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12/30/06 ~ Saturday 11:20 am

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Starless Night - NANA 2nd ED

Gift Exchange

I thought I would be getting rid of my gifts and not have to carry anything afterwards...shows how much I know! ^^; As mentioned before, I got Christina-nee-chan an FMA: Tales of Another dvd and two Kingdom Hearts keyblade necklaces for Theresa-nee-chan. One of the keyblades is the Oathkeeper, which is actually Theresa-nee-chan's fav. ^-^ O-nee-chan x2 also surprised me with holiday gifts: the boxset of Kingdom Hearts manga and an origami box (with origami flower on top) that was filled with a bottle of Hello Kitty lotion (so I can have soft smooth skin like Hello Kitty, ^^;) a mini pad and pen (made in Japan of course,) and my fav...an Alphonse head stuffed dangly. *hugs Al* Kawaii! ^-^ Also, Theresa-nee-chan gave me a dvd of the KH: Final Mix scenes. O.O I can't wait to see it.

At Jenn-chan's, I gave her a bootleg dvd set of the entire Rurouni Kenshin series. Since I was worried that I got her a 'bad bootleg' (the covers were very lacking,) we watched the first episode together. Total hilarity. ^.^ The dvds are fine. *whew* I got two gifts: Christmas and b-day. ^-^ Jenn-chan got me a GAP giftcard for my b-day and a starbucks giftcard with a silk eye pillow thingee for my x-mas present. *sleeps on mini pillow* So soft...and lavender scented too! *room fills with lavender* ^_^ Domo, Jenn-chan!

My last stop was P-chan's house. P-chan was not home, but I wanted to at least leave the gift there. It was pretty late when I got to her house so I quietly hung the bag on the outside doorknob. Then, the inside door opened. 'Oro?!?' *Kenshin style* It was P-chan's o-tou-san! I startled him. No surprise: me standing outside his door with my full black ensemble. ^-^ I quickly handed him the bag stating it was my gift to P-chan, apologized, grinned and went on my way. lol Gomen, P-chan...didn't mean to startle your father. ^^;

Pearl-chan's gift is still in the mail and Alby-kun's gift...is a secret. Alby-kun...you'll get your gift soon. ^.^

More gifts?

I'll be going upstate (not NJ like I previously thought) today to my Japanese co-worker's party. I'll be meeting some of my co-workers in the Metro-North station and we'll be heading up together. (Hopefully, I won't get lost. ^^;) Should I bring a cake? Hmm...I'll think about it on the tain to the city.... *checks purse*

12/29/06 ~ Friday 3:20 am

Status: awake ~ Listening to: dark silence

DVD R Burner works

Since I'm meeting my godsisters tomorrow (or in another 15 hours,) I finally tried out the dvd burner on my laptop. Never burned anything before and it works. *cheers* The contents include a bunch of OSTs, the Sukisho anime, FMA OVAs and artbooks for several series. It can be part of my holiday gift to my godsisters. ^-^

I also have Jenn-chan and P-chan's gifts. Pearl-chan and Alby-kun's will have to wait. I guess I'll be a belated Santa tomorrow. *grabs toybag* I'm up only because I feel very disoriented. Not because I'm tired, but because my mind can't stay still. I guess there are too many happenings lately.

Saturday plans

One of my old co-workers is visiting from Japan (the same one who took me around Akiba. She has a huge 'Come meet my son!' party at her house on saturday. I'm planning on going, but what should I buy? The baby is growing fast, almost 1 year old now. I doubt I should buy clothes, but as custom I should bring something. *thinks*

Also, my godsisters want to see 'Happily Never After.' Looks interesting enough. Since the party is at 2pm and my co-worker's in-laws live in NJ, I can probably watch the movie in the morning (as my godsister is suggesting) and head to the party afterwards.

My first actual cel!

My Idomu cel came today. A sketch came with it and both the cel and sketch is in my cel book. ^-^ Idomu looks so cute. I actually found a corresponding cel of Nokoru from the same scene, also with eyes closed sold for around $10 (without shipping.) I might get it...just so I can say its a set. But I'm checking around to see if there is anything else I want to get right now. ^.^;

12/26/06 ~ Tuesday 5:30 pm

Status: tired ~ Listening to: silence

Choices that one must make....

