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My little hero
"One of wildlife's little rascals" Ann.D.Martin

It's been interesting writing short stories and compiling them into an enjoyable book which people of all ages and walks of life can read. There is no pre-outlined reason for these topics other than the inspiration to write about them. I've been lucky that they can fit into chapters.

The raccoon pictured above has been my inspiration because he is an animal that is pure & simple in his nature yet has been mistreated by many people. One of his only goals in life, is finding food, and we are quick to judge them as being a nuisance just for being diligent and creative.

Live your life to the fullest! Enjoy those things that you do have and people that surround you. Don't worry about things you don't have. Be kind, be gentle, be forgiving and know that your life is changing and will never be the same, from now on.

Please be aware that the manuscript title and related stories are protected by copyright© under Canadian law. Duplication or retransmission is prohibited without express written consent from this author.. In layman's terms, I would appreciate it if you were to ask me first... Pure & simple!


Story Titles
Stories Under Development - Coming Soon
~ Animals ~
All About Cats
** Award-winning story **
Dogs Raccoons
** Award-winning story **
~ Careers ~
Ethics & Conduct
(the right thing to do)
Finding Balance
(too many priorities?)
Finding Your Niche
(what I really want to do)
Vacation Time
(getaway from it all)
Volunteer Work
** Award-winning story **
Be Your Own Boss
~ Children ~
Activity Variety Blowing Bubbles
(just add soap and water)
Developing Skills
(the art of teaching)
League Soccer
(recreation for children)
Kite Flying Video Games
~ Family ~
** Award-winning story **
(a time for celebration)
** Award-winning story **
Sibling Rivalry
(brothers and sisters)
Without A Parachute
(life without your parents)
The Easter Bunny
(fun for the holiday)
~ Just Fun ~
A Day At The Fair
(visiting a fall fair)
Theme Parks
(rollercoaster heaven)
Golfing With Friends
** Award-winning story **
Jigsaw Puzzles
** Award-winning story **
Model Trains
** Award-winning story **
Water Parks
(wet n wild fun)
~ Learning ~
Golden Rules
(a guide to living)
(explore your talents)
(do they mean something?)
Fear Of Flying
(enjoying air-time)
From Experience
(things to remember)
New Year's Eve
(resolutions anyone?)
People Watching Conversations Something Said
(the art of listening)
~ That Thing Called Love ~
Parting Company
(losing someone special)
Day Of Romance
(rekindle the passion)
Drinking Coffee
(that little cup of java)
Finding Love First Kiss
(need I say more?)
Just Be There
(developing trust)
Little Things
(acts of kindness)
Missing Someone
(absence of the heart)
~ That's Life ~
Feeling Lucky
(good luck charms)
Good Friends
(your second family)
(that little voice)
One Day At A Time
(a view of life)
Planting Seeds
(power of suggestion)
Stress & Anxiety
(life's little obstacles)
Too Much To Do
(never enough time)
It's A Jungle
(human evolution)
(living in the city)
~ Weather ~
(the eerie mystery)
(the beauty of nature)
(the power of storms)

Proud to be an awarded member of both these writer's group
Magical Inc Atrium

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