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A few updates to the hotrod project and my daily drivers as of today. Be patient and check back often...4/23/02

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THE 2002 LITCHFIELD BUG IN IS JUNE 16, 2002....Dont miss it!!!

Pictures and show results from the 1999 show are posted!!!

And the 2001 Connecticut Bug-A-Fair in Terryville was August 19, 2001.

Pictures and show results from the 1998 show are posted!!!

20th Annual Show in Durham CT

show results now posted

My VW's Past

The infamous "TWILIGHT ZONE" built in 1981. To my knowledge this was the first Mulholland Look car in New England and one of the first on the east coast. The fenders were bought from Creative Car Craft when they were still in California. The car was a '73 beetle bought from an insurance salvage yard after it suffered an engine compartment fire (idiot pulled engine and didnt plug fuel line well. and the butthead was a smoker to boot!!!). It was built by the ex Beetle Barn in East Windsor CT. to my specs (and their shoddy workmanship). Rebuilt after being wrecked in Florida during a trip to BUG OUT 5 in Manassas and then to Daytona Beach. Sold in 1994 or so at the Litchfield Bug Inn, resold twice, last heard of in Rhode Island now sporting flamed paintjob. In my opinion this was the best looking Mulholland Bug I have ever seen, not in quality, but in looks and stance. It sat right. It looked right. It looked "mean". Damn I miss that car!!

Rear view of the "ZONE" showing engine detail. I was really proud of this. The 2nd guy that had it, painted the fan shroud glow-in-the-dark orange!!! It nearly ripped my heart out. I put alot of time into that. The second shot shows the personalized plate that I kept for the 12 or so years that I owned the car.

'62 kombi from california found in a field in East Windsor CT, now resides in my backyard. Tried to sell it for quite a while with no takers, so the rebuilt engine was pulled and it was given away to Joe Snow, local bus fiend, who cut it up and parted it out. Also a "64 panel van that has had about 1000 hours of bodywork done. Ready for reassembly. Also available! (not anymore) I just sold the '64 panel on Monday 9/15. It all happened so fast. I had been casually advertising the van at a couple of shows this summer. I had a few people act interrested, but no calls. I really wasn't in a hurry to part with it, so I didn't mind. Well this past weekend I got 2 calls in the span of 1 hour!!! These guys were fighting to see who could get here first to see it. As I understand they both skipped some work commitment and drove about an hour and a half to see it. Well one of them gave me my asking price and even bought the engine that I had on a stand in the garage to go with it. He gave me a big nonrefundable deposit and will be back in a few weeks to pick it up. I miss it already.

Update...The panel van is now at it's temporary new home in mystic CT. with plans to complete the restoration by june '98 and then drive it to California and present it to their son, who lives and works out there. Neat!

Update to the update...The panel van is now at 4Ever4 in Marlow NH where Gordie Davis is working his magic to get it wrapped up and running. The van was 2 toned before it went up there. The bottom half is now a medium blue as I understand it.

Update to the update of the update...The panel van is finished as of a conversation I had with Gordie Davis. it took a lot more mechanical work than expected, but as of Aprill 1999 it was complete.

A shot of the kombi as it sat in my backyard just before being given away. Next is a shot of the panel van as it was unearthed from 3-1/2 years buried in my garage.

Check out the '62 kombi from hell by clicking the banner below. Now With The Dreaded Interior Shots

Updated 9/15/98 with new Pix

Then we have 2 shots as the panel van sees the light of day for the first time in years(It was sold only 2 hours later).

The panel van being loaded on to the trailer almost ready to head to it's new home.

Other vw presently in my posession and actually registered and running (well sort of) if you can believe it

Ive got a '71 super beetle that I rescued from the back lot of Bob Reily VW before they went belly up. It required a serious graft of the entire firewall area and floor behind the rear seat as well as the vent area below the rear window. This was all rotted due to a leaky rear window seal. Other than that zero rust, nada, zip, zilch!!!! I dropped the front end 4" with a strut lowering kit from Top Line and fitted 135sr15 tires on stock 4" rims. In the rear the stock 4-1/2" rims are fitted with 205-75-15 tires for a serious downhill stance. It won't pass inspection with the nose down so low and dont even ask what happens when you hit a bump...but...who cares, it looks way kewl. I'm also running moon style wheel discs and a cool roof rack as well as a herrod helper wing. The car is faded repaint tan with darker tan touch-ups all over and the rear that was rebuilt is in black primer. Future plans are full primer paint with red and yellow flames if I ever get to it (dont bet on it).


