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Sailor Jupiter/Kino Makoto

Makoto (Lita) seems to be more practical minded out of all the other senshi, except in her love life. Every guy she meets she thinks he looks like her old sempi (boyfriend). Makoto falls in love with ever guy she meets.

Makoto has really only one major fear, and that is her fear of airplanes. The reason for it is because both her parents died in a plane crash. She lives by herself in an appartment. Makoto loves to cook and clean. Its her favorite pastime.

Makoto seems to be older then the rest of the Inner Senshi but she's the same age. She's just the tallest. Sailor Uranus is the tallest of the Outer Senshi. Makoto goes to Juuban Junior High School with Ami and Usagi. She transfered there because she karate chopped her old teacher over in Europe (I think that's where she's from). She had to wear her old school uniform because the ones in Juuban din't fit her because she was too tall.

Because of how she looks, people think she is nothing but a big bully/ tough girl. Nobody wanted to be friends with her when she came to Juuban. "I heard she karate chopped a teacher at her old school. I give her two weeks. Why bother trying to make friends. She'll just get kicked out anyway," (Fellow peers at Juuban-Sailor Moon R movie). The only person that wasn't scared of her was Usagi. She came right out and started to talk to her, causing Makoto to have a large soft spot for her. "Wake up. You can't leave us alone like this." (Sailor Moon R movie. Jupiter says this when Sailor Moon was dieing). Makoto is naturally very aggressive, reckless, strong and knows karate, but she also has her cute, gentle, femine side. Her best friend is Minako (Mina).

As Sailor Jupiter, she is just the same except she is preaty determined to her mission to protect the Moon princess, Princess Serenity(Serena). She is a very good fighter and her athleticness is preaty good.

Her Profile

N. American Name: Lita Kino
Japaniese Name: Kino Makoto
Birthday: December 5th
Astrological Sign: Sagittarious
Blood Type: O
Strong Points: Her strength and cooking skills
Dream: To open up her own resturant and cook for people.

Her Powers

Jupiter Thunder Clap

One last thing. In the Manga Sailor Jupiter was once, along time ago, in love with Nephrite, the second general of Barryl's group of warriors.

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