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Ok. A new way of formatting these fics has been communicated to me <I don't like the formnatting that is on them now> So I will be redoing the site one author at a time. The fics will all still be up at any given time but changes they will be a happening!  :) You will notice right away the changes because as I make them the font will become larger. If the font is small it hasn't been updated yet. <The best way I could think of to keep track of what has been done as I go> Anyway, Check out Ash Darklighter first! I started with her fics and will work my way through all the authors. So enjoy and have a GREAT time!!  <Thanks so much to Sherry for the formatting advice. I love you baby!>

Now there are rules. Don't mean to put a damper on your fun or anything but there is one in particular. Ok. The main one is Mara_and_Luke yahoo group is for adults only so you must be 17 years old or older to join the group or read the fics I have strived to archive here for everyone to see.. (Be good now-remember you are on your honor to not read these fics if you are under 17 ^_-) 

And please do join the
Mara_and_luke group list. All of the writers  are wonderful and I think you will have a lot of fun getting to know them and other  fellow fans and maybe try your hand at your own fic!. All  fics here are centered around Luke and Mara and their lives. So kick back in your chair and enjoy some wonderful works!
Agi Vega

In the Pink
Through Despair and Hope


These are some very entertaining stories. Alan is a great writer. I know you will like these stories.

Mara's Obsession R
Changing Destiny
Changing Destiny 2
Changing Destiny 3

BOT Invasion
Palpatine Survey
Wes Janson survey


Just Friends

Angela Jade

A Vision of Missing Moments
Sabre Dawn
Quarantine <1-3>
Mara's Missing Moments <1-5>
Morning Proclivity
A New Weapon
Festival of Lights
Get me out of here
To Have and to Hold


A sense of Loss
The Kiss


As Yet Untitled
Mara is this Good-bye?
Mother's Day


Callista Survey


Black Aurora Shadow of the Past 2nd Imperium
Black Aurora 2 Shoadow of the Past 2nd Imperium
Empire Reborn
It's Been a While <songfic>
LaMergere Approivisee

Ash Darklighter

Just Talking
Thread of Gold

Luke's First Time

Where is he

The Day the Empire Stood Still
Protection Racket
Save the Best for Last <songfic>
The Awakening
The Ship
1 - 11 12 - 22 23 - 33
The Wedding of Luke Skywalker
Watching, Waiting and Hoping
Spirit of the Shifting Sands
1 - 14 15 - 19
The Emerald Price ongoing fic


Remembering Old Times


First Date

Catz Pyjamas


Jedi Target

Captain Babie


Char Polo

The Truth




Corran Horn Survey
Open Arms
In Flight Manuvers
Yoda Survey

Dave Mynock

Darkness Falls


Moment of Bliss
So Close No Matter How Far
Two Jedi, One Towel

Bad Hair Day
Death of a Nephew


Here to Learn


Mara's Naughtiness
Point of View


A Fall to the Luke Side

Elfnut <Claudia>

Yavin Sunset


Between Pages
Before Dawn
Days End

Elizabeth <Mara Jihad>

Let's just be Friends


Jade-Skywalker Chronicles

Iceman Peaks

Welcome Home
Broken Memories

Lost and Found


I'd Do it all Again

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