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Sr. Weyrwoman Sabria Gold Fabrinath
Jr. Weyrwoman Muireann Gold Aerinth
Jr. Weyrwoman Kalanthe Gold Sirikith
Jr. Weyrwoman Elisa Gold Zivath

Weyrleader R'afael(NPC) Bronze Vzelth
Wingrider C'zar Bronze Asarith
Dragonheaer Rivka Brown Epionth
Wingrider Kym Green Gwyneth
Asst WLM Arial Blue Zyelth
Wingrider K'pan Bronze Korinth
Dragonhealer Tam Brown Timoth
Wingrider M'rika Brown Audath
Wingrider C'slia Brown Idrielth
Asst WLM W'ley(NPC) Blue Gameth
Wingrider D'karon Bronze Sahrinth
Wingrider Eldana Blue Ilyth
Co-WLM T'on Green Kyrith
Wingrider Mina Blue Trisath
Wingrider Mhairi Blue Vanuth

Wingrider Sh'lantay Blue Beriinth
Wingrider Ayula Blue Elath
Wingrider Karise Green Cresnath
Wingrider Kysha Brown Ysavoth
Asst WLM N'hn Green Ecariath
Wingrider Lyss Blue Etheranth
Wingrider J'rethan Bronze Desath
Wingrider Romilly Blue Arventh
Wingrider L'der Green Kefirath
Wingrider V'lar Brown Tadrith
Wingrider Rowena Green Ryath
Co-WLM J'na Green Morianth
Wingrider S'ran Bronze Daergith
Wingrider A'razi Green Tylenth

Weyrling S'vin Green Tethrath
Weyrling Zi'a Green Nieth
Weyrling M'sia Blue Oolarth
Weyrling Gr'ynn Blue Ajanith
Weyrling R'ana Brown Buedath

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