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Draconis Blackthorne

Pumping Iron

I began weight-training early while in Jr. High, often "maxing out" some of the machines at a local gym, to the surprise of the regulars therein - mostly the leg machines for some reason, especially the calf-lift and leg-press machines all through to the college gyms. Although I prefer free-weights, every time I trained in such public facilities, I have always been stared at by those agog, with other anatomical machines as well.

I once won a weightlifting contest where the main prize was a one-year complimentary membership, this at "14", out-pressing much older weightlifters who became frustrated at My strangely advanced strength, as has been the case since birth.

From his films, from Pumping Iron to Conan, to Terminator, I grew to admire Arnold Schwarzenegger, being a world-class bodybuilder, action-actor, and businessman, plus viewing others in the "Muscle & Fitness" and "Flex" magazines, I became inspired to attain a visually strong physique.

Now I choose to train privately with My own weights, devoid of the public B.U.G.S. Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, and physical culture have since remained a regular practice, for optimum self-preservation and aesthetic appreciation.

[The Satanic Art of Bodybuilding]

Awakening in Darkness

After St. Charles, it was off to "Village Christian" in Sun Valley where I first became acquainted with The Satanic Bible through a Christian tract warning of the dangers of The Occult. I had to find and read this book - and I did, at a Barnes & Noble. And there was always that familiar look of discomfort on the teller's face, which became ubiquitous every time another LaVey work was purchased. So now I became realized and knew I was a born Satanist. All of those predispositions and doubts finally came into focus, and I decided to let it show.

They Call Him Satan...

It was around this time where I met friends Shane, Ken, Paul, and Rick. However, it was Rick who introduced Me to Heavy Metal as I listened to Motley Crue, Ratt, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, W.A.S.P. on his walkman, and has thus became a beloved genre ever since. Ironically, it was My Mother who bought Me KISS Alive & KISS Alive II when I saw them in some department store, and had to have them to listen to, and was indeed pleased at what I heard. I have always loved the theatre of it, and the memorable tunes. Eventually, I became particularly interested in the darker groups, and began seeking albums carrying that Satanic iconography, and first found Venom's "Welcome To Hell" album, and eventually bought Bathory, Celtic Frost, Rvnning Wild, Mercyful Fate, Slayer, and Exodus, along with many others.

In High School, I became quite the hellion. I dubbed Myself "Devin Black", while acquaintances called Me "Satan", which I heartily accepted. I took to wearing a black leather jacket underneath a black denim vest which was decorated with silvery pyramid studs along the shoulder and chest hem, The Leviathanine devil with his lovers depiction from Celtic Frost's Emperor's Return patch on one side, the Slayer sword pentagram on another, down above the pocket area, Mercyful Fate's "Don't Break The Oath", with Possessed's "Seven Churches" logo accompanying it on the other side. On the back, a large interchangeable Venom "Black Metal" back patch / Slayer "Show No Mercy" back patch {I had them affixed individually with snapping buttons, instead of sewn}, and a smaller Venom "Welcome To Hell" patch above there on the nape of the neck. From a shoulder strap on the leather jacket, a chain wrapped under the arm, adjoining to the other side; along with a smaller chain affixed to the buttoned straps, draped on the lower back area of the vest, with more studs along its bottom seam - so all "the armor" was in place.

In school, a simple studded bracelet, but outside, the gauntlets came out, along with leather fingerless gloves, a ring for each finger, featuring most notably, a horned skull, a wolf, a bat, a dragon, a spider, a pentagram, and a serpent, among others, quite resembling "brass knuckles", or "silver knuckles" in this case.

I carried what I referred to as My "blowtorch" - an industrial lighter which projected a flame forth three feet, with which to light My cigarettes, and a twelve-inch blade in another pocket.

I drove a black Mustang, red interior, which rumbled like a demon beast, always having The Satanic Bible tucked in the center compartment, along with My sais. Ironically, this car was given to Me by a fundamentalist aunt whom I facetiously refer to as "Auntie Christian".

Most of this period was spent excelling in studies during the week, but come the weekend, all Hell would break loose! Meeting with acquaintances at each other's homes, traveling to local parties, enjoying performances by various local bands, including mine, and many-a-concert, enjoying all of the pleasures of the flesh as much as possible. Of course now, this is of a more refined nature.

The Ultimate Villain...

