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The cut scenes from Austin Powers you haven't seen

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Welcome to the latest addition to the Smashing AP Page. This is the section devoted to all of the scenes that were written, cast, and filmed but weren't included in the final (North American) theatrical release or at the end of the home video.

One of these scenes were included in non-North American versions. For example, a scene with Christian Slater as a security guard appeared in European, the Australian and other verions but not in the U.S. or Canada release. (That will be included in Part II coming soon....)

Part I: The Queen Honors Austin

The first scene we'll take a look at is a scene featuring an awards ceremony in which Austin is presented with some type of award by the Queen of England. Right now all I have on this scene are the two photos shown below. The first photo appeared in a diary section on the official Austin Powers site ( that was never actually used but was left on the server. The photo on the right is from a foreign movie site. It is part of a photo that also appeared in the book Austin Powers: How to be an International Man of Mystery. The photo in the book includes what is shown below on the right plus the queen is also to Austin's right. I'll get a scan of that up soon. I recently received an earlier copy of the script (from May 1996) which is quite different from the final version, but doesn't include this scene. I'll keep looking for other drafts so I can include the text...

Queen photo #1 Queen photo #2

To be continued??.....Oh yeah baby!