Well, so much for the paint job. On Feb 1, 1999 I learned that there was a reason I didn't like to drive my bug during the winter. It only took one second looking down and....POW. i kissed the butt of an '89 Oldsmobile, and if you notice the windshield...I kissed that too. A seatbelt probably would have helped....but.... I also put both knees through the factory air conditioning unit under the dash, as well as broke the steering wheel. I havent decided what to do with the car, but I actually drove it home from the scene after being released from the hospital. it is such fun having glass plucked from your forehead. You should try it sometimes. The car still drives straight and although I will have to pull the passenger side quarter panel back out as it is buckled back to the door (but the door works fine) If anyone has a pair of front fenders and a hood or a complete front clip for a '71-'72 super beetle...real cheap, (or lets trade for something) get in touch with me. condition is not critical as long as they arent too rusty or bent, minor dents ok, and i just sold a perfectly good hood....darn.

As of 4/23/02 the "Not so Super" as I now call it is sitting in my garage having gone thru some changes. It now sports a "w" decklid and has had the rear clipped ala dragcar. The nose has a valiant attempt made to pull out the damage, but with little success. I have aquired a '72 parts car with a mint nose that I will clip to replave this one, someday. I have poly bucket seats ready for the car as well. The pan is POR15'd and a new set of chromie rims are in place w/135 front and 215-60 rear tires. (used the rims and tires for my new '67 Sawzall Special...see below) Motor is out and apart (probably never to go back together), but I do have an EMPI stroker motor to take it's place. Only time will tell.

Here was the latest project!

In 2000 I decided I needed a car to replace the "Not So Super". I had a few ideas and one thing led to another, motivated mostly by a serious lack of funds for this car, I aquired this '71 karmann ghia from Gordie Davis of 4ever4 in Marlow New Hampshire. I'll get into details of this car on it's own page coming soon, but the Ghia "Ratrod" project is turning into alot more than just some minor assembly as it originally had been expected to do. The above pix are of the car as purchased. All rust (well most of it) has been repaired and ther car is ready to go to me. It was equipped with a stock trans and supposedly running 1600DP which I removed in favor of a transform high performance trans and a very low milage 1600sp that was removed from a friend's '67 beetle. As of 10/31/01 many new parts have been aquired including every possible brake part, an adjustable front beam with drop spindles, powdercoated 4" 4 lug rims, 145-15 front and 165-15 rear tires. and many more parts too numerous to list here. Check back as I put together a page of the progress on the "Ratrod"....Update 4/23/02....the ghia was traded for the '67 Sawzall Special....this car will be more of a daily driver. It was outfitted with a 1776 supercharged motor, but that stayed with the previous owner and the stock 1600sp has taken it's place. tires and rims from the Not-so-super are on it and it is now registered and running. Stay tuned for more info on this beauty

Last updated on 4/23/02

These cars are all gone. but read about what you missed.

Last updated on 10/31/01 and yes all the dunebuggies are gone, so please stop asking me!


Kaferdave is the man!!!!

Check out the latest progress on my

Just updated on 4/23/2002


and when was the last time a car made 2 covers in the same month?

just kidding

Last updated on 7/28/98

Look what's going on in

Last updated on 7/23/98


above shot in Clay Smith's driveway, part of the "treasure" we dragged out of the woods

(past victims included 58 bug, 66 bug, 71 super, half of another 71 super...)

here are more...we can rebuild them...

This page last updated 11/17/97

I just acquired new "victim" a '67 bug that will go under the torch soon and be parted out (unless someone wants to buy it) let me know what you need.

Also included with the purchase of this car was a barn full of parts. I'll do an inventory and post availability soon. Preliminary looks are at least two complete engines (1 is a 1600 w/alternator), 1 rebuilt shortblock, two IRS trannys for type 1, many beetle doors and fenders including some new ones and some fiberglass flared ones. at least 1 late beetle hood and many boxes of parts including at least 8 or 10 heads and who knows what else. Also spotted a 73 or later super beetle dash. It all comes home 7/12.


Last minute purchase saves this potential classic from the torch

And check out the car trailer I have for sale

This page last updated 11/25/98 with pix of the '67 waving bye bye

Other recent additions....'74 beetle "BUGSTUFF CAR" from Terryville show and a '47 split window!!!

whip out the chainsaw bubba, she's goin' down

If I find much more rot on my "71 hotrod" it may be next weeks victim!!!! Update 10/31/01 The hotrod DID become a victim....Stay tuned for the Bugarden!

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This page last updated 8/19/98

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