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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Eliza Annie Frew wed 1888 to Samuel Chas Rothwell Bloomfield
George Frew wed 1856 to Eliza Wright
Jane Heather Frew wed 1886 to Alexander Campbell
Frank Ernest Frewin wed 1884 to Clara Eveline Briner
Ernest Fred Fricke wed 1891 to Phoebe Elizabeth Olney
Ernest Fred Fricke wed 1906 to Ethel May Valentine nee Carver
Heinrich Henry Frecke Fricke wed 1857 to Sophie Nolte
Louisa Carolena Fricke wed c1906 to Henry Blurton
Sophia Maria Fricke wed 1895 to Joseph Crisp
Ann Friday wed 1861 to John Edward Smith
Caroline Ann Friday wed 1889 to Chas Geo Parker
Elizabeth Friday wed 1890 to Hugh James Almond
Ellen Friday wed 1871 to George Andarson/Anderson
Francis Friday wed 1900 to Eva Jane Griffiths
Frederick George Friday wed c1911 to Gwendolyn Evans
James Friday wed 1894 to Mary Stayner
John Friday wed 1873 to Louisa Betts
John Henry Friday wed c1913 to Eliz (Bessie) Mcandrew
Mary Friday wed 1906 to Albert John King
Peter Friday wed 1862 to Martha Chater
Peter Friday wed 1891 to Amy Almond
Peter Friday wed 1903 to Ethel Gaylard
Phillip Thomas Friday came 1856 on the Atalanta with Elizabeth Thurston
Sophia Friday wed 1861 to Thomas Herring
William Friday came 1855 on the Sea King with Mary Stevens
William Friday wed 1877 to Bridget Mahar
William Frederick Friday wed 1901 to Selina Ford
William James Friday wed 1890 to Mary Sheills
William John Friday wed 1898 to Alice Smith
Ingham Friend wed 1871 to Mary Ann Pengeley
Mary Friend wed 1893 to Albert Edward Vendy
Alice Frith wed 1902 to Henry Wiffen
Albert William Fritsch wed 1894 to Fanny Elizabeth Unwin
Mary Froomes came 1853 on the Fairlie with Henry Gough
Alfred John Frost wed 1855 to Ann Money
Ebenezer Frost wed 1863 to Elizabeth Jane Heath
Edward Arthur Frost wed 1896 to Phillipa Jane Broad
Hannah Eliza Frost came to SA by 1845 with George Letts
Isabella Frost wed 1885 to Milo John Smith
James Ebenezer Frost wed 1889 to Elizabeth Doepper
Loghlan/Lachlan Frost wed 1878 to Susannah Maria Thomas
William John Froud wed 1865 at Richmond to Caroline Howlett
Caroline Watts nee Fruin wed 1863 to James Govan
Mary Frewin/Mary Rebecca Fruin wed 1875 to Robert James Walkerden
Phoebe Fruin wed 1856 to William Squire Tong
Eliza Frusher wed 1879 to Thomas Washington Witherden
Ellen Elizabeth Frusher wed 1897 to William George Trainor
James Frusher wed 1873 to Esther Day
James Edgar Frusher wed 1908 to Mary Boyd
John Frusher wed 1875 to Elizabeth Mossop
Joseph Frusher wed 1885 to Mary Amelia Lucas
Leslie Clarence Frusher wed 1918 to Rebecca Violet Glance
Maria Frusher wed 1867 to Josiah Rankin
Sarah Frusher wed 1883 to Alexander Brown McKenzie
Walter Frusher wed 1891 to Mary Lloyd Ellis
Charles Fry wed 1884 to Amy Burrows
Eliza Ann Fry wed 1854 to William Ladd
Eliza Augusta Fry wed 1859 to John Burrows
Hannah/Ann Fry came with Richard Dafter
James Fry came c1862 with Jane Brown
Jenett (Jannet) Fry wed 1886 to John Stephen Garrett
Emma Fryer came c1854 with Charles Hills
Ann Fulhams came c1852 with Thomas Ladd
Jane Maria Fullarton wed 1885 to Alfred Shippen Greenwood
Anna Maria Fuller wed 1884 to William Spiers
George Fuller wed 1888 to Grace Brown Gillespie
Thomas Fuller came c1855 with Ann Drake
Thomas Fuller wed 1843 to Anne Curr
Andrew Fulton wed 1869 to Anna Jane Mcdowell nee Campbell
Edward Fulton wed 1884 to Catherine Anne Curtis
Flora Fulton wed 1893 to Frank Hartley Treadwell
Mary Fulton wed 1895 to John Macpherson Macvean/Mcferran
Arthur John Furneaux wed 1888 to Alice Daikers Creaton
Charles Thomas Furneaux wed c1899 to Esther Randall
Edward Henry Furneaux wed 1907 to Barbara Alice Blanshard
Frederick James Furneaux wed 1893 to Caroline Blackham
Henry Smith Furneaux wed 1881 to Ellen Fraser
Herbert Richard Furneaux wed 1904 to Hilda Louisa Cameron
John Henry Furneaux wed 1881 to Mary Jane Mcconnell
Richard Furneaux came c1856 from Devon with Elizabeth Routley
William George Furneaux wed 1891 to Alice Woodmason
William James Furneaux wed 1907 to Beatrice Pascoe
Catherine Mary Furness wed 1885 to James Spedding
Eliza Furness wed 1867 to Martin Zeluis
Elizabeth Sarah Furness wed 1888 to Henry Spedding
George Frederick Furness wed 1908 to Cath Bremer
James Furness wed 1878 to Alice Jane Young
Philip Furness came 1852 with Agnes Greenall
Sarah Jane Furness wed 1873 to Albert Cowley
Thomas Harry Piggott Furness wed 1890 to Rosina Sarah Bastin
William Henry Furness wed 1857 to Mary Jane Piggott
Elizabeth Innes corrected to Furphy wed 1862 to George Kinnear
Mary Ann Fuzz wed 1884 at Young in NSW to Patrick James Garrigan
Agnes Fyfe wed 1866 to Thomas Cooper Hinchcliffe
Jamison Fyfe wed 1893 to Rubinna/Robina Margaret Garden
Marion Fife/Fyfe wed 1869 to William Izatt
Mary Ann Fyfe wed 1862 to Adolph Braash
WilliamFyfe came c1853 with MaryDavidson
Alexander Fyffe wed 1883 to Sarah Ann Hare
Isabella Helen Fyffe wed 1909 to Thomas Ernest Peart

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