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Draconis Blackthorne
Infernal Progeny
Following is a condensed auto-biography of the more notable experiences in My Life. More details will be added as they are recalled and evolved. Enjoy!


Daemonic Conception

I was Born on a windy night at 6:03 pm {6+0+3=9} in the heart of Winter on Candlemas Eve February 1st, which means that the daemonseed was planted on Walpurgisnacht, I was ushered into the world in Van Nuys, California, considered a "porn capitol", where the majority of erotic distributors unleash their trade unto the world. The next memories I have is being in Vatican City, Rome, walking the marbled floors and observing the many classically artful statues pedistaled about the city, and I was soon to be 'baptized' in this kingdom of opulence...

Vatican Baptism

I remember standing there with a candle in My hands almost as big as I was, which I kept on snuffing out despite the admonishions of My parents and the Priest not to do so. As the so-called "holy water" was applied, I thrashed about and spit on the floor, to the apparent shock of those in attendence. I would later use this very same candle in a Satanic Baptism I held for Myself upon self-realization, and it went up with a furious immolation, with flames leaping, consuming it in less that ten minutes.

The Demon of The River

Many years later, in a rather Rosemary's Baby vain, My Mother would relate to Me a dream she had as a little girl, wherein she saw a little demon running about near a river's edge, enjoying himself in the lushness of nature, when all of a sudden he decided to dive into the water for a swim. It seemed that this act became a catylist to cause a raging fierce current, as the skies darkened and the winds began to howl and blow. And edging the river, a twisted tree which resembled the nazarene swayed back and forth in the torrent. Others who have since heard this story agree that it seems a metaphor for My eventual incarnation, with the river representing the rush of life.


There may have been an alternate reason for visiting Europe as well, as some time was also spent in Spain - it eventually became revealed to Me that I was related to one Hernan Cortes {which in Castillian, means "to cut"}, tyrrannical Conquistadore in search for gold and women, and he certainly possessed them. Pro: He held an entire continent in his sway and Might, crushing all opposition. Con: he had to bring catholic missionaries with him by decree of The King, thus brainwashing the natives to keep them under control. Native Prophets forsaw his arrival in the form of Quetzacoatl the Serpent-God, so Cortes took advantage of this presupposition and basqued in the infamy and glory divinity brings, along with accepting the loveliest of the maidens, "Malinche" unto his bed. He has been equated to a Hitler, Vlad Tepes, and Rasputin by some, yet to Me, there is much to be admired in his strength, even if methods are not entirely agreed upon. I think it interesting synchronicity how I have a predisposition towards snakes as familiars and serpentine dragons as totems. So My ancestor eventually returned to Spain with many pleasing riches and the title of national hero, sans a few men due to battles and the toppling of the Aztec Empire, yet he lived out his remaining days in comfort and pleasure.


I went to school in one of the local cities named Fiumicino, where we all wore uniforms likened the "Blue Boy" painting by Thomas Gainsborough, which My mother has since replicated in knit-point form and fancifully framed it on her wall. I recall a puppet show named "Topo Gigio" about the adventures of a mouse, sort of the Italian equivalent to Mickey Mouse. After spending about a year in Rome, I found Myself in New York for a few days - I remember the slippery streets covered in sleet and snow, grabbing onto Mother's and Father's hand. Soon afterwards I was back in California in North Hollywood, and attended St. Francis, then Pinecrest Private School for a time, when I eventually transferred to Victory Blvd. School, and on to Carpenter Avenue in the hills of upscale Studio City where I became a "Safety", which is essentially the school "cop", herding students and overlooking the yard, making sure no-one became dangerously out of line. As early as this, I always felt there was something 'different' that set Me apart from the herd. One interesting manifestation which occurred, was when I decided to experiment with My inborn abilities. When I became angry, 'things' began happening to people that I did not like - they would either become injured or simply 'disappear' - just vanish from My life. Of particular note, I was angry at another student once, as he rode by on his bicycle, I directed My negativity at him and he fell of his bike - and it looked as if he was 'pushed'. Then I discovered that I could make people trip and fall, and I did so when annoyed. Other times, if I would look into traffic, I could expect to see a collision, and more often than not, it would occur before Me. Upon Jr. High, My parents continued the Catholic theme by enrolling Me in St. Charles Borromeo {which is right up the street from Universal Studios}, where students took considerable liberties with each other right under the noses of the teachers, priests, and nuns. It was in this atmosphere when I really began considering other forms of religious expression including Protestant, Buddhist, and Hinduism, all of which eventually left Me unsatisfied. I opted to not take "Confirmation" and grew increasingly more atheistic.