Do I go for the red pill...or the blue pill? *headdesk* ^^; I got lots of cute things for Christmas, including a picture-memory thing and butterfly earrings from my wishlist. ^-^ I also got two black handbags and a stuff bunny (that I named Yuffie ^^;) as well as a giant book of origami (or as they titled 'Paper Crafts.' ^-^) Amity and co. and my godsisters still haven't gotten their gift yet. I hope to see my godsisters on friday...*checks mail* and I hope to see the rest of yous tomorrow...maybe? lol I dunno...but I know Pearl-chan's gift is going to take awhile to get here. ^^;

My choices have to do with certain activities that will come up next month. Right now, I'm just deep in thought. *checks time* Gotta go!

12/24/06 ~ Sunday 12:15 pm

Status: happy ~ Listening to: Water Drop - CLAMP Campus Detectives OST

    [ + ] Holiday wishlist

Happy Holidays, minna-san!

12:30 am ~ Status: frog in throat >.< ~ Listening to: me tpying

New numbers? New plan? Again?: -3 for Sprint *caution: rant*

I slept through most of Friday...which was good for catching up on sleep and trying to get my immune system back to normal. I went to the Sprint store and worked with a really nice sales guy. Due to all the stupid things Sprint did last week, he helped me cancel two new numbers and switched over my numbers. (Even the dude said it was extra work and they didn't need to give me 2 new numbers. At least they got one smart guy. >.<;) There were too many people going into the store that I decided to wait until Saturday (today) to check on the other stuff...like the rebate and confirmation on my new plan.

Now we have mixup no. 2 which was when I called customer service, turns out they never even signed me up for the new plan. (What in the world were they doing last week? >.<;) In my froggy voice, I signed up for the new plan (again) and request for Power Vision services for my own line. While checking on the rebates, they said I had credit on my account. Credit? I don't have rebates: they just credited me. *shrugs* Not a bad thing, but I wish they could have explained this last week when I was signing up for it.

And I spoke English too! What happens if I didn't call to confirm? January will come and I won't have my new plan. Damn, Sprint customer service just gets worse and worse. I have 1 month free Vision services. I asked for it since I wanted to move any and all ringtones to my cell. I have FFVII 'Victory Fanfare' as my ringtone...just like in the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Yup, when you guys call, I'll hear the victory chime. Hopefully, I won't do the victory dance.... ^.^; Soo...Sprint service: bad. Cellphone: good.

Gifts prep

Cellphone stuff aside, I still need to wrap all the presents. 3 ppl are going to get IOUs due to the delays in shipping. Not really delays, some of them I just received e-mails (like yesterday) stating that 'We are out of stock. We apologize for cancelling your order.' O.O WTF!!! That's what happens when you order from overseas. *grumbles* Hopefully, the stuff will get here...soon.... ^^;

I also need to put finishing touches on church presents. (Kinda hard to do at this time of night, but will be done soon enough. ^^;) Hopefully, they'll like it....

Once I get my voice back (and am done with the gifts,) I'll be calling you guys and posting a real holiday entry. ^^; Until then, oyasumi!

12/22/06 ~ Friday 1:10 am

Status: still sick >.<; ~ Listening to: me breathing (or trying to anyway....)

    [ + ] Holiday wishlist

Another crazy evening with friends....

Even though I was barely audible the entire day (Good thing I lost of my voice after my appt...since it doesn't go well if I can't interpret for my client in front of the attorney ^^;) I went to the party at one of the 'higher ups' apartment/condo for the party. Among the brie and wine, there was yummy South Asian yummies...that weren't too good for my throat but wonderful on my tastebuds. ^-^ I washed everything down with water and didn't touch the alcohol.

