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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Ellen Macintosh Snedden wed 1869 to Duncan Robertson McNee
Elizabeth Simson Snodan/Sneddon came 1852 on the Marco Polo with Robert McNair
Isabella Sneddon came c1855 with John McCraw
Thomas Wardrope Sneddon wed 1878 to Emma Coad
William Sneddon wed 1873 to Emily Jane Lillingston
Edward Thomas Snow wed 1878 to Annie Thompson
Eliza Jane Snow wed 1874 to John Edward Reeve
George Snow wed 1858 to Hannah Graham
George Alexander Snow wed 1885 to Eliza Ruth Wedd
George Alexander Snow wed 1885 to Eliza Ruth Wedd
Joseph William Snow came c1848 with Susan Harrison
Sophia Snow wed 1859 to Edwin Weaver Gre Chamberlain
Susan Snow wed 1868 to Henry Charles Spiller
Susan Elizabeth Snow wed 1881 to George Kemp
William Henry Snow wed 1885 to Fanny Roberts
John Alfred Snowden wed 1904 to Florence Rebecca Renkin
William Snowden wed 1863 to Martha Flavell
William Snowden wed 1863 to Martha Flavell
Arthur Snowdon wed 1856 to Elizabeth Jarvis
Cath Snowden/Snowdon wed 1857 to Stephen Reynolds
Eliza Snowdon came c1862 with Andrew Thompson Gibson
Mary Ann Snowdon wed 1876 to John Nathaniel Bennett
Aaron Solly came c1851 with Mary Ann Ryles
Henry Solly wed 1854 to Maria Murrell
Doris Solomon wed 1912 to Albert George Gorsuch
Elizabeth Solomon came c1842 with Michael Cashmore
Ellen Salmon (Helen Solomon came c1870 with John Exell
Emanuel Solomon wed 1882 to Rebecca Cashmore
Kate Solomon wed 1883 to Simon George Alexander
Phoebe Solomon wed 1883 to Samuel Coppel
Sylvia Rebecca Solomon came c1874 with George Ernest Rowe
Henry Solomons wed 1885 to Eleanor Maude Barnett
Ann Somerville came1850 as Assisted Immigrants on the Bussorah Merchant with Robert Hillard
Letitia Somerville came c1849 with Francis Jerrett
Robert James Somerville wed 1873 to Rosa Clarissa Barelli
WilhelminaSomerville wed 1891 to James Jonas Frost Lawson
Charles Sommers wed 1886 to Agnes Donaldson
Charles Sommers wed 1886 to Agnes Donaldson
Edith Harriet Sommers wed 1881 to Horace Frank Richardson
William Sommers wed 1854 to Ann Matilda Merrell
William Frederick Sommers wed 1889 to Ann Mongan
Frederick Theodore Sonnenberg wed 1881 to Elizabeth Douthat nee Fieri
Margt Sonsee wed 1889 to Charles Benning
Ann Souter came c1855 with Henry Brewer
Louisa Souter wed 1879 to James Jamieson
Alice South wed 1880 to William Henry Wain
Eliza South wed 1877 to William Warr
James South wed 1882 to Priscilla Berryman
John South came 1855 on the Genghis Khan with Sarah Unwin
Alfred Southern wed 1885 to Agnes Ann Boyce
George Bell Southern wed 1879 to Ellen Mary Jane Boyce
George Bell Southern wed 1879 to Helen Mary Jane Boyce
Thomas Southern wed 1863 to Annie Parkinson
William Southern came 1853 on the Emigrant with Mary Bell
William Southern wed 1889 to Alice Jane Mazure
Frances Amanda Southey wed 1885 to James Sturman Taylor
George Edward Southey came c1850 with Cath Bowden
George Edward Southey wed c1858 to Mary Richards Bawden
Ruby Persia Southey wed 1907 to Walter Reginald Pilley
Samuel Bawden Southey wed 1885 to Maud Marie Rabling
George Edward Southy wed 1881 to Elizabeth Allan
Alex James Soutar/ Souttar wed 1908 to Lillian Nankivell
William Soutter wed 1868 to Charlotte McCoy
Theresa Soy wed 1855 to John Cruthers
Ann Spargo came c1851 with Joshua Dunstan
Annie Maria Sparkes wed 1886 to Ernest Olof Missen
George Sparkes came 1853 on the Sea with Ann Hayes
Rosetta Sparkes wed 1882 to Solomon Harris
Hetta Sparks wed 1890 to Albert Harry Cripps
John Hodder Sparks wed 1886 to Eliza Trinnick
Charlotte Sparrow came 1857 on the Castilian with John Claydon
Rachel Susan Sparrow wed 1893 to Charles Nunn
Stephen Sparrow wed 1880 to Lydia Jane Brookfield
Emma Spaulding wed c1854 to William Peck
Alfred Spearing wed c1902 to Ellen Chiller
James Bridgen Spearing wed 1886 to Mary Griffiths
James Henry Bridgen Spearing wed c1859 to Sarah Brigden
James Henry Brougham Spearing wed 1869 to Bessie Taylor
Richard Spearing wed 1853 to Margaret Mercy Wallis
Richard Spearing wed 1885 to Margaret Watts
Eleanor Spedding wed 1882 to Henry Hinck
Grace Spedding wed 1877 to Henrich Wilshusen
Henry Spedding wed 1888 to Elizabeth Sarah Furness
James Spedding came 1854 on the Persia with Jane Steel
James Spedding wed 1885 to Catherine Mary Furness
Jane Spedding wed 1878 to James John Nesbit
Joseph Spedding wed 1895 to Annie Elizabeth Carin
Sarah Spedding wed 1895 to Isaac Henry
Thomas Spedding wed 1884 to Martha McKechnie
Emma Mary Speed wed 1852 to William May
Thomas Henry Speers wed 1881 to Caroline Jane Watkins
Thomas Henry Speers wed 1881 to Caroline Jane Watkins
William Speers wed 1858 to Ann Kipkin Parker
John Speirs wed 1855 to Margaret Robinson/Robertson
Robert Speirs wed 1886 to Marion Cleaver
Robert Speirs wed 1886 to Marion Cleaver
George Nygren Spence wed 1868 to Susan Everett
James Spence came c1859 with Elizabeth Jane Punshon
William Spence wed 1882 to Georgianna Henrietta Aikman
Mary Ann Spencer came c1853 with Joseph Akers
Samuel James Spencer wed 1876 to Eliza Anna Barrett
William Spencer wed 1885 to Jane Brisbane
James Spensley wed 1854 to Mary Ann Hutchens
James Spensley wed 1857 to Agnes Galbraith Reid
Agnes Sperin wed 1873 to John Talmage
Frank Sperin wed 1874 to Kezia Elizabeth Utting
Rachel Sperin wed 1872 to Pierce Hutton
William Sperin came c1846 with Agnes Mcdonald
Martha Sperring wed 1843 to Thomas Butson Pearse

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