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Wait. I ment Sailor Venus fans. Well same person. Sailor V came before Sailor Venus so have fun browsing through both sections of them on this one page.

Like what I all ready wrote, on this page you will find pictures, bios and a whole lot more on this page of both Sailor V and Sailor Venus. If you're lucky there might be a quick interview with Sailor Venus, 'cause I have been told that her and Sailor Moon are both in the building.

Sailor V/Sailor Venus/Aino Minako

I'll be open with you, Minako is the most open person around. Well at least her personality is. She is so much like Usagi-almost as clumsy-that she could pass as Usagi and barly anyone could tell the difference-other characters. Minako's parents are a little different then Usagi's by the fact that Minako is scared slightly of her Ma-ma. (Mother) I don't know much about the rest of her family. The things that are the same between Minako and Usagi are; they're both lazy, they both have gaurdian cats, they both get low grades, both frequently late, and both have trouble getting up in the morning.

Minako's best friend is Makoto. In the episodes, they are almost always together, they do everything together. In a lot of pictures they are together.

When Minako first came to her school, none of her fellow students liked her. "That girl is so shy. She never says a word. Shy? You mean stuck up. Well, whatever she is, she looks like a total snore. Look at her trying to look like Sailor V." (Sailor Moon R movie) It was Usagi again who became her friend first. When Sailor Moon was dieing in the Sailor Moon R movie all the girls put in their love in their own words. "Don't go Sailor Moon. You're the glue that holds all of us together."

Sailor V was born when Artimus, her gaurdian cat, found her while she lived in England-way before Luna found Usagi-he noticed something different about her.

Her Profile

N. American Name: Mina Anio
Japaniese Name: Aino Minako
Birthday: October 22nd
Astrological Sign: Libra
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Chasing idols
Dislikes: Her mother
Dream: To be an idol.

Well here it is folks. One of the things you have been waiting for.. ..

It is time for the interview with Sailor Venus. I just hope that we can get her away from crime fighting for just a few moments so we can talk.

Web Owner: Well here she is ladies and gentle of all ages. Sailor Venus in the flesh. Sailor Venus, thanks a lot for joining us here today.

Sailor Venus: No problem. It's just that if I get called I have to go right away, you got that?

WO: Yea no prob. Anyway, on with the show. Sailor Venus, you were around during the interview with Sailor Moon, so you know some of the stuff I am going to ask you. First one is, can you give any info to us about you that maybe some of us don't know?

SV: Well I think you know quite a bit on me but I'll tell you anyhow If you know already then that's okay. I will say this, I was a senshi before anyone else was. The others can say I'm wrong, so be it. I was first over in England with Artimus, my white gaurdien cat. I was Sailor V before Luna even found Serena.

WO: So what you are saying is that you were Sailor V before Artimus found you. Am I right or wrong?

SV: Wrong. Artimus found me and trained me as Sailor V until my training was complete. Right after I was trained Artimus decided that it was time to find the other senshi. So we had to dissapear from England some how and come to Japan. There we met up with the others. I was given powers to be like the Moon Princess to diseave the enimy, so when I met the other inners they thought I was the princess. Oh what can you do?

WO: Okay. Next question. Can you tell us your fellings of the other innner girls as well as outers?

SV: Well lets see. Lets start with the senshi of the Moon, Usagi. Usagi-chan is a great person, no matter what anyone else says. She may be a clutz but she is a true friend. She was the first friend I ever had over in Japan. Sure I had friends in England, but when I moved to Japan, I had nobody. Thank you Usgai. Next come the senshi of water, Ami. Ami-chan is the coolest. She is smart and a good friend. Plus we would be way lost without her. It may look like all she does is study, but that is wrong. Sure she may study a lot but she has her fun times as well as any one of us. ROCK ON AMI-CHAN!! Following Ami-chan is the senshi of fire, Rai. Now lets see. Rai-chan was exactly like me, before Usagi-chan came along. We were both pushed aside because we were different. Well we all were like that but I associated with Rai-chan more. Rai-chan has a cool ability to sence when there is danger, so she comes in real handy with the scouts. The only problem is that she argues a lot with Usagi-chan.

WO: What do you think about their arguments? What do you think causes them?

SV: Well. There is a reason behind their 'fights', but nobody except them know it. I am not sure they even know. Rai-chan might though since she is one who always starts the fights. Don't tell her I said that though. Theirfights get a little anoying at times when we are trying to do senshi businessbut what is a day without an argument between the two. It would be too quiet.

WO: Okay. Do you want to continue with the last question? You ended on Rai before I interupted.

SV: Okay. With Rai-chan? I think I preaty much summed it up. She is a really good friend when she is needed. Now with my best friend, the senshi of wood, Makoto. Mako-chan and I are good friends to the end. Not that any of the others aren't. Any time you see me, you see her. Anytime you see her, you see me. We are similar in one major way. We both are guy crazy. When one goes guy hunting, the other is right there. Another reason why I get along with her is because we both have been hurt by a guy before. Her with a really cute guy, and me with a cute guy in England. He chose my best friend there instead of me. Anyway, back to Mako-chan. Because of our guy problems, we get along well, and can understand eachother easier. Sailor Moon told me what she said about them all and I totaly agree with her. So I will say that instead of saying the same as her. Okay?

WO: Okay. Last question. How do you feel that Sailor Moon is the Moon Princesss and the senshi's leader?

SV: You know. I wouldn't have it any other way. Usagi-chan makes the perfect leader as well as the Moon Princess. Sure she may have a little way to go, before she rules the Earth, but still. We all know that she does become the queen that her mother, Queen Serenity, wanted her to be. The other senshi and I just wish that she could see her only daughter become the queen, personaly. I know that she is watching over us all, but to see one in person is a little differently and knowing that they are standing right in front of you is preaty good for the self image. Usagi-chan. I am very proud of you. That is all I have to say about that.

WO: Well thanks a lot Sailor Venus for coming in and saying all this. One more thing. Is there anything you want to say to all the fans out there on the net?

SV: Yea. Study hard and love truthfuly. You don't want to hurt others in ways you don't want to be hurt. So live and love prosperous. Hey to all my friends back in England. Peace out.

WO: Well thank you Sailor Venus. Take care and say hi to the others for the rest of us.

Well there you go folks the interview with Sailor Venus. Okay. It was preatty crapy but still. She couldn't stay for too long because she was busy with the other senshi. To see other interviews look on the Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen pages.

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