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Family History
The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Margaret Mcmillan came c1839 with Aaron Brain
Margaret McMillan came c1853 with John Nelson
Marion Mcmillan came c1862 with Peter Mercer
Augusta McMinn wed 1858 to William Benyon Downe
Margaret McMinn came c1859 with William McGuigan
Mary Anne McMonugal came c1856 with Joshua Rowe
Alexander McMullen wed 1858 to Hannah Welsh
Elizabeth Shaw McMullen wed 1885 to Lewis /Louis Plumridge
James McNab came c1856 with Margeret Gray
James McNab wed 1883 to Isabella Kelso
Agnes McNair wed 1865 to Abraham Schwab
Alexander McNair wed 1910 to Marian Elmore
Andrew McNair wed 1909 to Minnie Rosa Blyth
Andrew McNair wed 1917 to Mable May Blythe
Francis Bertie Gilbert McNair wed 1909 to Carol Letitia Henry
James Dixon McNair wed 1877 to Elizabeth Potter
Mary McNair wed 1870 to Richard McClelland
Robert McNair came 1852 on the Marco Polo with Elizabeth Simson Snodan/Sneddon
Robert McNair wed 1865 to Letitia Riley
William McNair wed c1862 to Janet Munro
Ann MacNamara McNamara came c1856 with James Parsons
Anne McNamara came c1862 with David Bastow
Ellen MacNamara McNamara came c1864 with Matthew Lane
William McNamara wed 1868 to Patience Stratton nee Gratton
Alexander Mcnaughton wed 1868 to Catherine Annie Nottage
Henry Mcnaughton came 1857 on the Themis with Elizabeth Dixon
Hugh Mcnaughton wed 1875 to Mary Helen Mathie
Jane McNaughton wed 1858 to Hugh Charles Hughes
Margaret Mcnaughton wed 1889 to Robt Pender
Mary Ann Emily McNaughton wed 1860 to Charles Henry Benning
Archibald McNee wed 1872 to Anna Maria Drewitt
Barbara Mcnee wed 1865 to John Isbister
Daniel McNee wed 1841 to Euphemia Pender
Duncan Robertson McNee wed 1869 to Ellen Macintosh Snedden
Euphemia McNee wed 1884 to Henry March
Isabella McNee wed 1874 to John March
Janet McNee wed 1868 to Gillespie McFadyen
Sarah McNee wed 1874 to John Baxter
Isabella McNiel/later McNeil wed 1864 to Ephraim Looker
Cath erineMcNeill wed 1916 to William Henry Broderick
James Roxborough McNeill came c1883 with Maggie Lahiff
Findley/Finley McNichol wed 1877 to Ann Ackers
John McNichol wed 1855 to Anne Leitch
William Donald McNichol wed 1908 to Sarah Daisy Collard
Christina Bell MacNicol McNicol wed 1882 to Thomas Miles
Findley McNichol McNicol wed 1874 at Costerfield to Annie Akers
George McNish wed 1866 to Lucy Lilly/ Lilley
George McNish wed 1898 to Agnes Thomson
John McNish wed 1896 to Johanna Quak
John McNiven wed 1873 to Catherine Wall
John McNiven wed c1898 to Elizabeth Challis
Annie Phillis Mcphee wed 1897 to John Gamble
John McPhee wed 1872 to Mary Punshon
Robert Mcphee wed 1882 to Mary Ann King
Alexander McPherson came c1854 with Emily MacPherson
Almora McPherson wed 1881 to William Mason
Christina MacPherson McPherson wed 1857 to John Burgess Wilson
Donald McPherson came 1853 on the Priscilla with Mary McIntosh
Dugald Mcpherson came 1856 on the Almora with Agnes Sinclair
Duncan McPherson wed 1882 to Sarah Ann Broderick
Emily MacPherson McPherson came c1854 with Alexander McPherson
Fanny Mcpherson wed 1853 to George Teasdale
James Ramsay McPherson wed 1882 to Emily Odgers Lane
Jane McPherson wed 1867 to Giacomo Monotti
John McPherson wed 1859 to Jane Patterson
John McPherson wed 1885 to Margaret Gillespie
Kate McPherson wed 1872 to James Willoughby
Magdalene Mcpherson came 1852 on the Marco Polo with Hugh Meikle
Margaret Josephine McPherson wed 1871 to Frederick Guscetti
Mary McPherson wed 1888 to Thomas Notman
Norman McLeod McPherson wed 1888 to Emma Ada Hill
Peter Mcpherson came c1866 with Mary Carmody
Sarah Mcpherson wed 1878 to David Glass
Thomas MacPherson McPherson wed 1854 to Mary Ann Cattanach
William McPherson wed 1890 to Jane Buchanan
Elizabeth Jessie Mcpherson wed 1893 to James Victor Albert Metherall
David McPhie wed 1914 to Jessie Beatrice McErvale
Duncan McPhie wed 1905 to Bridget Sheehan
Elizabeth McPhie wed 1891 to Michael Sheehan/Shean
Euphemia McPhie wed c1894 to John Patrick Carland
Janet McPhie wed 1912 to John Schogield Gartside
Norman McPhie wed 1869 to Euphemia Duncan McFarland
Norman McPhie wed 1909 to Cecelia Josine Carland nee Newey
Norman McPhie wed 1909 to Cecelia Newey nee Carland
Eliza Mcquade wed 1851 to William Swinnerton
Christina McQualter wed 1877 to David Swan
Elizabeth McQueen came c1855 with David Lees
Eliza Caroline McQuien wed 1860 to Henry Motton
Ann Mcgoogan/McQuiggan was joined 1860 on the Champion Of The Seas by Hill Chestnut
Mary McQuirk wed c1858 to William Vize
John McQuilty Mcquitty wed 1861 to Ellen Deakin
Margaret Jane Mcquitty wed 1856 to Nathaniel White
Mary Jane Mcquitty wed 1855 to John Hobbs
Rhoda Mcquitty wed 1886 to Thomas Henry Nicholls
Florence Mcrae wed 1885 to Philip Chapman
Hugh McRae wed 1882 to Sarah Jane Hayes
John Ale Mcrae wed 1894 to Euphemia Elizabeth Giggins
Margaret Macrae Mcrae came 1852 on the Bangalore with James Hemphill
Sarah Grace McRae came c1864 with Henry Albert
Alice McRickard wed 1868 to Thomas (Henry) Kewley
Henry McRostie wed 1888 to Hannah Maria Stone
James McRostie wed 1858 to Lucy Crowhurst
Susan McRostie wed 1886 to Charles Edelsten
Margaret McSweeney came c1863 with Thomas John Keane
Elizabeth McVay/McVeigh McVey wed 1850 at Church of England Belfast Vic to William Stonehouse
Allan Duncan McWatt wed 1906 to Ethel Victoria Coldrey
Robert James Cook McWatt wed 1880 to Maria /Margaret Dudley/Barber

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