Moldova is a former USSR country located in Eastern Europe next to Romania. Chiefly an agrarian culture, the most important crops are grapes (used for wine production) and sunflowers. The scenery is beautiful and the soil rich, but the people live in poverty, especially in the many villages dotting the countryside. The deepest poverty, however, is that of the heart. Moldova is steeped in the Eastern Orthodox religion. The people are hungry for the truth, but are often afraid to reject their religion for Bible Christianity. The Christians of Moldova are usually very dedicated, knowing that the possibility of facing varying degrees of persecution for their beliefs is very real.  They desire to see more of their country reached with the Gospel and for people to have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our work here is very broad as the facilitation team in Moldova.  It is often difficult to define, but most important in our work is living for Christ and building relationships of love so that the Christians and non Christians in Moldova can see Jesus lived out before them.  We connect with the three existing Evangelical Unions- Baptist, Pentecostal, and Association Baptists or Autonomous.  We also network with all of the missionaries—national and ex-pat working in Moldova. 

Our tasks are to research the Harvest Field and the Harvest Force in Moldova, gather information on churches, missions, and resources and disseminate it to those who need it,  and develop and train nationals who desire to see new churches planted all over Moldova and Eastern Europe.  It is exciting and challenging work.  We now have new  teammates—both ex-pats and nationals who work alongside us as trainers to serve the various denominations.

Enjoy your visit to the beautiful country of Moldova via this website.   We hope that you will be challenged to pray for the spiritual needs of the people of this country and for the work that God has given us to do here. We hope that you will also take the time to email us any comments or questions you may have.

We look forward to e-mails from friends back in the US and other places. We appreciate all who support us in prayer and gifts—You are a part of our team and work here!!
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