As explained by Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


"Sway! Lord Krishna! I have obtained with great difficulty the pearl of Krishna from the deep ocean of samsara. Please shower your grace that I may not lose it", prayed Meera. Since her prayer was such, Lord Krishna also granted her that wish. She loved and pined for Krishna so much that her anguish at the separation from the Lord turned into penance and she merged into the Lord. Every human who would like to turn the energy in him to divinity must participate in prayers. Prayer for mind is as essential as food is for body. Good food strengthens the body. Stale food brings about ill-health. Similarly, if we participate in prayers, our heart becomes pure. If, on the other hand, one were to participate with pomposity, ego and show, it would be like the bad food harming the mind. Therefore youth must travel from slumber and inactivity to penance. Whatever we may do, we must do with determination. One should not stop meditation after having begun, in a span of 2 days. Whole life should be transformed into meditation. We have come essentially for that purpose. We must discharge our duties. Along with this knowledge we must seek worldly education also. One must accept the basis of the worldly education. I have told many a time. I am repeating, observe the message carefully.

There are many metals in the earth - Iron, steel etc. As they are deep inside earth, due to heat, they are available in the form of liquid. Due to this heat even iron would be in a liquid state. This we call as Chemistry. As we gradually come to the surface, the materials solidify as the temperature decreases and we call it as Physics. As dust and other particles join this, plants begin to sprout in it. The study of these plants is called Botany. Insects and birds come from everywhere to these plants. The study of these birds and insects is called Zoology.

What is the basis for Zoology? Botany? The foundation of Botany is Physics which in turn is based on Chemistry. So, for Chemistry also there must be some foundation. Isn't it? There is water in this tumbler. For the water to stay, there must be a container in the first place. If there is no vessel, how can liquid stay put? Therefore the source of sciences - Chemistry has its foundation in divinity. Therefore, all the sciences have stemmed from the root of Divinity. So, for all subjects Divinity is the primal basis. If we were to catch the vessel, Divinity, all the contents, subjects, would easily become ours. Today we are ready to catch the creation and investigate but have not ever thought of investigating the nature of the creator. Even those that harm us become friendly in the presence of the Lord.

Serpent adorns the neck of Lord Shiva. Since it is around the neck of the Lord, we bow down to it also. Same serpent if seen in the bazaar would die due to the blows received from us. Though it is a poisonous snake, since it adorns the neck of the Lord, it becomes worthy of worship.

Once Lord Vishnu sent Garuda to Eshwara with a message. Eshwara's body is very peculiar. His body is smeared with vibhuti/ash. He has moon as his crown jewel and serpents as his other ornaments. To such Shiva when Garuda flew and landed, the breeze created by his wings disturbed the sacred ash of the Lord which fell into the eyes of the snake adorning His neck. The serpent, in anger, hissed at Garuda. Garuda replied, "O snake! Since you adorn the Lord's neck you are saved. Had you been in the bazaar/market place, I would have snatched you with my feet and torn you to shreds. Since you are in the proximity of the Lord you have earned the right to be forgiven."

Similarly, since you are enjoying Swami's proximity, people praise you. The moment you leave Swami and go, people do not care a fig for you. Wherever you go, you must absorb whatever has been taught here and keeping the discipline as your shadow and Swami in your heart must create peace around you. Once in a while to recharge your batteries, you can come to Swami. In this way, you can enjoy Swami's Love and Grace.


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