For whatever reason, at one point, in about the 5th grade, I briefly had the peculiar propensity of taking kite string to doorways at school, arranging it in spider web-like designs, which only lasted a couple of weeks.

I remember making "god's eyes" from colored yarn and two crossing sticks, to lanyards in camp, but never anything like this.

Since then, I have become aware that there are now a couple of Halloween activity sources which mention using kite string to construct such a design, much later and after the fact. In addition, it would also be an interesting decorative idea to perhaps tie colored lights to this design, and effectively create a "Yule Web", as it were, if so inclined.

Dungeons & Dragons

I had begun playing a variation of this board game with an acqaintance in 5th grade, who would hand-draw a maze on a piece of paper and roll a piece of die, and proceeded imagining all sorts of scenarios, marking "X's" where a previous battle was waged, until eventually gathering enough "power points" to battle the dragon guarding some treasure at the center of the maze.

This moved onto improvisational "adventures" at local parks, where we physically played out the actions of our characters, sometimes deciding who would "win" by whom actually won a wrestling match! Here we did not limit the exercise of our imaginations to the rulebooks, but actually took it out into the physical realm - plus, we were also motivated by Kung Fu movies we enjoyed.

Eventually, I joined a D&D group at the local library, then played with a private group of friends through Jr. High where I eventually became a "Dungeon Master". My favorite character was most often a combination "Warrior / Mystic", with a perfect synthesis of mental as well as physical capabilities, which seemed an appropriate reflection of what I was in real life, with excelling in My academic studies and Martial Arts training. The games became rather ceremonially psychodramatic as well, with the addition of candles, various objects d'art {from wizards, creatures, to dragons}, memento moris, and music of a darkened nature. The propensity for elements of an exotic and occult nature has always been a vital part of My life.

I subsequently moved on to other concerns and indulgent experiences in life, but was amused to have "guest Dungeon-mastered" on a couple of occasions.

[Satanimation II: Role-playing games]

Shidoshi Frank W. Dux

Shidoshi Frank W. Dux

Sensei Ken Nagayama

Sensei Ken Nagayama
{Tae Kwon Do, Hap-Ki-Do, Aikido}

Sensei Bill Ryusaki

Sensei Bill Ryusaki
{Kenpo, Judo, Kendo}

Martial Arts & YMCA

Simultaneous with this schooling, I was also attending Martial Arts classes in Kenpo and Tae Kwon Do, eventually gaining Black Belts in both forms, although there were several other styles studied in these Dojos, including Judo, Hap-Ki-Do, and Kendo.

The REAL Karate Kid

Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do - this very dojo was actually used as the "Cobra Kai" Dojo, the base of the villains in the film 'The Karate Kid'. Our sensei had informed us that the dojo would be closed for a week. The usual logos on the windows had been changed, temporarily replaced by the Cobra's logos. So if you watch this movie, there are some really great shots of this establishment - one can actually see My trophies in the background.

Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do Upon retrospect, it really seems as if the film was based in large part upon My life at the time, what with relocating from New York to North Hollywood, California {which is nearly adjacent to Reseda}, enrolling in the very dojo used in the film, the character being of Italian descent {Myself being of Spanish / Italian descent} - just about everything except for the bullied part - I was always and still Am well capable of defending Myself.

Comparisons between Draconis Blackthorne & the Danny Larusso character from the film "The Karate Kid":



  • Both of Italian decent, with Spanish added in with DB.
  • Both traveled from New York to California.
  • Both began training in Martial Arts upon relocation.
  • Both moved into similar domiciles within a five mile radius of one another. {DB in North Hollywood, Larusso in Reseda}. Incidentally, DB was also located on the second floor upon the first relocation.
  • Both primarily raised by mother.
  • The Cobra Kai dojo in the film was DB's actual dojo. Jun Chong Tae Kwon Do in North Hollywood.
  • Arcade / Water park in the film was frequented by DB as a dracling.


  • DB was not bullied as a dracling, nor was ever a bully.
  • DB's mother had a really nice Firebird Pontiac Camaro.
  • DB did not use "crane stance" in tournaments.

