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By: Gary Nash
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Introduction to the Cockatiel & Budgerigar


The Cockatiel:
         The Cockatiel is a is a small parrot, native to Australia. It feeds on seed, grasses, fruits, berries, and grains. The most distinguished feature of the cockatiel is its crest. Wild Tiels are only found as the normal gray bird, most of the rest of the mutations have been produced by Aviculturists. Most of the breeding takes place between August and September, depending on the climate.

Picture of Skittles & Sprite        The cockatiel is a very hardy bird. It is very affectionate, a great size, has a great personality, and overall, a recommended family pet. With a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years (depending on mutation as well), the cockatiel is a great pet if you are planning on getting a pet bird. Cockatiels are easy to tame as well.

    Most Male Cockatiels will feature a bright yellow head with very bright orange red cheeks. Females will feature more of a dull grey head with fading cheeks. The Male and Female features all depend on the type of cockatiel you have and the age. The above is accordance to the normal grey cockatiels.

      Though the cockatiel is overall, a easy and hardy pet to keep, it still needs its requirements and dedication from you, in order to keep it healthy and happy. Things to consider are:

  • Vet trips
  • Space available
  • Do you have Time?
  • Dedication

      If you are sure that you can provide all of the above to your new bird, then congratulations on your future family member.

The Budgerigar:

    The budgerigar is a small little bird from the parrot family, native to Australia and Europe as well. Also called the parakeet, the keet is a very hardy bird. It feeds on seeds, fruits, grains, and grasses, and are usually seen in the wild in enormous flocks. The keet comes in a variety of colors, from normal greens, to sky blues, to yellows and whites.Budgerigar

    The budgie is also a very hardy little bird. A pet budgie can live up to 12 years, with records going up to 20 years. Things to consider are the same as any other bird.

    If you have a job that will require most of your time, you may want to consider giving your bird a friend


        If well taken care of, the cockatiel and budgerigar are great pets, very hardy, and my number 1 recommendation of pet birds..
         Picture of Skittles & Sprite from the Cockatiel Info Center.

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