I finally saw the 'Crazy Sock Contest' that is hosted every year (though I didn't participate since all my socks are black...and white. That's it. ^^;) It was hilarious and then we broke out the karaoke machine. 'My Girl,' 'New York,' and a few more classics popped up along with 'Secret Agent Man' and 'Hotel California' and even 'Sk8ter Boi.' ^^; Of course, I couldn't sing. (I saw 'Can't Fight the Moonlight' and totally wanted to sing...but my throat was killing me by that time. ^^;) My supervisor forgot about my sore throat and thought I was exceptionally quiet at a party. Me? Quiet at a party? No way! ^.^ Me and a few others left around 9:30pm, but the party was still going strong. (The karaoke has only just begun!) *sigh* It was a good night...even if I was uncommunicative throughout the entire thing. ^.^

Fast shipping: +1 for Sprint

I ordered my new cell phones on Tuesday, and they arrived today. Wow, that was fast. ^^; As I thought, the Sanyo M1 is a very...rectangular phone. Quite efficient and very not pretty...though I hardly think a phone should be pretty. (Wait until I put my butterfly dangly on it...it'll be nicer looking! ^^;) O-kaa-san is very happy with her super slim, very light phone. I'll be heading to the Sprint store tomorrow to switch over numbers, check on current plan and fill out rebates. (No work tomorrow = much more to do!)

Other plans for tomorrow include wrapping holiday gifts, putting finishing touches on gifts (which are actually sketches O.O) and other gift related stuff. Of course, I hope to sleep in, get better quickly and give you guys a call. I haven't heard from you guys in a week. Where have you been? I'll find out tomorrow....

12/21/06 ~ Thursday 12:20 am

Status: sick ~ Listening to: me typing

    [ + ] Holiday wishlist

New cel and new dvd

As a Christmas gift, I bought one of my godsisters the 'Fullmetal Alchemist Festival: Tales of Another' dvd. It has the FMA special 'Reflections' on it as well as the FMA tour that was in Japan. I wish I was there! *wails* I ordered one for her and one for me. I watched it tonight and it was awesome as ever. I don't think I'll ever get tired of FMA, it's just that good. ^-^ Perhaps I can show you guys next time, it features performances from the four groups that did the four ending songs for the anime, as well as the seiyuus of the key characters. O.O

The new cel that I just ordered is the one I was talking about before...the one from eBay. (Not the super expensive $899 one.... ^^;) This is a minor cell, but since I've been staring at it for so long (and no one is bidding on it) I snatched it up. It's one of the last scenes of the series with Idomu smiling with eyes closed. It's a cute cel and I'm happy with it. It's probably the cheapest cel I'm ever going to get because the other ones I checked out that I knew had 'reasonable' prices were around $100-150. ^^; One cel that I really want to get (not the CLAMP ones) is an actual production cel of Kikyo and Inuyasha kissing. It's an awesome cel priced at $2500. O.O I hope to get that one someday...but not now. *coughs* I'm heading to bed. Hopefully, the Tylenol will kick in and I'll be better tomorrow...or else I won't be able to go to my co-worker's party tomorrow night. Oyasumi!

12/19/06 ~ Tuesday 11:30 pm

Status: throat hurt ~ Listening to: CLAMP school anime on tv

    [ + ] Holiday wishlist

What part of 'I'm working now' you don't get?!?

This morning, a Sprint rep contacted me on my cell and offered me a special deal of a new plan along with new phones. At the beginning, I informed her that I was working and couldn't talk. Then the freakin' rep was so persistant that I asked that she call my work phone (because my cell drains batteries like crazy.) That didn't work either. Turns out that this deal can only be arranged if I'm on my cell phone. For the next 40 min., she explained the plan (which is better/cheaper than my current one,) gave me additional rebates, and I made her wait while I compared phones online. I chose the Samsung M500 for o-kaa-san (free after rebates,) and the Sanyo M1 for me ($60 after rebates.) I'm happy with my choices...although the Sanyo looks very not stylish. ^^; My phones should come by the end of the week, then I'm hitting a Sprint store to switch over numbers and confirming the plan. Sprint is a big pain in the butt, but at least I'm able to renew the contract and get new phones without my father. (And they couldn't do this before because...? >.<;) Good thing it was in the morning and my supervisor postponed our meeting because that call took over an hour. <.<;

12/17/06 ~ Sunday 11:00 pm

Status: ultra sleepy -O-Zz ~ Listening to: silence

    [ + ] Holiday wishlist

cels: new obsession?

