Dr. Quinn Fan Fiction Summaries

Here you can find short summaries of the Dr. Quinn Stories that are listed below. Some of the stories are sequels or go together. They will be stated by the stories.

Living With Fear By Megan J.P.
When Katie is injured Michaela blames herself.Also Sully blames himself as well. They wait while their daughter's life hangs by a thred.

Living Life Without You By Megan J.P. and Aislinn E. Porter
(Sequel to Living With Fear)
Michaela and Sully divorce and are left feeling alone in a dark place. They both find new people in their lives, and find some happiness, but yet they still can't stop thinking about one another, and what they had together. Life is hard without their loved ones.

Hidden Secrets By Megan J.P. and Aislinn E. Porter
(Sequel to Living Life Without You)
After their daughter Katie dies Michaela and Sully divorce. Six years later they meet again. Both remarried with families, but they hold deep secrets within their hearts. Will they risk revealing them when they might hurt their loved ones the most.

Tears of Past Pain By Megan J.P.
(Sequel to Hidden Secrets)
Michaela and Sully have found their love after years of denying their feelings. They finally have found happiness, but out of the shadows comes more challenges. It will dig up the past and reopen the wounds that hurt so much. Before it is over they will discover something that might bring them together or tear them apart. They may loose everything in an instant. Follow them on their greatest adventure yet, and see who will survive and if their love will destroy them.

When The Last Dance Is Done By Megan J.P. and Aislinn E. Porter
(Sequel to Tears of Past Pain)
Michaela spent six years living in fear and pain. Her long dance with William finally ended but the fear and pain were left behind. Now she relives the terrible nightmare she lived for so long and shares her pain with the one man that she loved more than anything, but couldn't protect her. Michaela must put her past to rest before she can live her life in the future. Take a closer look at that relashionship between Michaela and William and see a different side of them. Relive the saddness, the pain, the fear, the nightmare that they danced for six long years.

All These Years By Megan J.P.
Michaela and her family go to Boston to visit her family. While at her old home she finds a diary that her father kept collecting dust in his desk. She reads it and finds out things she never knew about her father. She also remembers her childhood and teenage years and she dreams of what the future might hold for her and her family.

When Love Matters Most By Megan J.P.
(Sequel to All These Years)
Michaela and Sully are expecting twins. Problems will soon arise for Michaela as she progresses through her pregnancy. Her family wants it all to be over and the two little ones finally born. They will have happy and times through the nine months. It is when their love for each other and for their family matters most.

I'll Stand By You(Even In Your Darkest Hour) By Megan J.P.
Michaela faces her greatest challenge of all in her life. Death. No matter how much her family is trying to be strong they all find themselves falling apart in darkest time of their lives. But as death knocks on her door, will Sully be able to stand beside her even in death. Will he ever be able to say goodbye to her.

Dreams of What May Come By Megan J.P.
Michaela fears that she will not be able to have another child and the thought of Brian leaving them and going off to live his own life takes it's toll on her. She proposes that she and Sully adopt a child to give a loving home too. Sully questions why she wants to do this. Meanwhile Brian and Katie become very sick from influenza. The reality that she might loose what she already has instead of what she doesn't have begins to haunt Michaela as she tries to save her children from the deadly illness.

Haunted Soul By Megan J.P.
Michaela and Sully find out they are going to have a new baby,but someone from the past won't let Michaela's soul alone.Will she ever find peace again.

All Hearts Lead To Home By Megan J.P.
Life had led them all in different directions. But their hearts longing to be home will become to great and they must follow their hearts to the place they all call 'home'. But on the journey back home they will suffer great sadness, and they all must find the strength to carry on and find their way back home to their loved ones.

Stronger By Megan J.P.
Sully's life has been filled with so much pain. He has lost so many people very dear to him. He has been to hell and back. He has been in the darkest of places. Find out how he dealt with each sadness and why his heart didn't break but in the end made him stronger.

Days of Golden Dreams By Megan J.P.
Michaela and Sully are newly married and they are enjoying their new family, but what happens when their lives filled with happiness becomes a fight for their friend and their own lives. Join Michaela, Sully, Cloud Dancing, and the army on an unforgettable journey.

A Night To Die By Megan J.P.
Michaela is rapped one fearful night and she is feels that everything doesn't matter anymore. Sully is by her side helping her and loving her, but is it enough.

The Best of Times,The Worst of Times By Megan J.P.
Michaela and Sully relive the happy and sad times of their lives and find the special meaning of new life.

A Heart's Broken Wings By Megan J.P.
Michaela's sister is killed in a tragic accident. Michaela sees a different side of her sister she has never seen before. She feels she owes it to her sister to raise her children. Will Michaela be able to raise them, her own children, and heal her heart's broken wings.

A Journey To The Past By Megan J.P.
When Katie goes missing and then is found unharmed Sully blames himself. He still blamed himself for his first wife and child's deaths. Now the Spirits will take back to the past to make him see what his life is really about, and what the true meaning of love and family are.

I'll Be Home For Christmas By Megan J.P.
They all made a promise to be together on Christmas. But this year they are all finding it hard to come home for the holidays. Will this year's christmas be ruined by a broken promise they all made long ago

Life Will Go On By Megan J.P.
When a deadly disease hits their town many lives are lost. But when Brian's first love dies how will he cope. How will his life be affected by such a tragic loss of a loved one. Will he know how to pick up the pieces of his life and go on. Will he ever be the same person again filled with life and spirit, or will he fall apart and not be able to get back up. Here is the story of a young man who will tell you of his sorrow and how he dealt with it. Told in his point of view.

Living Within Their Eyes By Megan J.P.
Michaela and Sully have been fighting for two months. Michaela is very emotional she goes from being angry to crying. They find out that she is pregnant and they are very happy about it. But will a tragic accident take away their future with their children and their own lives. Will they survive to see the children grow up into the wonderful adults they want them to be or will they die along with their hopes and dreams for them.

Roses Bloom Every Spring By Megan J.P.
After Elizabeth dies everyone returns home. Their lives get back to normal but they are hurting inside from the loss of a loved one. When the pain and anger becomes so unbearable for them they must turn to one another for comfort and find a way to heal the inner pain from the loss they feel.

A Love's Legacy By Megan J.P. and Aislinn E. Porter
Dana Sully is digging into her family's history for a family tree, and detailed timeline for her history class. But it becomes much more than an assignment, it becomes a journey through the past. She learns family secrets, and struggles. And when she reads Michaela Quinn's journal, and she come's to the last journal entry she left feeling empty. There is no known record of Michaela or Byron Sully's deaths. Dana, along with her father begin to uncover the deepest family secret of all, and they find that the Sullys had an everlasting love with a legacy that would forever live on even though they wouldn't.

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