Craigy hill, the very namez enuf tae make ye gurn wi pride

Craigyhill Intur-aktive

Advurtize here!

Yur ain i-catchin advurt cud be here!

Site luukin fir a advertiser tae bring in aal those internet millions. Kestrel larger, BJ Eastwuuds, git yer han's in yer pooket an gi a wee bit back tae those hues generation ye creamed frae!


An internet haven for Craigyhillians around the world, and monocular mobile confection vendors with commercial web-sites.
The first internet site made impervious to even the worst of weather by the miracle of PEBBLEDASHING.
hae a drink, it's neary time tae sine on.

y2k compatubul, even efter Decimber


Boking can be fun' Mon in, skull a 10 ouncer 'o Buckfast, boke on yersel an then smash the bottle against the community centre wall!

'boot ye, I'm craigyhill.

Lea' that last heal o the butterless veda,
let the Heinz beans dry on the plate,
skull thal last haf-open can o' Kestrel,
stick a damp sparkur in the meter,
lace up yer DM's tae thon top hole,
button and zip up that damp snorkel jacket
an tuck in the oul Fred Perry.

You're aboot tae embark on a nostalgic journey wae' the Boothill Village Boot Baes roon thur viry ain pebble-dashed paradise.

Hill fever is sweeping the nation and YOU are invited!

"Ye know yir wild famis when there's a story writ aboot ye in the "East Antrim TImes'an the wurdz "Court apperance" dinnae crop up wance in thu whole article!!"
Garron Cresent OBE

Stoat photae wi nice tree ready fur burnin.
Vue frae the Brustin Braes

Welcome tae:

Norn Irons' Greatest Hill & Beach Resort

Craigyhill is above Larne;

Physically & morally


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Intur-Aktivities & all that.

Greenland Appreciation Society


Investment Opportunities in the Craigyhill basin.

Great heart rending photies o the hillNoo 'ye know a bit aboot Craigyhill. How aboot a wee holiday there?.

See the youth o thu hill express themsells in oor Art Gallery

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Soap Opera


All stand for the Craigyhill Anthem.

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Craigyhill Times - Keigh fest

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Take the Craighill test. Ar ye wurthy?

This page is owned and operated by Craig D. Hill and Garron Cresent.(Both of whom can drink more than you mate!!!). They also support The Inver Reds who are (amongst) the best team in the whole of Larne. *That;s thur real names tue an they haenae bin changed so that big baes at the shaps willnae stave thur heedz in.

Did Ye know?

Craigyhill has more i's in it than any mobile retail vendor on the estate!

Vote for me or I'll explode

Roy Beggs, if ye're oot there - we blame YOU for the dismal education of a missing generation.

Greenland forever.

1997-2000 email us:

You are eedjit # tae cum roon here looking for a taxi tae Kilwaughter Hoose.

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Ye can blame them fur the stupit shitey pop up windaes and either keigh that annoyz ye. Mine ye, thur aboot the only windaes in the area that hinnae bin puut thru.

Disclaimer: It wuznae me whu dun it, must a been those bad boys frae the shaps. They run up the ro-ad a wee minute ago. Ask Deek!

Deek - whur the heel hae ye got tae bae?