Sleep has eluded me these past few weeks. First it was shopping, then Xenosaga, then watching CLAMP Gakuen and now cels. My first and only 'anime production related' thingee is the Loveless genga that I got. I am not planning to become an all-out cel collector, since they get kinda pricy...but I do want to get a few key cels. Which means, I'm holding out for the best (at least better) and not getting random cels just because 'it looks good.' (Being a convention-going cosplayer already worn a hole in my bank account. ^^;)

To go with my latest anime venture, I found CLAMP Gakuen cels on eBay...one of them is even an ending cel. So...for the last two days, I scanned the entire series and marked where the scenes came from. So far, I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy at least one of the cels. ^^; It's from the last scene in the last episode, character Idomu Yudaji (the piano playing student going against Nokoru-san and co.) smiling. Totally cute.

If I had a cel wishlist, at least two cels from this site is on my list. Do you see the last 3 cels? Especially the $899? Yup, I want that cel. *weeps* Now I know why P-chan wants to get rich. However...this is nothing compared to the agony when I discovered this collection. The one with the wings and the 3 boys with the golden fish.... When I saw that scene in the anime, I already wanted it. *cries* I guess I should stick with my original 'thought' and just choose from what I can find rather than wish for stuff that I won't be able to get.

Weekend updates

Non-anime news...I met with my cousin for dinner on friday (as a belated birthday dinner for me. ^^;) Saturday was a company party for the client's so I spent most of the afternoon fending off the slew questions concerning legal cases and housing. As a reward, I got a bear named after the co-worker who gave the bear to me...though the bear is decidedly male and my co-worker is female. ^^; After bubble tea with co-workers (to unwind from 'work-on-weekends,') I heade home. Good thing too, because as soon as I stepped off the train, o-kaa-san greeted me with 'You have to play piano tonight.' O.o 'I do?' Why in the world did nobody tell me about this? *grouse/complain/grumble* lol I had chocolate cake after that so it was good. ^-^

12/15/06 ~ Friday 12:40 am

Status: tired ~ Listening to: me typing

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CLAMP Gakuen ending

I just finished CLAMP Campus Detectives. (So much for sleeping early.... ^^;) I have yet to watch an anime that doesn't make me all sad inside at the end (if not anywhere else during the series.) Lighthearted anime doesn't really exist since the strong emotions are what makes the stories so special. That's why, strange as it is, there aren't any anime that doesn't make me think. Well...except for anime which are all sex and no plot. ^^;

The ending to this series is sweet. I'm glad that they only had the truly emotional stuff at the very end. The beginning of the series is very light which makes it fun to watch. Too much thinking hurts my brain. ^^; Even other CLAMP anime aimmed for 12 years old and younger like Angelic Layer and Card Captors Sakura have a strong emotional aspect in the story. Such emotions allow the viewer to empathize with the characters. This is the reason why my stories all end up as tragedies: pain is something anyone can understand.

Now that this is done, perhaps I can finally sleep earlier.... ^^;

2 old stories

I added two stories in the vice section: 'Healing Hearts' and 'Boy's Angel.' I uploaded 'Healing Hearts' before when I had the first version of my site. I still think the title of the story is pretty lame, but since it's been so long, the name is stuck. ^^; It was one of my favorite stories that I wrote during that period of my life. The other story, 'Boy's Angel' is one that I never uploaded. Only a few have seen/read it and they were from church. I wrote that story over 2 years ago and it was my last story before I stopped writing for a period of time.

As you can see from the numbers that the documents are labelled, 'Healing Hearts' is the 29th story that I wrote and 'Boy's Angel' is the 35th story. To date, I have written 41 stories, 'Chained' being my most recent.

12/13/06 ~ Wednesday 11:50 pm

Status: calm ~ Listening to: Gift - CLAMP Campus Detectives 2nd ED

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CLAMP school dangers

I'm up to episode 22 out of 26. Starting from 20, the story turned from comedic action to dark danger. I guess every series of CLAMP has a serious side to it. (Or in the words of my co-worker, CLAMP series are 'bloody, violent and gory.' ^^;) CLAMP Campus series are not really serious...at least not the detective portion. However, it seems the anime has a dark side afterall. A student who takes pleasure in terrorizing the detectives.... Can't wait to find out why! Jealousy? Perhaps his previous love fell in love with Nokoru-san? ^-^ If anything, this character is cute and plays piano. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the mp3 of the piece. (Don't even know what it is called...I even downloaded the two OSTs.... <.<;)

Why speak?

