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Hello! Welcome to my personal homepage and other sites. I was born and raised in Southern, West Virginia (click). I'm proud of our state & even though I have lived here all my life, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. As for the people they are good, honest, down-to-earth country folks. Neighbors willing to help each other when in need.

I will have a site soon with more about me and my life. As of now I will just tell you that I am happily married to a good man, and I am blessed with a wonderful family. This is the most important thing in ones life and I hope to never take it for granted.

Recently we had new additions to our family, our daughter gave us two beautiful grandchildren. The first three sites are dedicated to Michelle with love from all of us. Last site is dedicated to someone special in our lives as we appreciate & love him. Mothers (page 1), Page 2 (click), Page 3 (click) & Verl's Page (click)

We have 11 grandchildren in all. Duane & Stephanie has two wonderful little boys who are soooo sweet. Matt & Martha has a new baby girl-she is absolutely beautiful. They now have two daughters, the oldest being four years old. Tammy has three children-Kellie has one son-and Eddie in Va, has the cutest daughter. Being a grandmother is the next best thing to being a Mom. I love my family very much.

I started working on these sites a couple of years ago & it seems to be growing rapidly everyday. The internet is like a second home to me. I can say this for I have made so many friends on here, and I am thankful to be given the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world. I have friends in England, Canada, Australia, Spain, etc; and this is a big deal to a small town country girl.

I am a songwriter and homemaker. I enjoy writing poems and songs as a way of expressing myself. I am still waiting to hear about this one song, Streets of Gold. I am hoping that someday a song will make it and be recorded. All one can do is just keep hoping and never give up ones dream.

Below you will find our Christian Site...I hope you take time to visit & check back often, as we will be adding new pages in the future. Although I enjoy working on the Photo Funnies with all the little fun things created on these sites, the Christian Site is special to me and I would be happy for you to visit with us.

Hope you check out my State Poem Site, a small site with pictures & a poem I wrote to give you an insight & personal views about our state.Thanks, Dottie

*This site will be up-dated from time to time.*

Doug & Dottie
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Below is a collection of pictures I have assembled together on my other sites. I hope you visit the State Poem Site and if you're from West Virginia (did you know), maybe it will bring back some nice memories of home. Please visit again soon as I will update this site from time to time.

Pour a cup of hot........and enjoy!!

Links to my other sites!

Photo Gallery Photo Funnies 1 Photo Funnies 2 Photo Funnies 3 Photo Funnies 4 Dutchgirl Gallery Photo Effects Site Favorite Recipes State Poem Award Page Humor Page 3-D Art Gallery Favorite Links Where's Michelle? Douglas' Idea Christmas Page Children's Christmas Site Winter Wonderland Let's Go To The Hop White Roses & A Rosebud Poetry Site & Private Room
All sites are for public viewing...except one...the door was left unlocked by if you find the private room...I would appreciate it if you did not enter...Thank You!

Doug & Dottie's
Christian Site!!
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Scenery Sites!

These are sites I created with my own original
photos of our state & others. All sites have java
applets and need extra time to load before viewing.
New pages coming soon... Thanks, Dottie
WV Scenery Site! Scenery Site 2!
North Carolina Beach Site! WV Birds!
WV Pink & Gray Skies! WV Mountains!
Cascade Falls-Virginia! Myrtle Beach!
America the Beautiful! Firework Effects!
Wilde Lake-Maryland! WV State Flower!
Red Skies/Purple Sunset! Wonderful World!
Lake Slideshow!

Dot's Game Room!!

Concentration Pac Tag
Yahtzee Love & Dots

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I created this site for the
older generation. If you think
you're "Over The Hill"
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Journey To The Big City!
Children's Story! (click on book)

Mini Show & Photo Funnies 4
(click on pic. & book)

Family Links!

Son-Douglas' Homepage!
Son-Duane's Homepage!
Son-Matt's Homepage!
Sister-Peg's Homepage!
Nephew-Chris' Homepage!

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