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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Phillis Frampton came 1837 on the Navarino to Adelaide with Robert Fithall
Phillis Fithall nee Frampton wed c1848 to George Jenkins
Charlotte Francis wed c1871 to George Brame
Emma Francis wed 1852 to Nicholas Bickford
Frederick William Francis wed 1857 to Mary Frances Jarvis
Jessie Ellen Francis wed 1874 to William Silke
Margaret Francis wed 1857 to Oliver Davoren
Mary Francis came c1853 with William Richard Fenton
Mary Elizabeth Francis wed c1854 to James Brasher
Stephen Francis wed 1865 to Caroline De Groot
Wm Morgan Francis wed 1893 to Marion Costin
Ann Francis wed 1866 to Henry William Lyte
Augusta Frank came c1854 with Henry Warren
Constantine Frank wed 1889 to Elizabeth Steward
Nicholas Frank wed 1859 to Adeline Ann Britten
Nicholas Frank wed 1896 to Olivia Keziah Darroch nee Deslandes
Sara Susan Frankel wed c1885 to Samuel Gabriel Pirani
Caroline Franklin wed 1880 at Sorell, Tasmania, to Thomas Alfred Douglas
John Franklin wed 1859 at Sorell, Tasmania, to Eliza Bellett
Lydia Dinah Franklin wed 1854 to William Bridges
Mary Pike nee Franklin wed 1868 to Charles Heley
Sally Frary came c1853 with James William Sillett
Sarah Sillett nee Frary wed 1873 to Edward Henderson White
Alexander Fraser wed 1868 to Grace Pigdon
Catherine Fraser wed 1875 to Alfd Francis Allchin
Clementina Fraser came 1854 on the Hilton with Donald Ross
Donald Cameron Fraser wed 1881 to Amy Ursulla Hicks
Ellen Fraser wed 1881 to Henry Smith Furneaux
Hannah Woodhouse Fraser wed 1874 to Slingsby Davies
Isabella Cameron Fraser wed 1914 to Edward Thomas Trainor
Jane Fraser wed 1861 to George Lang
John Fraser came c1856 with Caroline Strange
Katherine Fraser wed 1869 to Slingsby Davies
Lily Fraser wed 1858 to James Flett
Margaret Fraser wed 1860 to Alexander Lorimer Burr
Margt Fraser wed 1899 to Denis Callinan
Mary Fraser came 1852 with Robert Ramage
Mary Fraser wed 1881 to John William Walkerden
Simon Lovat Fraser came 1852 on the El Dorado with Susan Mary Rochead
Mary Frawley came c1853 with Morgan Mulcare
Mary Mulcare nee Frawley wed 1861 to John Windle
Peter Frayne wed 1878 to Mary Jane Trevena
Edith Isabel Fraser/ Frazer wed 1883 to Thomas Henry Prichard
Anthony Frears wed 1869 to Helen Margaret Phillips
Anthony Frears wed 1897 to Margaret Donovan
Elizabeth Anne Frears wed 1905 to Arthur Thomas Ramage
William John Frears wed 1913 to Nellie May Brown
Christina Frebourne came 1852 on the James T Foord with Thomas Turnbull
Henry Frecke wed 1892 to Mary Jane Judd
Alfred Free wed 1890 to Emma Tissott
Alice Martha Free wed 1886 to Edward Angus McCallum
Ann (Phoebe Ann) Free wed 1881 to John Thomas Gilchrist
Elizabeth Free wed 1855 to John Taylor
George Free wed 1855 to Lydia Hope
Harriet Free wed 1854 to Frederick Dickins
Hawsuel Earnest (as Ernest Oswald) Free wed 1906 to Adeline Ellen Bennett
James Free wed 1891 to Johanna Shepherd
John Free wed 1878 to Mary King
Mary Ann Free wed 1899 to John William Donnan
Rebecca Free wed 1875 to George Collett
Samuel Free wed 1891 to Fanny Shepherd
Susannah Free wed 1827 - Clarence, Tasmania, to Jacob Bellett
William Free wed 1856 to Eliza Flavell
William Free wed 1883 to Margaret Barbour
Philip Edward Freeby wed 1881 to Kate Lilian Hoad
Sarah Ann Freeland wed 1870 to John Middleton
Alfred Henry Freeman wed 1882 to Mary Longshaw
Annie Freeman wed 1890 to William Addinsall
Elizabeth Freeman wed 1884 to Richard Dickinson
John Freeman wed 1854 to Ann Savin
John Freeman wed 1887 to Elizabeth Joice Standrin
Lydia Freeman wed 1865 to Alfred Stonehouse
Lydia Stonehouse nee Freeman wed 1895 to Peter Brown
Mary Freeman wed 1883 to Joseph Arthur Tivey
Mary Jane Freeman wed 1877 to Thomas Trollop
Mary Keturah Freeman wed 1883 to Harry Cripps
Mary Louise Freeman wed 1912 to Sydney Ernest Dorman
Robert Freeman wed c1841 to Jane Duff
William Freeman wed 1883 to Hannah Emma Addinsall
Alfred Freemantle wed 1891 to Elizth Sewell
Alice Emma Freemantle wed 1910 to Wm Battors
Emma Freemantle wed 1887 to Charles Albins
Henry Freemantle wed 1870 to Mary Currie
Herbert William Freemantle wed 1917 to Constance Hilda Isbel Willcox
Jane Freemantle wed 1894 to Wm Chas Warnecke
John Freemantle came 1852 on the Hyderabad with Mary Ledbrook
John Freemantle wed 1900 to Lillian Helen Letts
Joseph Freemantle wed 1875 to Sarah Currie
Joseph Freemantle wed 1912 to Augusta Wright
Mary Freemantle wed c1871 to Peter Prentice
Maud Mary Freemantle wed 1913 to Joseph Thos Wright
Sarah Freemantle wed 1908 to Edmund Scholes
Sophia Freemantle wed 1861 to William Middleton
Frederick Freke wed 1887 to Margaret Emma Henry
Hannah Emily French came to West Australia 1830 on the Rockingham with William Leeder
John French wed 1866 to Margaret Walsh/Welch
Martin Patrick French wed 1908 to Catherine Mongan

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