Conjecture: After DB's mother related our travel and relocation circumstances during casual conversations, Sensei conferred actual life experiences to acquaintances and/or students in the show business industry who found my circumstances interesting enough to flesh out a virtually identical plot. In essence, deriving various cues from my actual existence into a character with likened qualities. The dojo is known for training several individuals in the entertainment industry.

Additionally, Sam Jones, who played Flash Gordon in the film was also a student here, while training for the film role - and contrary to the over-dubbed voice of the character, he actually had quite a thick English accent.

Overall, actor Ralph Macchio portrayed the Danny Larusso character in 'The Karate Kid'; DB was actually the so-called "karate kid" in real life.

Taking the 'Art' out of Martial Arts...

In the beginning, one of the possible dojos considered was Chuck Norris' "Fighting Arts Federation" studio, so as was customary for Me, I decided to attend a class incognito as an observer. Now, this 'dojo' was rather ostentateous, to be frank - photos of Norris on the walls, both posed and from movie stills; the observation seats were set up like a veritable 'studio audience' section in ascending rows, but perhaps all this should be expected. But I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt.

While Myself and the rest of the "audience" looked on, Norris was boisterously scolding a student for forgetting his belt, and was actually threatening that he attend class pantless! I Am sure there probably was a perfectly good reason for he not having it. Not expecting it to go missing, maybe the poor kid's subling/s had swiped it, either messing around or as a joke? Maybe a classmate stole it out of jealousy or to pretend they were such a rank? Whatever the case, this was no reason to humiliate the boy in front of the entire place! You could tell he was holding back tears. In My estimation, this was not the manner a purported sensei to behave, and perhaps he should remain with the movies.

For reference, Norris endeavored to create a conglomerate of fighting styles he trained in called "Chun Kuk Do", {"Universal Way"; Korean derivation translation}, which was a mix between Tang Soo Do {Chinese}, Shotokan {Japanese}, and Tae Kwon Do {Korean}, though overall, it seemed the "Art" was removed from the Martial Discipline, and quite honestly, seemed to be nothing more than 'expert' bar fighting, as it were. This particular stunt-like studio, for I Am rather loathed to refer to it as a "dojo", did eventually close, and that is probably for the better. He would eventually go on to found a "United Fighting Arts Federation", which seems to be not much more than the brutishly-simplistic 'UFC' spectator sport.

So, this coupled with the pretentiousness, I saw enough and decided this was not the school for Me. Thankfully, thus filtering through the dross, the search continued...

{I would eventually find dojos: Ryusaki Kenpo, Jun Chung Tae Kwon Do and Dux Ninjutsu}.


Turning The other cheek: Amusingly, as a side note, Norris would eventually go on to become an active christian crusader, probably for PR purposes, although it is well known and obvious that Martial Arts and christianity do not mix. Anyone who practices a physical combat style, yet still espouses a belief-system of subservience and self-sacrifice / surrender, is a hypocrite, and otherwise do not take their religion, or martial art, seriously.

Ninja Rising...

Dux NinjitsuNestled in a rather unassuming space with a sign simply stating "KARATE - Dux Ninjitsu" {pronounced "dukes"}, and having been fascinated with the Ninja, the assassin, this was truly an exciting dojo to consider. Obviously, "Karate" became a more or less buzz word in western culture, with various styles included beneath that term, but here was something extra special, which proved to a be a true discovered gem, even with the release of the subsequent Ninja trilogy films.*

The Ninja is a highly-disciplined "mystic warrior", as it were, a veritable "Assassin Warlock", utilizing the forces of nature to one's benefit, both manipulating and cooperating the Chi-Energy within and without, permeating matter and ether as one. Practicing the multi-levels of mind and body to develop absolute harmony and grace with one's inner and outer nature. Ninjitsu-Ryu, or Ninpo, is a true Martial Art.

Unfortunately, due to ignorance and probably fear, cinematically at least, ninja figures seem to be sometimes erroniously depicted as mere hoodlums or fumbling dime-a-dozen henchmen. Obviously, with some research on the subject, one will realize that this is not the case.

Historically, the Ninja was hired as a private assassin for rival families and rulerships - because of the feudal environment, the Ninja had to be the foremost martial artisan, and was in fact, the most advanced of the kind.