As a sophomore, there was one incident in which I was privately discussing Satanism with a couple of fellow students, when I noticed a crowd beginning to incrementally grow about us. There was this peculiar 'trend' among students to gather en-masse whenever a perceived 'fight' was occurring on campus, so there I was, surrounded by a couple of hundred expecting to see a scuffle, but instead, began becoming increasingly interested in what this form in black had to say, as I began receiving all sorts of questions from various curious parties - undefiled wisdom right out of The Satanic Bible. When the majority realized that this was not some bloody conflict, the crowd began to diminish.

Now, I was not seeking to proselytize, yet the inherent curiosity in dark subject matter bade quite a few to remain. Amusingly, at one point, a known thug and local bully stated "I'm bad, but not THAT bad...", and disappeared into the crowd. Good riddance to the criminal element. Certainly, had there been any reason for conflict, My Martial Arts training would have taken of that nicely.

Seems that even those among the herd who consider themselves 'tough guys' display erstwhile 'respect' out of fear, for their minds are quite consumed with superstition, which the Satanist would exploit to one's benefit. Sincere inquiries from honestly questioning minds are appropriately addressed, considering our basics are widely available, but to those who are either unwilling or unable to comprehend our philosophy, should remain in their self-imposed ignorance. After that point in this particular school, that potential antagonist remained distant, left My acquaintances alone, as I was known as the school Satanist.

This reminds Me of an aphorism: "There's always someone meaner, tougher than you are..." As we align ourselves with the archetype of the ultimate rebel, the ultimate villain, perhaps in the case of a Satanist, it IS The Satanist!

The Day The Devil won the pumpkin-carving contest...

Here I will relate an incident in which I participated in a pumpkin-carving contest while in the 10th grade:

Being in the competitive spirit, and being My second favorite holiday, I decided to participate in the school pumpkin-carving contest. Students gathered around the lunch tables with their pumpkins, ready to carve all manner of images relative to their psyches. There were clowns {one of which was not even carved, but rather painted}, the likenesses of teachers, an angel, the ubiquitous vampire, the simple 'happy pumpkin'... and then there was mine. Now, I was determined to represent the true 'spirit' of Halloween, which is based on fun-fear, and the purpose of the fun in Halloween is to be scared, after all, plain and simple. So I went about acquiring various ingredients for this accomplishment.

First, I emptied the entrails of the pumpkin, then carved a horrid, grinning spectre of a face thereupon, and proceeded to gain the aid of My Life-Science teacher with whom I had a pleasant rapport - and went about selecting sheep's eyeballs, maggots, dead grasshoppers, and meal worms, proceeding to fill what I called a "Drac O' Lantern" with these organisms. Then I clumped some of the innards back into the exhibit, which then began attracting flies, adding to the horror-effect quite nicely.

In addition, I plunged a facsimile pitchfork into one side, stancheons facing upwards, and a faux axe in the other, forming a "coat of arms" position, adding two horns acquired from a joke shop, finally inserting a black candle into the squishy undulating mess, and lit it up. It began to crackle and fizzle.

In the process of creating this monstrosity, I began to lose interest in actually "winning" some cheesy award, but concentrated on making this the most horrifically memorable, expressive spectacle possible. It certainly had quite an impressive effect on other contestants with their glitter and bright paints. One girl even cupped her hand to her mouth and walked off, which was quite a compliment, considering the subject matter.

Initially, a vote was tallied for the clown, then I argued that the purpose of this 'unholy-day' is for the fear factor, and they eventually agreed, granting Me a certificate for first place.

Overall, it was amusing to watch viewers' reactions when they saw My creation, gloating with the 'win' that was so important to them - while I just wanted to give The Devil His due on this Satanic holiday.


I subsequently moved from the San Fernando Valley to the San Gabriel Valley and attended a new High school where I met Sergeant Randy Emon. Soon I was being recognized as the resident so-called "devil-worshipper", "freak", and "psycho", and stood apart aesthetically as well as ideologically, while maintaining straight A's, which became a conundrum to the instructors, as I did not seem to fit into one particular mold, as I have always remained full of surprises. On one hand, they would see black leather and spikes, rings and a Baphomet necklace, while I was performing in an academically optimum level, as well as not being attracted to illegal narcotics whatsoever, opting for weekend revels, indulging in the amber demoness and cigarettes, which went together like milk and cookies. I suppose word circulated unto the perked ears of Randy Emon, who ran an organization called "C.O.I.N.", or "Christian Occult Investigation Network" which dealt with the whole SRA phenomenon, beLIEving it hook, line, and sinker. He also worked as an occult adviser on the Richard Ramirez case, and perhaps he was wishing to find another nugget of infamy in Me. I began finding that some of My private work had become xeroxed, such as poems, drawings, and stories. Then one day as I was reading The Satanic Bible quietly during Lunch period, it became confiscated by a meddling, intrusive, and overbearing councelor, along with an allegory I wrote entitled "The Proclamation of Doom". I would later discover that some of My material was used in his seminars and even included as a part of his media appearances such as Pacesetters and Inside Edition.