This doesn't have to do with the drama that occurred two weeks ago. I have been asked why I would want to say something that doesn't really need to be said. I thought of the reasons already and I feel that I should type it out before I forget my reason again. ^^; Some things are on a 'need to know' basis. This is something that no one needs to know since it benefits no one when spoken aloud. It doesn't even benefit me. However, it concerns a personal change and affects who I am. I have mixed feelings about this subject, but the overall reaction is that it's not something I'm proud of. So please don't think I'm saying this to show off. Far from it. But it is something that effects how I think and how I feel. At least, I want some of my friends to know whats going on. Just for them to know. I'm not looking for any support. I'm not even looking for someone to listen. I'm speaking so that you can see for yourselves who I am now. With or without judgment. I want to break the illusion the separates me from you, my closest friends.

I understand as little of you as you do of me. But you understand me more than others. That understanding sets you apart and I want you to know this. I guess you'll know what I'm talking about next time I see you, face to face. Thx, P-chan for giving me courage. ^.^

12/11/06 ~ Monday 6:00 pm

Status: busy ~ Listening to: me typing

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gamefaq = *squee*

After hearing about my 'Typing Project of Doom' (Xenobible database,) my co-worker pulled up gamefaqs and found the database. *stares at screen* O.O Sugoi! *refrains from glomping co-worker* lol After all my searching and typing, I finally have the Xenobible. It seems that they had transcribed it as well (how else could it be done? ^^;) and they omitted the Tutorial section. Should I supplement? I dunno...I'm just happy to not have to type up the entire thing...though I did 4 out of 10 parts already. ^^; (Good typing practice though!)

Now I can concentrate on my anime....

Shiho Niiyama: never forgotten

*emo tear* Shiho Niiyama-san is the seiyuu for Sailor Star Fighter/Seiya Kou. She died in 2000 from leukemia and we (P-chan, Pearl-chan and I) knew of course. Seiya has been established as P-chan's fav and we all loved her character. Why bring this up now? Well, as I was watching CLAMP Campus Detectives, I recognized Suoh Takamura's voice. After researching online, I found out that his seiyuu was Shiho Niiyama-san. (Damn, I'm getting good at noticing seiyuus! ^^;) It was a nice and sad surprise. *moment of silence*

12/10/06 ~ Sunday 1:25 am

Status: tired ~ Listening to: me typing

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Christmas shopping: online style

I usually do my shopping (or at least gift decisions) after Thanksgiving and before my b-day. I dubbed it my shopping week. ^.^ However, due to unduly stress, I had to delay my shopping until this weekend. Of course, the reason why I shop so early is that most of my shopping is done online. Not that I don't love to browse and examine every piece of merchandise in person, but that the gifts I seem to give people are kinda out of my range. (Lemon plant? Fish eggs? ^^;) As for status, I have most of the gifts ordered and the few I have not are still in the last stages of choosing the best. You guys are not easy to buy stuff for! ^.^

Anime of the week: Clamp School Detectives

I'm halfway through the Clamp School anime. I loved the manga and the anime is not disappointing. *sigh* CLAMP series is ultimate love.... ^-^ They even added the a few episodes from Man of Many Faces, my fav part of the CLAMP school universe. ^_^ Its cute and wonderfully entertaining.

Xenosaga teaches typing! O.o

My godsisters lent me their PS2 as well as the Xenosaga game so I can check out the ingame database named 'Xenobible'. Basically, it contains ALL the information from all three Xenosaga games. Characters, stories, locale, weapons, etc...any info you can think of and wonder about in the series is there. I tried to look for a digital version online...but it does not exist (to my knowledge.) So...I decided to type it out. O.O Boy, am I crazy!

It has nearly 500 parts...and I'm not even thinking about the individual parts which has pages and pages of text.... I'm doing it based on categories with 10 categories. (I don't know if I want to add the 'Tutorial' category which actually tells you how to play the game...though I might just add it since I'm doing the whole database. ^^;) Basically, I have the database on the tv along with my wonderful laptop...and with my face glued to the tv, I'm typing out the words on the screen. O.O This is totally challenging my typing skills. *.* I have finished two categories already...almost 200 parts, but I know the story and events portions are loooong. ^^; If I get this done fast enough, I'll give it to my godsisters as part of their Christmas gift.