One wall of the dojo was covered in weapons - nunchaku, tonfa, shuko, shogi, katana, bola, tri-staff, grappling hooks, and others, even armor, while on the other side, the usual mirrored wall, but in one corner of the mat, a knotted climbing rope, which one had to learn to effectively climb. Classes also involved field trips to various natural locations such as the beach and wilderness, to train in survivalism. Students were allotted some basic supplies carried in a backpack to last the weekend. Students accepting this option to ascend in 'rank' stayed overnight, with surprise 'assailants' appearing from time to time along trails while hiking. Here it was learned to combat in various environments, surfaces, and circumstances, utilizing nature to one's benefit, applying that learned in the dojo towards practical potential circumstances.

At the time, the Dojo did not participate in 'official' tournaments per se, largely considering them pretentious events, instead holding private 'kumite' contests among fellow students, as well as the previously mentioned outdoor activities.

What impressed Me most about this dojo and martial style was the story related of the day when a black belt in Kung Fu San Soo entered to 'challenge' Shidoshi Dux. This was at a time when martial arts movies were all the rage, and such antics were de-regeur therein, like challenging the "Big Boss Man" to up fighter reputation. Amused, Dux actually accepted the challenge, provided the challenger could take on a yellow belted Ninja. The yellow belt floored him, and thus with an attitude adjustment, left with much to consider.

Additionally, what I also found was that the training I had previously experienced in other Martial Arts forms were essentially merely "warm ups" on a basic level to transcend into Ninjutsu.

For a bit of historical reference, Shidoshi Frank Dux was trained in Koga Yamabushi Ninjitsu by Master Senzo Tanaka, then joined the Marines, eventually earning various accolades in several government narcotic task forces as a covert operative, contributed to the Navy Seal Special Warfare Manual, sponsored child MA programs for achievement and merit, and eventually became the subject of the film Bloodsport and The Quest, and is the author of his autobiography entitled The Secret Man.

He would formulate his own modern Ninjutsu style partly based upon the traditional koryu, named "Dux Ryu Ninjitsu", which features Koga Ninja root principles of adaptability and consistent change, with an emphasis on bridging the 'gap' between the Conditioned Reflex Response, and attaining the desired Practiced Reflex Response, akin to what Japanese martial art masters refer to as mushin. A concentrated augmentation called 'Dux FASST' {Focus-Action-Skill-Strategy-Tactics}.

* "Enter The Ninja" was released during the latter part of the martial arts pop-fascination of the 70's and early 80's, and distinguished itself by presenting Ninpo principles such as the Kuji-Kiri, indigenous weaponry and some techniques, all under the expert supervision of Sho Kosugi {also "The Master" technical advisor}, an actual Ninpo practitioner, who along with Frank Dux, earned some ire from traditionalists in the old country, but did manage to add an enhanced perspective on this enigmatic historical character known as Ninja.

This is the first of the trilogy. The other two are "Revenge of The Ninja", and "Ninja III: The Domination". Also by Golan-Globus, the "American Ninja" trilogy.

Enter The Master

Also in this time, I became immersed in Oriental culture, and viewed a marvelous weekend presentation which aired entitled "Black Belt Theater" playing all those great Kung Fu films like "Master of The Flying Guillotine" and "Enter The Dragon" {they would also actually display Martial Arts demonstrations and techniques including John Saxon, in between commercials}, inclusive of watching an incomparable TV series called "The Master" with Lee Van Cleefe as a Ninja Master, which I would not miss for anything, during which I always wore My own Ninjutsu gi and tabi boots. Inevitably, I became entrenched with monster movies as well, most of which featured Godzilla and the denizens of monster Island, who eventually had to band together to defeat the alien hydra Giderah, and the mecha-godzilla.

Shogun Warriors: Even the toys I played with bore an oriental influence - for instance, I became enamored with Shogun Warriors which were a mix of Ultraman and Voltron - megatronic warriors whose fists would launch, had missles for fingers {Mazinga}, spacecraft for brains {Mazinga}, and one named Gaiking which resembled demon's face in its torso - interestingly enough, they all seemed to have horns. There was even an Egyptian one named "Raideen" who, when turned sideways, resembled a hawk on the hunt, and whose flying fist bore axe-blades. There were even Godzilla and Rodan versions. Thus I would create many fanciful scenarios and invent adventures for them, inclusive of even creating signs announcing the name of the day's "episode", as it were.

