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Alternate versions of Austin Powers:

Mistakes in Austin Powers. (Remember: some of these aren't really mistakes but inconsistencies created during the editing process. In any event they are still errors that shouldn't be there.) Found one not listed? Send it in! (Due to the number of responses I get, I'm unable to respond to everyone's submissions, but I do read and consider them.)

  • Don't ask me why I noticed this. In the casino restroom scene Tom Arnold looks under the stall divider and sees Austin's pants around his ankles. Later in the scene when Austin is dunking Patty O'Brien's head into the toilet his legs are on opposite sides of the toilet. His pants couldn't possibly stretch that far.

  • In the Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club the waitress' yellow hat falls off when Austin punches her but it reappears on the head of the male actor that takes her place. (Thanks to Michael Williams.)

  • In the Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club Dr. Evil shoots a man in the back with a crossbow. He then runs up the stairs past a silver mylar helium balloon hung by the stairs. Mylar balloons weren't patented until 1978 and certainly not produced in 1967. (Thanks to Paul Maiorana.)

  • When the Virtucon tour guide is giving the tour he isn't wearing an identification badge. After Austin and Vanessa change clothes in the restrooms the tour guide is talking on an intercom with a badge on his right lapel.

  • When the fembots are first introduced in Dr. Evil's lair they are wearing transparent plastic coats. A close-up shot of one of the fembots (Cindy Margolis?) is shown without the coat right before they are all shown taking off the coats. (Thanks to Jeff Bower.)

  • When Austin and Vanessa enter the hotel room designated as the "makeshift British headquarters" Vanessa presents Austin with some dental supplies. Pay attention to the floss as it changes from black to white.

  • In Dr. Evil's lair when Austin is almost seduced by the fembots he rips off his pants and throws them over by the door as he starts dancing. The white pile of pants in the background keeps changing. This is due to multiple takes of the scene that were combined.

  • When Austin and Vanessa are on top of the bus Austin pours them some champagne. You can see that he fills the glasses a little too much and when they "clink" their glasses together some of the champagne mysteriously vanishes.

  • In the hotel when Austin's notebook computer beeps with a message from Basil on America Online Austin closes the notebook before Basil is done talking. This must be due to them filming the scene without any voice cues and adding Basil later.

  • When Austin's Acer notebook computer is beeping the clock/radio behind it displays 10:28 am but then the time disappears the next time it is shown. (This might just be the light reflecting off it.)

  • There are close-ups of Burt Bacharach playing piano and singing to Mike Myers and Elizabeth Hurley on top of a double-decker tour bus as they cruise through Las Vegas. From a long shot as the bus travels by, you can see it's a stand in and not Mr. Bacharach.

  • On screen, Britain's "Ministry of DefenCe" is incorrectly spelled the American way (Ministry of DefenSe). It should be spelled with a "c" -not an "s"- since the action is taking place in Britain. So, do you all understand now?

  • During Austin's confrontation with the fembots, he lights them and himself a cigarette. The cigarettes fly into their mouths, but then they are gone and they are no where around them.

  • When Mike Myers and Elizabeth Hurley are on top of the bus, for one moment Mike Myers' teeth are clean.

  • After Austin is unfrozen and right before meeting Vanessa, two MOD women assistants take clips off his ears, but they reappear for the better part of the scene.

  • After Austin and Vanessa's night on the town, she falls asleep on Austin, holding a champagne glass, the laptop computer starts beeping, and when Austin pushes her off of him, the glass disappears.

  • In the scene where they are going through Las Vegas and looking around at the sites, there are a couple times when Austin stops walking and Vanessa does not.

  • In the scene in their hotel room when Austin is walking around naked and Vanessa is holding a magnifying glass over his bits n' pieces she is concentrating very hard on watching the monitor off screen.

  • When Austin climbs through Alotta Fagina's window he leaves it standing open, but after entering the room the window is closed.

  • Austin's Boeing 747 was supposedly built in 1967 but the first 747 didn't fly until 1969.

  • Near the end Dr. Evil sings "I want chicken, I want liver, Meow Mix, Meow Mix, please deliver." That slogan wasn't used until the 1970's, after Dr. Evil was frozen. (Thanks to Michael Sims for sending this in.) This one is borderline.

  • Austin and Vanessa are in the hotel room and Austin goes behind the couch and starts the, "I think I'll take the stairs. I'll take my canoe" routine. He says, "I know, I'll take the elevator." The English say lift, not elevator. (Thanks to Matthew Taverni and Ryan.) Ed...This mistake is certainly a leftover from when he did that joke on SNL and in Wayne's World 2.

Deleted scenes appearing on the DVD special edition and the end of the video:


  • Riverside Community College (RCC) from Riverside, California was the marching band in the opening sequence.

  • Ted Turner's networks have purchased the rights to show Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery on cable stations such as TBS and TNT.

  • A picture of Austin and a definition of "shag" was shown during Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love" video on VH1's Pop-Up Video.

  • New Line Productions filed a lawsuit against Trahan, Burden & Charles Inc., an advertising firm in Baltimore, and NeighborCare Pharmacies Inc. for using an Austin Powers look-alike in a television commercial without its permission.

  • New Line Productions has licensed the name "Austin Powers" to a thoroughbred horse owned by four traders in the Tudor Investment Corp. New Line's 10% royalty will be donated to the Ted Turner Foundation.