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This page last updated February 26, 1999.

June 11, 1999: Release of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

June of next year is the current release date for Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. From now on all information about the sequel can be found in the Austin Powers 2 section.

Feb 26 99: Action Figures and other toys.

Todd McFarlane's (creator of Spawn comic book) line of four Austin Powers action figures debuted at the International Toy Fair in New York City. They are Austin in the red suit from the casino scene, Dr. Evil with Mr. Bigglesworth and the chair seen in the trailer, Felicity Shagwell, and Austin in his Union Jack underwear from the fembot scene! They look incredible. Each is fully articulated and Austin has real chest hair. For more details check out McFarlane's press release below and the photos taken at Toy Fair.

McFarlane Press Release
Austin in Red Suit
Austin in Underwear
Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth
Felicity Shagwell

Also debuting at Toy Fair were two Matchbox cars including Austin's Union Jack Jaguar. The figures and cars should be released around late May.

Jan 21 99: What does Austin act like drunk?

Heineken will soon be running a promotional campaign to back the sequel. Thanks to Fran at Miketown. I've also heard talk of a fast food promotion for a while but the results of that remain to be seen.

Jan 16 99: Entertainment Weekly Wars

Well isn't life strange. The sequel to a movie that was a mild success is sharing the cover of Entertainment Weekly with Star Wars. This week's guide to 1999 movies features Austin and Star Wars on the cover with the first photo of Felicity Shagwell inside.

12/02/98: Download the trailer now!

As many of you have seen, the two trailers are finally in theaters. Also, many of you were suckered into thinking they were the Star Wars trailer. (Mike did the same thing with the Wayne's World trailer several years ago. It started out like the Adam's Family trailer with Wayne and Garth snapping until the camera shifted down revealing them).

You can download one of them here from Newline's press website. It's 3.49 MB and requires Quicktime 3. Make sure you right click on the link above and choose "Save Target As" to save it to your hard drive. Otherwise it will play in your browser.

It's the version where Dr. Evil gets peed on by Mr. Bigglesworth at the end. The second version shows Dr. Evil spinning around in his chair. I'll keep an eye out for that one. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me is coming June 11!

11/26/98: AP2 hits the big screen.

Here is a report form Dark Horizons on the Austin Powers 2 trailers now in theaters. There are two of them. I went to see The Waterboy today but they didn't show either one.

"The trailer is as follows. Shot of space. You see a space ship. As you go inside, the narration leads you to belive (If you are living under a rock and have not seen it yet) that this is the new Star Wars Trailer. Then Dr. Evil and Mr. Bigglesworth turn around. You then see Austin Dancing. Then the narrarator says, "If you see one movie this year, see Star Wars. But if you see two, see Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me."

11/26/98: Austin Goes Online: For Free

The below mentioned line of electronic email greeting cards featuring Austin, Dr. Evil and the whole gang is now free at e-greetings. They don't cost anything now but please don't send them all to me!

10/21/98: Austin Goes Online

A line of electronic email greeting cards featuring Austin, Dr. Evil and the whole gang is now on sale at e-greetings. The cards, which were approved by Mike Myers as are all Austin products, are customizable for your message and range in price from $.50 to about $1.25.

10/19/98: Halloween Costumes

Many people have asked me about Austin Powers Halloween costumes. As I have previously stated, they are available at the Newline Store. One person told me that they are currently out of stock. If that is so, I'm sorry but I can't help you, you'll have to take it up with them. That is also the only source that I am aware of. I haven't seen them in stores, since I believe that a California chain has an exclusive on them.

10/08/98: THE FINAL Austin Powers 2 title

Well, not much news in a long time. But, contrary to the last update, the final official title for Austin Powers 2 is Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. The release date is still June 1999.

9/20/98: Austin Powers 2 title

It looks like the title now is "Austin Powers 2: It's Shagging Time." Release date is still June 1999.

8/28/98: Mike on Larry King Live

Mike appeared in a very short segment on CNN's Larry King Live on friday night. They covered just about everything including the possibility of Mike receiving an award for 54 to which Mike replied, "yea for me!"

As for talk of Austin Powers, Mike eluded to the possibility of a whole series of five Austin Powers movies! (Much like the James Bond series.) He commented on the success of the original by saying the success was a result of Jay Roach, Liz Hurley, and Vanessa and Austin's genuine relationship.

