin of bronze Chendath decided to once again bring attention to dragonkind by renaming the Weyr after one of the orbiting colony ships forming the Dawn Sisters: Bahrain.  He wished to revitalize the Weyr against the demoralization of the decreasing dragon population and to celebrate the
 anniversary of Landing, believing that the great ships did far more for Pern than just one single man who captained them.  Despite the change, the riders continued to fall into disfavor and most folk, riders included, still call it Benden.

Time continued to pass, another 150 turns or so.  The Weyrs had all but dwindled to leave but Fort Weyr and Bahrain.  For a generation, the riders worried as the number of queens dropped till only the Tillek native Jehana's Pinnath was left.  Her last clutch brought a good sized clutch, but sadly no gold.  So when she failed to rise to mate the following season, the Bahrain riders went to Fort Weyr to beseech them for aid.  Valora's golden Isoldeth had only recently begat Fabrinath who was paired with the Ruathan born Sabria.  Though protesting the sudden thrust into such responsibility, the two knew their duty to dragonkind as well as to their own Weyr.  Thus as Fabrinath rose to her first mating flight, bronze riders from both Weyrs flew to catch her. But it was the Fortian K'neda and Wakaremath who won and became the new Weyrleader and cementing Sabria's position as Weyrwoman.

Things looked promising at first, the resulting clutch already producing another queen; Sirikith who impressed the Telgar raised Kalanthe.  For many turns there were no other queens, but under K'neda's and Sabria's leadership Bahrain continued to prosper none the less.  Then came Elisandra's fiery Zivath and a rising number in the dragon population of the Weyr.  However  things didn't stay peaceful between the two willful leaders and thus when Wakaremath finally lost to the native weyrbred D'karon's bronze Sahrinth, K'neda returned to Fort.  Murmurings about large clutches continued to plague the ears of the riders as Zivath's own daughter Aerinth paired to Lemos herder, Muireann.

Then in the following seasons things were quiet till one spring all four of the Bahrain queens rose to mate and produced large clutches that hatched together for an unheard of increase in dragon numbers.  The Weyr was already in general disfavor with the Holders and increased needs for larger tithes were not well received!  So Sabria and the newest Weyrleader K'pan looked to the very last unclaimed territories of the Southern Continent to reclaim the old settlement in the rich lands of the Caspian Lake region.

The Weyr settled into the old remnants of the original Xanadu StakeHold while Holders and Crafters who were friendly to the cause joined them and built new holdings alongside the inland sea of Azov.  Now finally settled and free to expand where they wished, the newly established Xanadu Weyr looks onwards to what the future may bring.

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