Short for high souled
the me in home and family
the her in mother
the Rachel in Rachel's Reflections
and the reflection in my mirror.
I was all of the above for so long
I am no longer sure if there is a
me in me!

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I am very happy to have the opportunity of being part of your day. I have led a busy life and like many other women tend to reflect on the past when I am idle. I feel blessed that I have an interest in a variety of things to occupy my time with. You see, I don't feel old and useless, when I look in the mirror it shocks me to realize the woman looking back is really me! That reflection no more reflects the way I feel inside than a dress three sizes too small fits my body.
In reality....

"The older I get the older OLD gets."

My background
Her in Grandmother
Me in Mother
Rachel's Reasonings  my own opinions on some issues. I don't expect you to agree.
Family Album just a few pictures
Short true stories, looking at the brighter side.
Thunder Bay  My  hometown by choice

My Interests and Hobbies
I have many interests as I said earlier.
Use the links below to view more on my subjects.
African Violets  my passion for african violets
Writing My way of getting a grip on things.....
Wagontale Poodles they listen and don't talk back
Awards my site has won
Rave Reviews
Music while you surf  


I will be adding more subjects here as I do needlework such as knitting, crochet, and cross-stitch. I enjoy making my own cross-stitch patterns from favorite photo's. Stitching them brings back many happy memories and the finished product is "one of a kind".  I especially like working a "bust" type pattern to a maximum of ten to fifteen bronze tones. One day I hope to post a picture of a project from start to finish. I also hope to find opportunities through this page to exchange projects, patterns, ideas, plants etc.
I love to cross-stitch  I make my own patterns,  and I have free african violet pattern for you.  Soon  I will be adding  more  on a regular basis.

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