Jason has left again for the desert!!  Here's hoping this tour goes by faster than the last one.
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Starting another diet...let's see if this one works!  LOL
These are my two boys

Charlie is 17 and Roman is 14.  Roman is the only one who is living with us right now.  Hard to believe they grow up so fast. 

Poke'mon seems to be out and
Yu-Gi-Oh has moved in. Under my links section, you will find the boys' personal pages.
A recent edition...
Actually, no, we never got pregnant. *pouts*  This is my daughter I gave up for adoption who decided to come meet me in July! 

Farther left is a pic of ALL the kids. I will be adding links for her soon as possible.
Please watch!  It's a little more information about the WM3
They really need your support!!
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