On Pacesetters, he related the story of the confiscation of My Satanic Bible, which I retrieved the next day because My parents went into the office and returned it to its proper place with Me, which must have really raised some questions in their paranoid minds. He had raised the veritable parchment to the camera where I had drawn the figures of Myself, The Principal, and an archetypal representation of The Devil taking the book from him and handing it back to Me. Included was the date I repossessed it. The host was visibly disturbed.

On Inside Edition, he related a story about a pentagram which had appeared on his floor in his home which he could not remove in any manner. And it just so happened that there was the reflection of a pentagram on My carpet from a mirror I had emblazoned upon it for use in Mirror Magic, which was gratifying to hear.

I was one day invited to sit in at one of these seminars, so I decided to go. I dressed appropriately for the environment, attending more or less 'incognito' , and awaited the presentation to begin. On a table at the rear of the church, were many wonderful records from Black Metal artists including those mentioned above, along with The Satanic Bible, Necronomicon, Crowleyian bibliography, among others - all scheduled for the pyre by the Christian Reich. Then the show began. Emon emerged with his attache' and placed on a slide-show inclusive of a drawing I created of Satan on Infernal throne, Dr. LaVey's image from the back of The Satanic Bible, as well as others' artwork and poetry. Emon later remarked that he had felt an arcctic cold deriving from the direction I was seated in, and was also confirmed by one of his associates. Afterwards, I went forth to join My comrades in a night of revery.

Emon eventually renounced the SRA urban legend, and even contacted Me via email stating that he "sure hurt and fooled a lot of folks". His report can be found at the above "Randy Emon" link. He is now the Deputy Coroner in San Bernardino and runs an "Unclaimed Persons website.

The Private Eye

There was this marvelous little store down a thin street in an "Old Towne" area called "The Private Eye" - windows painted black with the image of a dancing devil on the door, and an eye with a skull as iris on the window, with the title of the store in Olde English curved above it. The scent of incense permeated therein, a red light above, glistening off the black-painted walls, which were bedecked with posters from the likes of Venom, Slayer, Mercyful Fate, Bathory, and others. Black Shelves filled with albums from Black and Death Metal bands, as well as magazines, fliers to concerts, videos {most notably, "The Ultimate Revenge" featuring Venom, Slayer and Exodus, Venom's Seven Dates of Hell & Live In '85 concerts}, and many great t-shirts; I spent many hours residing in this dark chamber speaking with the owner about The Occult and Metal Musick - he would relate amusing tales of how sometimes Christians would enter in and berate him with attempts at conversion, how he dealt with shoplifters {grabbed them by the collar & belt, and out they went!}. Copies of The Satanic Bible and The Satanic Rituals were behind glass under the cash register nearby Necronomicon, surrounded with Baphomet medallions, various pendants, rings, and spiked gauntlets. This was the location where I purchased My first Baphomet medallion. Of note, there was a compelling taxidermed goat head in a long black wig and hood reposing behind the register, gazing down ominously at all who entered. I returned here at least once a week, always purchasing something I wanted, and always spotting something else I would possess the next time. It was just fantastic to have a store of this nature available for us of darkened tastes to so conveniently attain choice items for our edification, as well as have pleasant and interesting conversations. It was here that I had the opportunity to meet some of My favorite bands at the time, like Venom, Slayer, Megadeth, Quarthon of Bathory, and Possessed, when they were in town, gaining autographs and hand-shakes, sometimes chatting with the members. There was usually a concert within the week, and I remember time after time, being shot a glance of recognition from the stage to The Pit. Eventually, The Private Eye disappeared, so I again resorted to Moby Disc and mail-order.

Two degrees of separation...

For whatever reason, I had once drawn a depiction of the nazarene on a chalk board within a Catholic school's classroom, appropriately bloody and gore-laden, then went on on my way and thought nothing of it, when lo and behold, I found out someone present therein with Me had taken a photo of Myself drawing it, and was subsequently displayed in the local paper side by side with a photo of one Cardinal Roger Mahoney seemingly admiring it. Seems he was paying a visit that day. What I thought was especially amusing was the fact that I had been wearing My Venom "Black Metal" back patch which was clearly visible to the camera, gazing menacingly at the viewer, right out of the front page of a Catholic newspaper!

