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If you're here out of curiosity, great! That's what makes human beings so special! Finding new and wonderful things... I hope I can interest you...

Athens was, and sometimes still is a place where a lot of thinking went on.... and since I think quite a bit, I decided that Geocities, Athens is where I should set up my Cyber-home. Philosophy is a love of knowledge.... I hope to provide some knowledge, and a slightly different way of looking at everyday things... Somehow, there is a connection between the pages here... and that connection is a personal view of the world and the things in it....

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Wilderness and Hunting Themes
Thoughts from my life as a wilderness guide
Post Adoption Issues
Some Thinking about Searching and Post Adoption Issues
Intimacy, Sexuality and CyberSex...
Things I thought about as a novice netsurfer
Chapleau, Ontario
My home town until 18...
Some Pictures of Chapleau in the 1960's
Some Thinking about thinking and development.
The Manager's Toolkit
Observations and Commentary based on my business life
The Leader's Toolkit
More from the work-a-day world.
Personal Development
Thoughts on becoming a person.
A bit of a resume, still not cleaned up...
Canadian Ring
A Starting Point to other Canadian Pages.
Some Better Wilderness Links
At least I think so...
My Musings...
Things I drift into...
Views on Sports
From my life as a minor hocky association president...
From My Visitors
My vanity does exist... Sometimes people feed it...
Guest Columns
A New Section holding Thoughts from Guest Contributors
Chapleau Cree Page
Will be a Native Issues Page
Rights of The Individual
Foundational Documents and Essays
My Anthropology Pages...
Thoughts On the Human Being
Sympatico Dial Up Numbers
Christmas Letters

These are the major sections. I have other references and thoughts in here that can be discovered by reading and clicking links in the text. (kinda like a game of hide and seek...)

Maybe the contents will entice you to discuss an issue with me... At the bottom of this page are links to very many different themes and topics.

I am a Canadian, in Northern Ontario, with many interests, a systems analyst, continuous improvement facilitator, process modeler, software developer, facilitator of a post adoption support group, -- a friend on CANADopt, a hunter, wilderness guide, and novice netsurfer.

I recently have added a piece on Kissing and a bit on adoption, a bit on 'switches'... and now a bit on Chapleau, Ontario, where I spent my youth.
Hhhmmmmmm... just notes as I think of them... (and a new section called 'Musings'...)

I also do various talks to support groups, hunting clubs and groups and consulting to small businesses.

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October 28, 1997.

On a personal note, Roy David Marsh passed away Last night/early morning (October 28. 1997) He was a hunting friend. We had both good and bad times as friends, but we understood that friends remain friends, even thought we do disagree on not so important things... You can read a bit about Dave in the Hunting/Wilderness section...

My interests lie in many areas; education, anthropology, business process reengineering, organizational management, psychology of sports, psychology in general, human dynamics, and more. Browse around, and give me your thoughts for improvements.

Some other thoughts...

You may find some things you may disagree with. I hope that this can generate discussion, and that in doing so, my ideas become challenged and refined. I find that reader comments and perceptions have been quite valuable to me, and I would like our interactions to continue. Click here for some of those comments!

Should you disagree, voice your opinions to me so that I can consider them.

Oh! and by the way, If you have thoughts in any of these areas, leave a message in the Guestbook below or E-mail me directly. I would be happy to review them with an intention of including you as a guest contributor!

SeeYa Roun'

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