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By: Gary Nash
Cockatiel: Merlin


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The Parakeets

     My very first pets besides 3 special fish, was budgies. 1 in particular who is no longer with me. Ever since then, I have always kept budgies/keets. I have 3 parakeets right now. Barbudita, Rambo, and Kiwi. Barbudita & Rambo are two very special little birds. Though they are not as attached to us like Merlin, they are still a very special part of me. I found Kiwi on the other hand, on October of 99'. I didn't expect to keep Kiwi, but, here she is, and in a way, I'm happy she is here. I've had Barbudita & Rambo for about 5 years now.
      Rambo is no longer with me, go down to read about what happened.


        Barbudita is my normal green budgerigar. First things first, about the name. Well, basically let me put it this way. My mom came up with it. How and why? I don't know, and unfortunately, it stayed that way. To late changing it now. Barbudita has been with me since 1996. I actually got him in December of 1995, a few days before New Year's Eve day. He was given to me by a very special friend of my parents. Barbudita is very attached to his toys, which includes a bell, mirror, and his swing. He basically loves his cage a lot, and even if you were to leave his bird cage door open outside, he will NOT come out. Barbudita has very soft and beautiful feathers. Barbudita is also a very clean bird. He is the ONLY one that takes bath by himself ever so cutely. Merlin and Rambo, nope. And Kiwi, wow, that's out of the question. Barbudita is very cute, special, and overall, the cleanness bird we have. Never have I met a budgie like him.

      Barbudita is kept in a black cage, pretty big for a budgie. The cage gives him plenty of room for him to stretch his wings, flap them, run, jump, etc.. and still provides plenty of space for his toys and perches. He has 2 full perches, and one perch at the bottom near his seed and water cups. He has a swing and a bell, a mirror w/bell, a keet latter with a little bird head at top, and a little mirror kept at the bottom.



    It saddens me to say that Rambo is no longer with me. 10-4-01, Rambo is gone.  It happened like this. I came home from school to find my parents tell me that they had some bad news. I knew it was something about my pets. It turned out that Rambo's cage had a accident. It looks like the top of the cage broke off from the rest, dropping the cage to the floor. When my parents saw it on the floor, Rambo was unfortunately gone. At first, my mom thought it was most likely some cat that somehow got in and pounced on the cage and killing my poor Rambo, but if it was that, then there would be a mess of feathers left behind, which obviously wasn't there. So the first thing I did was go out looking for Rambo, if he was still alive. For some time, I didn't succeed and was about to give up when I looked up and Rambo was up in a tree. There was no way of getting him down as he was up pretty high, and if I were to use some stick or net to try to get him by one side, he would fly off. I brought out Barbudita to see if maybe that would make him come down, and I also brought out Rambo's cage (fixed it up a little), but nothing worked. I spent about 2-3 hours just watching over him, to see if maybe just maybe, he would make it down, but nothing. When my neighbor came in, he tried to help me out, but Rambo took off. He landed somewhere on another tree, but this time, it was hopeless and I didn't see a thing. I feel really bad for him, as I know he won't survive on his own. My mom has left his cage outside with the door open, some food, and his toys, in case he decides to come home. My little Rambo, I'll miss him. (I managed to get 1 pic of Rambo, which I will tried my best to upload as soon as I can).

 April 3, 2002: Rambo never came home. He will dearly be missed, but with this incident happening, I have learned to appreciate my birds a little more and I have taken more precautions so that an incident like this never happens again. Barbudita has become even more special and I have taken a load of pictures of him. Hopefully, I'll be able to get those developed and on a disk so I can upload them here for you.


    Meet Rambo, my sky blue budgie. I got Rambo in 1996, the day my poor little Juliet died. My neighbors who had given me Juliet had originally named her Rambo (which I changed), so I decided to name my new budgie, Rambo. Rambo has his own special qualities as well. First, although he isn't as tame to us as he is with his mirror and cage, I did manage to train him to stand on my finger. If he is out of his cage, I usually put up my finger out above him, and he usually hops on. Rambo is extremely, but extremely obsessed with his mirror. He has gone through 3 different mirrors because of his activeness around it. He started off with a round little mirror, and then when I put that mirror into Kiwi's cage, he went onto the mirror w/perch toy he had. He does everything with this mirror, and he indeed does believe that the bird he sees in the mirror is his mate. He feeds it by regurgitating his food, he tries to mate with it, and will even sometimes protect it. He ended up breaking that mirror's perch, and the next mirror's perch as well. At the moment, now he has his 3rd mirror with perch and everything is going ok for now. Rambo doesn't like to take baths, doesn't like swings, doesn't really like bells, and the only thing he does love is mirrors. Though sometimes Rambo does have his moods, most of the time, I am able to take him out. He is one of the nicest birds because he will NOT try to bite you (well, for the most part). He is great with people and kids. He went from being mean, to the most nicest birds.

       Rambo's cage is a big white round cage, which I think is actually made for cockatiels. His cage is the biggest out of Barbudita & Kiwi's. The cage gives Rambo A LOT of room. Rambo can do much about anything in that cage. He has 3 perches in the cage, one towards the bottom, one in the middle, and one at the top. His toys include of course the Mirror w/perch, a swing with bell, a little toy with a bird head sticking out from it, which Rambo has bobbed before, and that's about all he likes. I am planning on getting him another toy soon.



        Kiwi is my 3rd parakeet. I found Kiwi in my backyard on October 99'. Where did this bird come from? I don't know, but I knew one thing. I couldn't leave it outside to die, so I caught it. It wasn't easy, but I managed to catch Kiwi. Kiwi is a weird little bird, not sweet at all, but very stressed out . I'm sure she had been abused in her last home, poor little thing. Besides that, she LOVES to do tricks. She flips, turns, walks backwards, hangs upside down, and sings. So Kiwi, is our most entertaining bird. Kiwi likes to play with her mirror and likes to "chat" to Barbudita and Rambo. I'm glad Kiwi came to our backyard. She found a home and survived. I feel that Kiwi sometimes it ungrateful, but I know she is or else, she would of flown away that time she got out of her cage outside. She stayed around that area and let us put her back. She also has calmed down for the pass year. Even though Kiwi isn't a fun loving bird that you can pet and hug, she is still part of our Pet family and I'm happy she is.

       Kiwi lives in a round white cage, a little smaller then Rambo's. In the cage, Kiwi is able to stretch her wings, flap them around, jump, flip, and do everything that is mentioned above. Kiwi has 3 perches, one at the bottom, in the middle, and the top. Kiwi has a series of toys which includes mirrors, bells, little circle things, and a swing. I made up Kiwi's name. Since she was green, it was the first thing that came to my mind as a name.


The Parakeet's Diet

       Each keet has a seed & water cup. The seed cup is changed on a regular basis with fresh parakeet seed (Fact: their food actually smells pretty good, smells like fruit). The water is also changed with fresh water, and the cup is washed (rinsed only though). Each also get a piece of Spray Millet, but Barbudita seems to enjoy it the most. On each cage, they also have a piece of cuttlebone, for a great source of calcium and keeping their little beak's in good shape. Though fruit has been offered, they don't seem to like it very much.

      During sunny days, the birds are kept outside in a small little backyard at the side of the house that we have for them. They are for the most of the time in shade, but there cage is also covered up at the top with a small hood that my mom made for them. If it gets to hot for them, they are brought indoors.

                                     Pictures Coming Soon!!!!!!!!

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