8/28/98: Animated Austin fall 1999

Daily Variety is reporting that New Line Television is shopping around a prime-time animated Austin Powers series to debut next fall after the release of the sequel. Mike Myers will provide the voice of Austin and will also co-executive produce.

Whether or not this is a cheap trick to promote the sequel, the whole Austin Powers franchise, and New Line TV is certainly debatable. At least with Mike on-board, the show will have some integrity. There was a cartoon based on Jim Carrey's The Mask a few years ago, yet Carrey had no involvement. It would be a tragedy if the same thing happened with Austin. Thanks to Fran at Miketown.

8/14/98: USA Today article on Mike

USA Today did a story about Mike on the front page of the Thursday, August 13, Life section. It was accompanied by the same stupid looking file photo of Mike smiling that they like to use. There was also a small pic of Austin at the top of the front page. Very cool.

The story summerized all of the things Mike has on the table right now, most of it covered in the August 14 Entertainment Weekly (see below.) It did include news that Mike will replace Chris Farley in DreamWorks' animated movie Shrek which is scheduled for the holiday 2000 season. Mike will play the title character. It also repeated the news that Austin Powers II will start filming in November or December for a June '99 release.

8/12/98: Austin in Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly has done a large article about the sequel and merchandising in the August 14 issue. It is not online so you'll have to go buy it for the full story.

Mike has submitted the script to New Line and the tentitive release date is June, 1999. Elizabeth Hurley will not costar as Vanessa. A New Line spokesman says Mike intends to use a different leading lady in each film much like the Bond movies. Hurley still could have a small role. She will be replaced by Heather Graham in the role of CIA agent Felicity Shagwell. ("Shagwell by name, Shag-very-well by reputation.") There will also be a new character by the name of Mini-Me, a miniature Dr. Evil. Demi Moore will help produce the film again and there are still rumors that she could costar.

MTV has a development deal with Mike and is planning a Spring Break special next March and a program tied in with the sequel. New Line Television is planning a animated series to air next fall after the release of the sequel.

And there is more news about products. I know we've been disapointed before but it looks like this stuff will happen this time around. There are photos of a costume modeled after Austin's jacket, a magnet, a bumper sticker, the new greeting cards, and the towel that has been available at the store. There is also talk of talking dolls and A REAL SWEDISH MADE PENIS ENLARGER PUMP. All merchandise has to be approved by Mike himself.

Thanks to Scott from Dr. Evil's Underground Lair.

8/02/98: Austin is a "Gross Encounter"

Entertainment Weekly named Austin Powers one of its "Gross Encounters" in the July 24th issue. It was selected as one of the grossest movies ever and the marathon urination (evacuation) scene was cited as the best urination scene ever. Forget the "AFI Top 100," this is the list to be on!

7/18/98: USA Today, not again!

Okay, remember that USA Today article back on April 17 that said there would be Austin Powers toys, electronic games, Halloween costumes and greeting cards released in June? I now have some more details about those products.

The action figures are/will be made by "Exclusive Toy Products."

The greeting cards are being made by Kaboom! which has a web site. I e-mailed them and got a less than enthusiastic response from "Michael" about calling "Dylan Shaw, our Director of Sales" long distance at (212) 929-8904. Are these people interested in selling stuff?

CNN Showbiz This Week reported in a show June 13 that there is a Austin Powers electonic game. David Imhoff from New Line said, "This is a real coin-op redemption (ph) game that you can find at amusement parks all across the country, actually across the world....where you can actually play an Austin Powers game."

Halloween Adevnture Costumes is making costumes and Cinema Secrets will make masks.

I still have yet to actually see any of this stuff but I'll post more info when/if I do.

6/12/98: Another award for Austin and Mike.

I just found out July 5th that way back a month ago while I was on vacation Austin Powers won some stuff at the 24th Annual Saturn Awards. It won both "Best Costume" and "Best Fantasy Film."

6/10/98: Happy Birthday!

Elizabeth Hurley's 33rd birthday was today. Smashing!

6/04/98: Mike wins at the MTV Awards!