My reasoning to complete this crazy venture is that since I want to read the entire database, I might as well take some extra time and type it out. ^^; Faulty logic, but logic nonetheless. Now I shall go rest my poor fingers.... (Good thing I'm not playing piano tomorrow...hopefully I won't get carpal tunnel from this. ^^;)

12/7/06 ~ Thursday 7:20 pm

Status: sleepy ~ Listening to: A Little Pain - Nana ED

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Chained ~ Final Edit: commentary

lol Sounds like a movie. ^^; If you haven't known it already, the final version of 'Chained' is already up. It has 8 parts and is pretty much complete, though it is open ended. The main point of the story is resolved though. What point? Well, first off, the title 'Chained' refers to Yumi's ties to the past. Her inability to continue living is a fear that she gained from previous experiences. This is not autobiographical, at least not completely. If anything, I sympathize most with Kumiko. (Who is she? Well, read my story! ^-^) To know the truth of Yumi's feelings, she must break all connections with her past. Emotional and physical. *foreshadowing for those who haven't read the story* ^-^

My reflections is concerning posting a work-in-progress online. As expected, I welcomed the pressure of having a deadline and pumped out a good chapter per week. (Though I went all out and finished 3 parts in one week...due to stress. ^^;) Since this was a forced story on a small inspiration, I think my writing style and quality changed. At times, I think for the worse. I write best when I'm excited and entralled in my own story. This time, I tried to write differently which confused my muses and nearly suffocated my own thoughts. It was a good experience and I don't regret it.

Another change is that I included all the sources that influenced a certain part: anime, manga...etc.... Footnotes in a story is not very good (at times) since it means that something important could not be incorporated into the story, but instead, it has to be added on the side. Also, footnotes is like a jarring note, bringing the reader out of the setting that has been established. I consider it a good thing and a bad thing. However, since I want to show the where my words stem from (and give appropriate credit,) I needed footnotes. Would I do this again? I have no clue....

12/5/06 ~ Tuesday 11:30 pm

Status: sleepy ~ Listening to: me typing

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SM fanfic

After peeling off tape for 10 minutes, I finally opened the gift that P-chan gave me. 'Oh, lotto! Hm...how do you do this?' ?_? I though that was it but I felt something under tissue paper. I ripped the middle and discovered: 'Sailor Moon!?!' I admit, I almost squealed aloud. ^.^ Enough with neatness, I ripped away the tissue paper to find the complete SM fanfic, 'Past Love' by Fushigi Kismet. Besides printing out the entire thing, she even got it binded into a book. O.O Domo, P-chan! *hugs fanfic* Also, domo, Pearl-chan for the pretty cover. The girls (and one cute guy) in black is one of my fav pics. ^-^

I haven't figured out the scratch lotto yet, but I'll figure it out tomorrow. ^^;

1:00 pm ~ Status: happy ~ Listening to: phones ringing

Boston recap: sunday

On sunday I went to the aquarium and spend 85% of my time around the penguins. 85% of my pics/video clips are also of penguins. ^.^ They were so adorable and I enjoyed myself immensely. Some other aquatic creatures I saw were jelly fish, sharks, stingrays and moray eels. (Pearl-chan, now I know why you don't like eels...they're scary looking in real life. ^^;)

Afterwards, I headed to the Quincy Marketplace (Fanueil Hall) to do some shopping. For dinner, I went to the Union Oyster House since I heard they had the best clam chowder. The chowder was good...and so was the lobster...but it was $$$. O.O *faints* Let's just say my b-day Boston vacation just got pricy. ^^;

post-Boston recap: monday

I arrived back at Chinatown at 4:30pm. After waiting for an hour to get my bag that I left on the bus, I headed to Qns. to meet up with P-chan for dinner. We went to 'Pho' and ate too much. We didn't order alot, but it was very filling. Yummy spring rolls.... ^-^ There was cake too, but apparently we couldn't stomach it at that point.

