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March 12, 2002

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Norman J. Finkelshteyn

Helmet Database

The Helmet Data Base contains descriptions of surviving helmets used by the cultures covered by the scope of the Red Kaganate.
Close to 40 helemts dating 10th-13th centuries have been found in Russia and Ukraine alone; the information available on these finds in English, however, is very scant. This project was started as a means of filling this gap in the knowledge base available to English-speaking researchers and reenactors. We are commited to making this database as accurate as can be.
This project has been undertaken and is headed by Dmitriy V Ryaboy. Please contact him with questions and comments at , or forward materials to the Editor.

Masked Helmet from Kovali

Masked Helmet from Lipovetz

Helmet with maile aventail from Olen-Kolodez

Prince Yaroslav's Helmet

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