As explained by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Today man is bent upon conquering/vanquishing/controlling anger. This is wrong. He must inculcate patience. Then anger will automatically subside. If darkness has to be expelled, light has to be brought. Similarly, to expel anger, patience has to be fostered. So, make efforts to develop patience. Patience or sanctity can be attained only through love. There is nothing that cannot be attained with love. One can attain all with love. Everything is dedicated/subordinate to love. Hence it is said LOVE IS GOD; LIVE IN LOVE. If the concept of love is perfectly understood, it in itself becomes Meditation. Meditate on love. But the love should be selfless. It should be dedicated to the Lord. Any kind of love once offered to Lord becomes sanctified.

We have made sweet pongal at home. We call it sweet pongal and eat it. The same sweet pongal once it is offered to the Lord in a temple, we call it 'prasadam' / blessed food. The moment you offer it to the Lord, it becomes prasadam. All defects - defects of the ingredients, cooking and the vessel would get removed after such an offering. For the sweet pongal made at home, there may not be cleanliness of the vessel, ingredients or the cooking process itself. In order to remove all defects from the food cooked - we do not know wherefrom the vegetables have come; may be they were stolen; may be the intention of the seller was not good. We assemble all food items and pray to Lord that everything be blessed. Then it all becomes prasadam and all defects run away from the same.

There is a small clause in meditation. All cannot do the same type of meditation. Meditation changes from person to person depending on their state of evolution/capacity. All doing one type of meditation is not proper. Each has his own form to worship and the way he goes about it may also differ. Some worship God as Mother of the Universe; some consider Him as Father of the Universe while others consider God to be their friend. There are those who worship God as Master/husband. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Gauranga are examples of this nature. Jayadeva and Gauranga had not done any meditation. They felt no need for meditation as they could see God everywhere.

There is a small anecdote. This happened to many great men in all the yugas. Gaurangada entered a small village called Nava Dweepa. He could not find a place to live. If he were to go the streets to do bhajan, mischievous boys would throw stones at him. They troubled him in numerous ways. To avoid all this, he entered the temple of Lord Eshwara. Keeping his legs on top of the Lingam - image of Lord Shiva, he lay down to sleep. In the morning the chief priest arrived. Considering him to be a mad man, the priest beat him. "O fool! How dare you put your feet on top of the Lord's image? Could you not find any other place to keep your feet?", asked the priest. Then Chaitanya replied - "Sir! Please show me the place where Eshwara does not exist and I shall gladly place my feet on that spot." Saying that he would show him, the priest dragged Chaitanya by the feet and dropped him aside. Due to his merit, even there the image of the Lord appeared. The pujari dragged him all over the mandir, wherever Chaitanya's feet fell, Eshwara's image was seen to emerge. Then the pujari realised his folly. God pervades the universe. How then can anyone define a place to be devoid or filled with God? For a true aspirant God's insignia are seen everywhere. Since God pervades the creation, there is nothing that is unsacred. But there is bound to be a change in the way we utilise the same. Therefore, we can make some changes in the society, house and people with whom we deal. Then alone can we obtain peace of mind. It is not meditation if one were to close one's eyes/sit in lotus posture/sit without movements. The most important factor for meditation is to fill the heart with love. That love is verily God Himself. Along with this love you must also sit in the lotus posture and in the manner described earlier to awaken the kundalini power and thus give more meaning to your lives.

You may go anywhere and do anything. But your heart must be filled with pure love. Gaurangada, Tukaram, Nammalwar etc., have lived in this manner. If purity of heart is one's property, one can question the Lord's ways as a rightful gesture. After a lot of merit, we have acquired the birth of a human being. If we do not make good use of it, it would be a sheer waste.

Gems in the ocean are not easily available. With a great difficulty if one were to dive deep and brave the attack of sharks, one could manage to obtain rare pearls hidden in the womb of the ocean. The pearl that is got after such a strenuous effort, if one were to lose it, one would not get it back however much one may pine.


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