When not in school over remmus vacation, I was sent to YMCA Camp which just so happened to conveniently have a public park across the street, where we spent the majority of the time in arts and crafts, and going to a different amusement park every week. These were themed weeks - "Magic Week", "Western Week", "Space Week", "Beach Week", and so forth. So there were trips to the total environments Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios, The L.A. Zoo, Marineland, the beach {never a favorite, except at night}, and a sleep-over in the mountains, wherein there was extensive hiking and outdoor adventures.

At Marineland, formerly located in beautiful Palos Verdes, CA, at the invigorating Pacific shore, I swam through the Baja Reef attraction, which was a swim-through aquarium containing a variety of sea life including sharks, which would gracefully float about one in the deeper quadrants, octopi, manta rays, jellyfish, and stingrays. One was provided with snorkles and a wet suit to skim the surface, but could plunge deeper as long as one could hold one's breath. At one point, a girl dropped a bracelet which drifted all the way to the bottom by some starfish, so I gallantly retrieved it for her, to which I was rewarded with a smile and a peck on the cheek.

The aquarium was viewable to onlookers through thick glass down on the deeper level, to view the divers swimming with the denizens of the watery depths.

Camp shenanigans

"When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him."
~ 11th Satanic Rule of The Earth, Anton Szandor LaVey.

I was reminded earlier this morning about an amusing incident which occurred back as a Dracling when I was attending YMCA Camp. In My opinion, it is yet more evidence that Satanists are born, and not 'made':

I recall a certain overgrown 'bully' harassing campers now and then, when to his misfortune, he decided to come after Me, for whatever reason. After asking him to leave Me be two times, I stood My ground and delivered a back kick right under his chin, at which point he promptly fell on his back and 'swallowed' his tongue. At the time I was not aware that the tongue could in fact revert into the throat and cause possible death. Anyhow, camp 'councilors' came running over, an ambulance as well as his mother were called, who looked over at Me with both disbelief and disdain. This overgrown ogre must have been at least 6' 4" at the time, and this was in 6th grade! Which would have been impressive for a 12 year old, comparatively.*

They threatened to call My sensei, but I knew he would understand - this was after all, done in self-defense, and I do recall a certain glance from him as if to express a wordless sentiment of pride. His efforts were certainly not wasted on Me.

The now ex-bully was pulled out of camp, and I never saw him again, but I Am sure he learned his lesson well.

* I now stand over 6', and can understand such a perspective from elementary school.

The Agony of De-feet!

In response to a dart game misadventure earlier that month, I had been having an argument with an acquaintance one day at camp, when off the group went to the shore for "beach day"...

On the way to the sand, a few grumbles were exchanged, when lo and behold, he suddenly fell over forwards, then limped onto a nearby boulder clutching his foot. Seems he failed to notice a semi-concealed broken large glass bottle wedged in the sand, upon which his foot slid onto length-wise, slicing between the flesh of the big toe. Amidst his cries of pain and tears, an ambulance was called, wherein he was transported upon a stretcher. I never saw him again.

Demon of The Valley

[ The North Hollywood shootout]
Wikipedia link

I was reminded today of this incident which took place in My hometown of North Hollywood, California, on February 27th, XXX A.S. Witnessing the events transpire and recognizing those nooks and side streets brought forth a flood of evocations. Kittridge, Hamlin, Radford, Hinds, Ben, Agnes streets! I would frequently walk or bike ride down those streets after elementary school {Victory Blvd., Carpenter Ave.}, to go to the local record stores {there was "Licorice Pizza" (they would literally hand out free licorice, but no pizza; the name originates from an Abbott & Costello routine in which it is mentioned as an abbreviation for "LP"; this store was eventually transferred to 'Sam Goody'); "Auditory Odyssey" (which had quite a 'dark feel' about it, both aesthetically as well as containing many records mainstream shops refused to stock), and featured a rather diabolical nude woman riding a black horse, a-la Damballa)}.

The toy store up the street on Laurel Canyon Drive {at which I was once employed as a part-time flier-distributor as a Dracling; in return the owner would give Me a choice to pick from the toys therein, or cash}, the UA Theatre a bit beyond that {I actually recognized a few so-called "celebrities" attending there on a regular basis, although I tend to grant more importance on the characters they portray than the actors themselves, considering they are far more interesting}, with the nearby clock tower chiming Big Ben's theme, the ice cream shoppe across the street {"a triple-decker of Vanilla, Strawberry, and Rocky Road, please!"}.