Click here to see the results.
The MTV Video Music Awards will air at 9pm EDT on MTV. Mike will unfortunately not be hosting this year since the duties have been taken up by Samuel L. Jackson. However, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and Mike have been nominated for 4 awards:

Best Movie
Best Comedic Performance- Mike Myers as Austin Powers
Best Villain- Mike Myers as Dr. Evil
Best Dance Sequence- The scene during the opening credits

6/03/98: Revival of the Swingers Club on MTV

MTV aired last May's special Austin Powers' Electric Psychedelic Pussycat Swingers Club. It features Mike Myers dressed as Austin and is done in the style of Laugh In with guest appearances by some celebrities. It is as entertaining as the movie. Check it out if you see it in the next few days. I'll post the times if I can catch them.

Last May's episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brian in which Mike Myers was interviewed was shown on NBC. I still wonder why the copy of the soundtrack Conan holds up is different. Oh well....

The above mentioned MTV Video Music Awards were taped in Santa Monica. Click here to see the results

Elizabeth Hurley was on a rerun of The Late Show with David Letterman from last May when Austin Powers was originally released.

Mike Myers turned 35 years old today in Canadian years.

Austin Powers is coming back to the big screen. Forget the twenty years it took Star Wars to be re-released. Austin Powers will be re-released in Los Angeles on May 1st for midnight showings, only 364 days after the original release. AP will be re-released in 30 more cities throughout the rest of the month. If you know of the other dates in other cities, please let me know.

4/23/98 - 5/7/98:
You can bid on a Austin Powers poster autographed by Mike Myers here. Profits benefit the TJ Martell Foundation. The bid is currently at US$130.

USA Today did a large feature on Austin Powers for their weekend edition. The print issue features a small blurb on the front of the Life section and a large full color photo accompanies the article inside. Click here to read it.

Bacharach: One Amazing Night will premiere on TNT at 9pm EST. Mike Myers will be performing, "What's New Pussycat?" It will be shown again on Wednesday at 10:30 pm EST and Monday, April 20th at 12:30 am EST. Set your VCRs!! Go to TNT's official Bacharach page.
**Update**:This was a great special. Mr. Bacharach introduced Mike who came out in a tux and did "What's New Pussycat?" with two cat dancers. At the end he ripped off his tux to reveal his swingin' outfit!

Mike Myers will be on The Rosie O'Donnell Show with his mother-in-law, the real life Linda Richman, this friday. They're going to do a cooking segment. Check your local listings since the show times vary accross the country.
**Update**: Unfortunately, Mike didn't give anything away about Austin Powers 2. All he said is that "we're sort of kicking ideas around." He also mentioned that he wrote Austin Powers in three weeks after hearing Burt Bacharach's The Look of Love in his car.

Bacharach: One Amazing Night will be held in New York City at the Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan Center Studios, 311 W 34th. Tickets are available by calling (212) 307-7171. Mike Myers will be performing "What's New Pussycat?" (Burt Bacharach was in Austin Powers and is featured on the soundtrack.)

Some clips of Austin Powers were shown on Nickelodeon's 11th Annual Kids' Choice Awards. I don't know the exact purpose of them, but it appeared to be something about picking a new award catagory.

Mimi RogersMimi Rogers appeared on both Late Night with Conan O'Brian and The Daily Show. Conan talked about how quotes from Austin Powers have become part of our language. She got 4 out of 5 of Craiggers' 5 questions correct.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery will be released on video in the United Kingdom.

Mike Myers will present an award at the Oscars on ABC at 9pm EST from LA.
**Update**: Mike presented an award for sound-effects and did a weird skit in which a giant bear handed Mike the envelope and Mike delivered the immortal line, "I just soiled myself." A classic!

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery will be released to theaters for the last time in Sweden.

3/13/98 ?:
This is an approximate date for the American Comedy Awards which Mike was nominated for his role as Dr. Evil (they showed the -shh clip.) He lost to Jack Nickelson for As Good As It Gets.

Mike Myers is nominated for a Blockbuster Entertainment Award which will air on?
**Update**: Mike lost to Jim Carrey (Liar Liar), proving people have little taste. The show is rerunning on VH1.

The E! Gossip show says that Austin Powers 2 is scheduled for release Christmas 1999 and that Mike Myers is currently writing the screenplay. Liz Hurley will be back and 60's model Twiggy could also co-star. A possible title could be Austin Powers 2: It's Shaggin' Time.

The Smashing Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Homepage is created.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery was released for sale on video with additional scenes which were not on the rental version. Click here for the description of the scenes.

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