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12-10-98 R'afael was voted in as Weyrleader and his bronze Vzelth won Fabrinath's mating flight that will result in an NPC clutch off camera. Nominations for Weyr Council began this week.

12-14-98 The new Weyr Council was elected: Sabria, Rivka, Kym, Karise, Arial, N'hn, Tam, J'na, T'on, and R'afael. A child was born to Karise and N'hn, a girl named Nike. Subsequently Karise retired her knot as Weyrlingmaster, turning her position over to T'on and J'na who'll jointly train the Weyrlings for the remainder of the season.

12-19-98 The weyrling class from Muireann's Aerinth and NPC R'len's Draith are close to completing their training at last! Nominations for Weyrseconds began.

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