Acquaintances and I would sometimes go over to Laurel Plaza and watch the girls figure skating at the ice rink; the park the next block over which seemed to have a "haunted" section which was accessable by traveling through an always dark tunnel {Hellmouth} to the other side where no one ever seemed to venture - overgrown with bushes and foliage, although I took a liking to it the minute I heard the sordid tales of ghosts, murders, and other questionable mysteries awaiting there. It actually became quite a peaceful refuge.

So watching the area become a veritable battle ground was actually rather amusing, as I recognized certain spots as the cameras panned about. A most interesting spectacle.


Having partially grown up in the San Fernando Valley*, it just so happened that I once in awhile inadvertantly ran into various entertainers from time to time while out and about minding My own business, so I was reminded of the following two incidents earlier this evening during an amusing conversation:

In My Dreams...

It was the bright idea of a friend at the time to go meet with one Don Dokken as he recorded tracks to his new album "Under Lock & Key". Upon arrival on a souped-up motorcycle, he was actually surprised we knew of the location, and fortunately allowed us to enter with him. We were present in-studio as he recorded "In My Dreams". Turns out he was hungry at the time and requested chinese food. Before departing, he actually autographed the nubile breasts of our two beautiful female companions. We later departed to a local diner for indulgence.

Missing Persons...

In Draclinghood, while on a camp trip to the beach of all places, I spotted one "Dale Bozzio" of 'Missing Persons' as she was taping a video, part of which took place on a jeep at the beach. There she was was hanging off the tail end when our gazes locked for a second as the jeep drove by preceeded by a camera crew. Most memorable about that encounter were her crystalline blue eyes which stood out even more while framed by thick black eyeliner. I subsequently developed a small temporary crush on her and sought to find that then forbidden spread in Hustler magazine, which I did soon thereafter at a local liquor store.

* From whence the uber-pretentious, air-headed "Valley Girl" characterization originated, which seems to actually be not too far from the truth. Interesting to note that a fellow student in My Tae Kwon Do dojo from the Adult class actually recorded a "Valley Dudes" song by "The Straight A's" [Listen: 4.7 MB] in response to the satirical "Valley Girl" song by Frank & Moon Zappa. It was actually played a few times on The Dr. Demento Show on KMET.

Dark Discoveries

Bibliophilia: Lucifer's Library

"The only thing better than the smell of a new book, is the scent an old one."

I have always been surrounded by books. Being a teacher, My father always had shelves of books in the house available for Me to peruse, so I was always privvy to a wide variety of literature for My perusal, from charming children's books to college manuals - I would merely select what I felt I wished to absorb, and went to reading classic fiction, non-fiction, documentaries, the occult, abnormal psychology, human oddities, medical grotequeries, crime, art portfolios, whatever piqued My fancy. I was mostly attracted towards horror fiction and occult tomes [see some of My recommendations].

Very memorable for Me was the "Man, Myth, & Magic" Encyclopedia collection, which was a marvelous compendium of occult lore, and the "Wizards & Witches" Time/Life collection, Crime & Punishment: A Pictoral Encyclopedia of Aberrant Behavior, war atrocities, among others - by and large, encyclopedias became a real major interest; and fiction including Bram Stoker's Dracula, Mary Shelly's 'Frankenstein', Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, Man of LaMancha, Faust, Dante's Inferno, Milton's Paradise Lost, Caldwell's Dialogues With The Devil, along with so many more; classic "gothic" fiction including the Dark Shadows collection, along with a slew of comic BOOK fair - these are actual books, apart from the typical comic magazine form, with storylines much more involved than the mere 'action-adventure' escapades, which are amusing for what they are, but I began to crave more writing content with various favored characters, such as Conan The Barbarian, Zorro, Batman, Dracula, and some others.