I won't give a review of the movie, 'The Lakehouse' but it was a good movie. I think it's the first chickflick that I have seen in awhile...since I've been avoiding chickflicks. The storyline is based on a Korean movie and it ended well. (Contrary to our fears. ^^;) As I mentioned to the others, it reminded me of the manga Land of the Blindfolded, though it's completely different.

After the movie, P-chan and Jer sang happy b-day to me and we ate yummy chocolate cake. I haven't celebrated a b-day with Jer for a loooong time. (He used to hang out with the girls alot when we were younger, always coming to our parties. ^-^) It was a nice surprise to hear Jer sing since he has a fantastic voice. *applause* Domo arigato, Jer-kun! He also wants to go to Japan and teach English. I suggested living together in Japan, but P-chan (knowing our habits since she lived with us both) said we wouldn't make good housemates. ^^;

post-post-Boston recap: today

My co-workers finished the yummy chocolate cake and one of them bought me a pair of earrings made by another of my co-workers. So pretty! I gave out chocolate to some of my co-workers individually (since I couldn't afford a large box for everyone. ^^;) I still haven't opened the present from P-chan and co...but I will after I finish some work. The only hint I got was that 'it expires'. ^.^ *goes back to work*

12/3/06 ~ Sunday 12:30 am

Status: deflated ~ Listening to: Broken Wings - Trinity Blood ED

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true rest

Since I was struck with disaster last night, I stayed up late until past 3. After my alarm woke me in the morning, I got up, stuck the 'Do not disturb' sign out the door (though the sign saids 'There's a good reason for you not to knock right now.' ^^; Than, I went back to sleep. I didn't wake up until the afternoon. It was a lazy relaxing day. Tomorrow, I plan to head to the aquarium to check out penguins and than Fanueil Marketplace and maybe Prudential for shopping.

For now, I'm watching anime. ^-^

12/2/06 ~ Saturday 12:50 am

Status: deflated ~ Listening to: silence

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open mouth, insert foot

One of my main arguments is that the older you get, the more stupid you become. My reasoning is that adults never seem to be able to think clearly about their situations and seem to forget what is most important. I think it's starting to apply to me. Correct that, I KNOW it's happening to me. My maturity goes hand in hand with stupidity.

Some of you know, some of you don't know...but many of you are not happy with me right now. P-chan told me to go to sleep. I should've done that. Alby-kun would laugh and groan in turn if I call him now and tell him what happened. He would probably say "Rai...what did you do this time?...Again?" I'm not joking right now. I'm trying hard not to cry so I won't disturb the people next door. I'm a crybaby...or more like a leaky faucet. I always have been and it appalls me to admit it at this age. But that isn't the point.

Open apology

I always said that drama belongs away from the public eye. It should only pertain to the people involved, and outsiders should not interfere. I think I mentioned before that I enjoy snarking at other people's drama. It amuses me to make comments that help no one and just laugh it up. That's what happens when people post their problems online...it becomes a breeding ground for wank and wankers.

I don't want to be a subject of wank...but apparently, it is unavoidable at this point. It seems strange that words like 'I hate you' mean so much while 'I'm sorry' only gets a response of 'You don't really mean it.' But I still apologize. I apologize to P-chan for making you lose your trust in me. For asking about things that are not my business. (There is more, but I'll leave it at those two main points.) I apologize to Jenn-chan for breaking my promise with you to keep quiet and saying things to others without thinking/caring of the results. (You're mature in ways that I won't be able to emulate.) I apologize to Alby for having to deal with stuff that you shouldn't have to deal with...not so many years after the fact. (There is more, but I won't list them all....)

I know that the major parties involved will most likely not catch this entry, but this is also for my other friends who know that I've been off lately. My explanation is that I f*cked my friends over and am trying to make up for inadequacies that have to do with illogical thinking and stupidity. Unfortunately, science has advance so far, but they have no cure for moronic behavior.


I'm trying to do things without regret. This past week, I concentrated on writing rather than myself. My latest story is done, I thought I can face you guys again...but maybe not. As I wrote in the e-mails, you deserve better. (I know I sound like a guy who is trying to get back together with the girl...but hell, I'm starting to feel that way too. Church friends, I'm not gay.) I'm physically tired so I'm going to rest now.