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VHDL Organization
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VHDL Links ( University of Hamburg)
Verilog Center
Open Cores
Scientists and Engineers Guide to DSP - Steven W Smith

Introduction to Signal Processing - Sophocles J. Orfanidis (Book Review Only) : Link has some pretty useful DSP m-files and C - functions.

VHDL Cook Book Peter J. Ashenden The classical introduction to VHDL and hardware design.
Standards & Specifications
I2C  Bus Specifications
USB Specifications
Design Tips,Verification Methodology, Technical Articles & Papers
Asynchronous FIFO Architecture --- Part 1 (*.pdf)
Asynchronous FIFO Architecture --- Part 2 (*.pdf)
TCL Quick Reference Guide (*.pdf)
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Verilog Quick Reference Guide (*.pdf)
VHDL Quick Reference Guide
Verilog Quick Reference Card(*.pdf)
VHDL Basics : Online Course
EE Times
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Communications: Reference Articles , Protocols , Specifications etc...
H.323 Standard : Version 2 (*.zip )
H.225 : Call Signalling Protocol (*.zip)
H.245 : Control Signalling Protocol (*.zip)
H.323 Annex E (*.pdf )
H.225 : Annex G (*.zip)
H 235 : Security & Authentication (*.zip)
H GCP : Proposed Recomendation for Gateway Control Protocol (*.pdf)
VoIP & IP Telephony References
Hot Links to VoIP related stuff at
Online Tutorials at International Engineering Consortium (IEC)
ERLANG: Telecommunications Traffic Measurement
H323 Vs SIP (Best Comaparison I have seen on the web)
Ethernet Type Opcodes
Notes on Coding Theory - JI Hall

Error Correcting Codes

Advance C

C Programming Tutorials

Dennis Ritchie's  Home Page

Prof. Raj Jain : Good reference site (Communications: ATM, TCP-IP, Networking)

Prof. Shivkumar Kalyanaraman : Good reference site. (Computer communications and networking)
VHDL Language Constructs - Deepak George
MIT Open Courseware
E Language Quick Reference Guide
PCI Specifications many VoIP resources
Guidelines for Writing Standards
8 Bit Arithmatic Logic Unit ALU
Basic DMA Controller
Some codes
Content Access Memory (CAM)
Bus Interface Unit (BIU)
FIFO Using a Dual Port RAM
Single Port RAM
ATM Basics
ATM Specifications
Creating safe state machines
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Put on your thinking hats: Monash University
7 Habits of Highly Effective People

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