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Lake Issaquehenna
The beauty of Spring at Lake Issaquehenna near Clemson, South Carolina

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My personal philosophy is that every thing we experience in life can be broken-down into pure & simple concepts. It's amazing and sometimes frightening how some people can make things very complicated and often distorted, "making a mountain out of a mole-hill", by trying to analyze things or personal experiences way beyond what they were originally intended to be. Here are my thoughts for April 2001.

2001 Masters Golf Championship ~ The Master, pure & simple

Year Of The Tiger. At the age of just 25, Tiger Woods has already achieved what every other professional in any sport, can only dream of. Today, clinching the legendary Masters Tournament, his 4th major golf title in a row... completing the Grand Slam of golf (holding all 4 major championships at one time). A feat that no-one has achieved previously in any individual pro sport, including golf, tennis, skiing, bowling, indy or formula-1 car-racing. It's almost surreal yet innevitable, to watch history unfold before your eyes. He is the Tiger phenomenon.

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The Pure and Simple philosophy has been part of me for a few years now. So much so, that many of my friends have asked me time and time again about how the concept applies to everyday life. Rather than explain the experience and try to relate it to their situation, I decided to write a series of short stories that portray the way I see the pure and simple ideas behind universal life experiences that everyone can relate to. Enjoy!!


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