Sometime later while attending college, I would accompany My Psychology of Religion class on a field trip to "Our Lady of The Angels" Cathedral, and rather blasphemously sit on the cardinal's throne while on a walk-through...

The Devil in Metal

Necromancer demo prototype Eventually, I decided I wanted to start a band - so I discussed it with a couple of comrades, and thus, "Necromancer" was born, which was a cross primarily between Venom, Slayer, Celtic Frost, and Bathory. I as the Vocalist, I had already written several songs and composed them within My mind, detailing the music to the band, and so we practiced. Eventually, we began receiving a steady following, performing at The Whiskey A-Go-Go and The Troubador in Hollywood, and The Country Club in Reseda, until the almost inevitable band mate moving away, another perhaps demonstrating a lack of seriousness, opting instead for compulsive intoxication, ego-clashes, etc. So I disbanded it and searched for others who would actually wish to evolve with The Musick, and founded "Ritual" along the lines of Deicide, Morbid Angel, and Emperor with a "gothic" feel, incorperating keyboards to include various sound effects, strings, organs, and even woodwinds. Between bands, I write a plethora of lyrics and musick, hoping the next line-up will realize the dream. The members of Ritual claimed that I was being too overbearing and even tyrannical, and the drummer's girlfriend became infatuated with Me, so it disbanded after playing a few house performances and recording a demo which was to be sent to several concert halls.

Subsequently, I answered an ad for a Black Metal group looking for a singer, so I went to the audition and was accepted. This band was calling itself "Onslaught" at the time, but there was a group already calling themselves by that name, so it was changed to "Impaler". Unfortunately, this group, talented though they were, were quite honestly beginning to follow the trendiness of so-called "Nu Metal" while veering away from Satanic aesthetics and iconography, even wanting Me to dress in a tank-top and knee-high shorts, which I would not do; so because of this petty shallowness, I left, and they have since disintegrated. Still, if I find worthy band mates, preferably true Satanists, may this diabolical muse be unleashed from The Gates of Hell...

"White Metal"...???

For whatever reason, Stryper performed at the High School I was attending in the San Gabriel Valley, which was complete happenstance. I did not know of this performance, and being that I was a couple of weeks late for the first of the semester due to the recent move, it was surprising when I was being told about it by classmates; then an announcement on the intercom declared that they were on campus, and if we wanted to, we could go view them - so again, I thought "what the Hell" - I do not believe I would have actually gone out of My way to see them, but if they were here anyway, might as well witness this spectacle. Thing is, the music really is not that bad at all, and the whole xian propaganda angle was realized as just a gimmick, what with actually throwing NT bibles out into the audience plastered with a Stryper sticker on the front cover {one of which I managed to catch, and no, it is not for sale}, they could just not be taken seriously.

Stryper bibleThose unfamiliar with this band should know that they billed themselves as so-called "white metal", with their teased hair, glam makeup, bee-like black and yellow stripes, and tight spandex, preaching lyrics with christian references. Deriving their name from a line of scripture mentioning healing stripes, they became a rather hokey enigma, condemned by both discriminating metal heads and rabid xian-reich fundies, and so the act was born. Others followed suit with the absurd "Angelica" {an obvious rip-off on Metallica}, Trouble, Saint, Holy Soldier, and White Cross, among many others; but what has remained a constant with these types of bands is the total lack of originality, as they all seemed inferior comparisons to original ideas proffered by the Devil. [see Wikipedia: Christian Metal].

It was especially ironically amusing because not only was I a fully realized Satanist by this time, but in My left front inner pocket I carried The Satanic Bible, and for the rest of that afternoon, I placed the Stryper bible in My front right inner side pocket until I returned back home to put it away with some of the other metal paraphernalia I had collected at various shows.

Anyway, they performed songs from "Soldiers Under Command", "The Yellow and Black Attack", and "To Hell With The Devil". This was also around the time The Night Stalker was hunting in the Los Angeles area, so maybe this concert was an attempt to offset the gruesome news and paranoia, and of course, profit {prophet} from it.

As an interesting aside, some time later while attending a local college, some stranger would approach Me and hand Me a CD by a band named "Die Happy" with a logo displaying a happy face and crossbones, which features members from xian-thrash band "Vengeance Rising" {see next page}. The former seemed a somewhat more musically evolved version of the latter, with more of a concentration on melodies. But overall, in relation to this so-called "white metal", or white-washed metal, why settle for less?

To Be continued...

Draconis Blackthorne
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