I became fascinated with Marvel and DC comic books of a darkened nature. At first, I searched for The Dark Knight Batman, The Amazing Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, and even went through a Superman phase, all of which was very amusing; but then, all of a sudden, as if moved and placed by shadowy auspices, I persued the comic book rack at a rather strange local liquor store I discovered, where there were two publications which caught My interest in particular: Daimon Hellstrom, "The Son of Satan" which depicted the image of a character becoming empowered within a five-pointed symbol I later came to know as a Pentagram - he was the veritable incarnation progeny of The Devil on earth; and The Tomb of Dracula {1 | 2 | 3 | 4} , and I was impressed by his predation, the mastery of dark forces and the charmed procurement of the affections of women. Eventually, the comic books were read too fast and ceased to satisfy My curiosities, so I ventured into the Library, and searched for entire comic-novels, which eventually led Me to reading some of the horror classics like Dracula and Frankenstein, various other horror stories, to the fantasy genre such as Tolkien lore - particularly enjoying The Silmarillion more so than his others, which dealt with the affairs of the Gods instead of the creatures of Middle-Earth. I would spend hours in that library, sometimes leaving before closing, but most often at dusk.

I spent much time within the gloomy aisles of libraries, and I would accompany My father to many a book sale, sometimes really uncovering gems that I still have about Me today. Tomes seemingly forgotten, with publication dates stemming back to the early 1900's and before, with checkout dates stemming back decades. Now and then I would find an article or chapter relation on Dr. LaVey and The Church of Satan, which I always found most intriguing, from the aesthetics I saw to the quotes veritably "spoken" in My mind, all of which nestled in the recesses of the subconscious, until I finally re-discovered The Satanic Bible as mentioned through a propaganda pamphlet, and it all came together most Magically.

The Phantom in The Darkness

One night, as I was nearing the Alpha State of unconsciousness of slipping into sleep and tucked into bed, I heard heavy but graceful footsteps slowly walking across the floor in the living room - I could hear the floorboards creek, as if someone of something heavy was making its way through the house, and at this time the only ones in the house were Myself and mother, who was fast asleep nearby. I listened intently with fascination. Whatever it was, one could perceive "The Presence" very thickly in the atmosphere, which lasted for about five minutes or so, then dematerialized. Whatever it was, "walked" to a certain point in the middle of the room, then dissapated. The door had not been opened, and nothing was disturbed. Might this have been The Prince of Darkness paying Me a visit as a sort of "confirmation" of things to come?

Comparisons between Draconis Blackthorne & the Damien Thorn character

Damien Thorn was created as a proposed characterization of what "The Antichrist" may be like throughout formation. Realizing that a Satanist places no serious stock in christian superstition, this is merely an amusing comparison of some of the eerie similarities between the character of Damien Thorn and the actual person of Draconis Blackthorne, which occurs to us whenever we watch The Omen series:

Draconis Blackthorne born in U.S.A., spent preschool years in Italy. Subsequently went to official "Vatican school" until relocating to the U.S. to attend private school. Also attended various Martial Arts schools. Damien Thorn born in Italy, spent infancy there until moving to U.S.A., where he attended military school.

DB baptized at The Vatican, kept snuffing candle, spit on floor. Upon self-realization as a Satanist, later used baptismal candle in Satanic Baptism ceremony, which went up like a torch. DT writhed when approaching church.

DB had a doberman, bull mastiff, and a German shepherd as guardian and companion. DT had a doberman as guardian and companion.

DB has a so-called "remolino" {Italian and Spanish for 'whirlpool', or 'tornado'} hair configuration at back of scalp. Noted and remarked by parents. Also has an interesting 'hakenkruz' {which in certain Occult circles represents 'the black sun' / "Sorath" = 666, 'numerologically'} 'grammadon' configuration upon anatomy. DT has so-called "mark of the beast" swirling birthmark on scalp.

Dark Forces activate when either are threatened, punishing those who deserve it, and otherwise brings fortune to those who benefit them.

DB has an uncanny affinity with certain predatory animals, such as large dogs, cats, rats, monkeys, snakes and spiders. DT has a mental connection with that doberman in the film, while most other animals are apparently frightened of him.

DB as a Dracling also a child with dark hair and eyes, pale skin, with similar build {to the original}.

Both entrepreneurs went on to found businesses.

Both were born on interesting dates: DB at 6:03 {6+0+3=9} on February 1st, "Candlemas Eve"; DT at 6:06, June 6th, ergo, '666'.

As a side note, DB's Mother had a dream of a demon by a raging river {"Acheron"? "Phlegethon"?; see Dante's Inferno} while pregnant. A bent tree in the shape of a crucifix tumbled into the water. The Rosemary Woodhouse character in Rosemary's Baby dreamt of copulation with The Devil.

Overall, is there 'something' to it? Maybe so, maybe not, you decide...

To Be continued...

Draconis Blackthorne
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