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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery:

The International House of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me-My new page with everything you need to know about Austin Powers 2. Yeah baby!
The Official Austin Powers 2 site- It's coming again baby, now in semi-glorious, hypnotizing Shockwave. Will the contest ever start? Who knows?
Dr. Evil's Underground Lair This is a very cool site with some great stuff about Dr. Evil and some interesting post cards.

Austin "Danger" Powers
Austin Powers Switched On Webpage
The Sycadelic Austin Powers Webpage
The Austin Powers Sound Shrine (.wavs)
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
100% Austin Powers
The Five Dollar Dr. Evil Page
Mr. Bigglesworth's Cavalcade of Whimsy (.wavs)
The Official Japanese Austin Powers site
Newline.com Online Studio Store

Operation Trivia

Mike Myers:

Miketown- Continuing to be the web's best Mike Myers site. Has a lot of info on his life, career, characters, movies, appearances, and news. Covers Mike in extreme detail...and it's Canadian. Bonus!

Movies at Home- Good biography of Mike Myers and general info about his career.

Mike Myers is a god! A well deserved tribute with a chat.

Adam's Phat Jiggy Hut Here's where to go to find a large selection of Mike pics.

alt.fan.mike-myers The newsgroup from the creator of Dr. Evil's Underground Lair.

Wayne's World

Wayne's World Web- Basically the only Wayne's World site out there. Good stuff though...and it's in Paris-Talk.

The Peristaltic Waynes World Compendium- A text guide to all Wayne's World appearances on SNL.

So I Married an Axe Murderer

Agnus and Ian's Kilt Shoppe A very entertaining site. Just check near the bottom to get to all the SIMAAM stuff...and no, they don't sell kilts- although that would be convenient. Go to this page or I'll kick your teeth in!

Other links:

Take it to the hole on the new channel of fun. The official site of The Late Late Show on the mighty CBS. Snyder's out and Craig is in March 30. Soon I'll want some Euro flavor. It'll be Tuesday and I'm just going to want to dance, dance, dance.

Dicky, Nate, and the BossToneS
Toxic Toast:
The Mighty Mighty BossToneS
Save Our Conan Sites
"Save Our Conan Sites."

The Fake News

These people are mighty randy:

Geocities What the heck, they're nice enough to send a non-personalized email every once in a while. No, really, they're all good people.

Alex Rosen. AlexWarp is the power behind AustinWarp.

If you have a Austin Powers, Mike Myers, or other page that falls into one of the other catagories- drop me a note.