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Sailor Neptune-King of the Sea

Sailor Neptune was first introduced into Sailor Moon in the S series. She's Kaiou Michiru (Michelle from the DiC) from Mugen Gakuen Academy. Michiru is everything that a lady is portraided to be-rich, quiet, elegent, reserved, and exibits genius and iron-will that can rarely be halted. She is very kind and generious to the other senshi, plus she is envied by the inner senshi. As Sailor Neptune she has a totaly new personality. She is cold and harsher to the other girls. She becomes quite jealous and more competitive and sort of a sore loser.

Michiru has many talents and also enjoys many things. Some are: playing the violin, painting, drawing, and swimming. Michiru has played at numerous places with her violen such as cruise ships, in the park, and at an Englishman's party. She also did a duet with the Three Lights.

Her best friend is Tenou Haruka (Amara), but they are much more then friends. Michiru loves Haruka with all her heart and would do anything to protect her. In the episode where it shows how Haruka tried to escape her destiny, it was Michiru who warned her about picking up the sacred pen. She didn't want to be the one who changed Haruka's mind on her own fate. She would do anything to make sure that Haruka dosen't get hurt. In the episode where she got thrown off a waterfall by Kalonite, before going over she told Sailor Uranus to get Sailor Moon out of there and not to worry about her.

In the North American versions they changed it that Michiru and Haruka were cousins. Sure that may be okay, but they have to cut out lots of lines in movies and the episodes. Like in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie. The real lines in the movie are that Popolan says that they were going to keep children children forever, Neptune replies by saying, "But there are only some things that only adults can enjoy, eh Uranus?" Neptune gives Uranus a meaningful and slightly flirtatious stare, which causes the tough senshi to blush and cough. They keep the look that Neptune gives and Uranus blushing and coughing but since they changed the words you don't really know why she blushes and coughs.

Anyway back to Sailor Neptune. Acctually writing about Sailor Uranus and Neptune, since they are so much like one, is just like writing about Sailor Neptune. As Sailor Neptune she considers the implications of her actions before going into action. She is very serious about her mission and like Sailor Uranus (Haruka) willing to die for one another or their mission.

Her Profile

N. American Name: Michelle Kaiou
Japaniese Name: Kaiou Michiru
Birthday: March 6th
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: O
Favorite Color: Marine Blue
Hobbies: Collecting cosmetics
Favorite Food: Sashimi
Least Favorite Food: Some mushroom thing
Favorite Subject: Music
Least Favorite Subject: None
Strong Points: Playing violin, painting, swimming
Weak Points: Sea cucumbers and impertinent children
Dream: To be a great violin player
Favorite Gemstone: Aquamarine

Her Powers

Deep Submerge

Sailor Uranus-Distant Sky King

Sailor Uranus was first introduced in the series along side Sailor Neptune. Her true identity is Tenou Haruka, (Amara in the dub), from Mugen Gakuen Acadamy. She is sixteen and in grade ten with Michiru (Michelle). To some who do not know her, she seems to be a young, handsome boy. Once you get to know her though she appears to be a wild, brash, sarcastic girl. She owns three expensive cars, a motorcycle and a helicopter which got distroyed in a crash against Mistress 9. Before becoming a Sailor senshi she was a F-1 racer as well as a local track star. She still is but not just as much, because of being a senshi and all.

Haruka has one love in her life and that would be none other then Kaiou Michiru. Here in North America They made Haruka and Michiru cousins but we all know that there is a little something going on between them. Haruka will do anything to protect Michiru and would sacrifice herself to save Michiru. In the S series, when they find the mirror talisman inside Neptune, Uranus (Haruka) knew what she had to do. I will not say anymore and ruin it for those who haven't seen it yet.

Her Profile

N. American Name: Amara Tenou
Japaniese Name: Tenou Haruka
Birthday: January 27th
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Favorite Color: Gold
Hobbies: Driving, piano player
Favorite Food: Salads
Least Favorite Food: Natto
Favorite Subject: Phys. Ed.
Least Favorite Subject: Modern Japanese
Strong Points: Racing
Weak Points: Confessing
Dream:To be a race car driver
Favorite Gemstone: Amber

Her Powers

Sailor Saturn-Firefly from the Earth

Her Profile

N. American Name: Hotaru Tomoe
Japaniese Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Birthday: January 6th
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Color: Purple
Hobbies: Collecting lamps and reading
Favorite Food: Nihon soba (noodles)
Least Favorite Food: Milk
Favorite Subject: World history
Least Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Strong Points: Healing
Weak Points: Marathons
Dream: To become a doctor
Favorite Gemstone: Flourite or Amethyst (not sure which one)

Her Powers

I would like to thank my Girlfriend, Christian, for making me this pluto banner for me...Thank you.

Sailor Pluto-King of the Dead

Her Profile

N. American Name: Trista Meiou
Japaniese Name: Meiou Setsuna
Birthday: October 29th
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Favorite Color: Dark red
Hobbies: Shopping
Favorite Food: Green tea
Least Favorite Food: Eggplant
Favorite Subject: Physics
Least Favorite Subject: Music
Strong Points: Sewing
Weak Points: Cockroaches
Dream: To be a designer
Favorite Gemstone: Garnet

Her Powers

Dead Scream

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