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!The Peter Venkman Totally Tribute Site!
This is too cool to be true...[pls wait 4 da pix 2 load]
Yes! It's Dr. Peter Venkman tribute site. And,oh,ladies! You just gotta come in please^_^. I'm so happy that I have another dedication site for me. And I just got so many supports and love from all of my fans,not only ladies but also some guys! Hehe! Wait 'til I tell Egon that he's not the only famous Ghostbuster around & that I won this time. Gotta get that $5 he owes me. *cough*Anyway,I just wanted to thank all of you lovely people who still support & of course,love me^^. And to kindly visit this site too*smile*. Sorry,I just can't help smiling and thinking that I'm really considered as a famous guy in the animation world*grin*. Oh,I think I'm still young again! Thanks,guys! You make me a happy Venkman*lol*!!! Love ya all! Outta give you all(ladies only or maybe wonderful guys)a blow kiss! Ok,I think that's enough for now*cough*,please scroll down>>>
DISCLAIMER:"The Real Ghostbusters","Ghostbusters","Dr. Peter Venkman" and all of it's related stuff is belonged to DIC & Columbia Pictures. "Ghostbusters" is created by Dan Aykroyd & Harold Ramis. I have no intend to infringe the copyrights of the respectful company,people etc. All multimedias & photos here are for fun enjoyment only. This page is designed & built by me[Pheobe Venkman]. If you want to use anything from here,please mail me before you do,ok?

CREDITS:Pics got from Raven Knight's House of Anime/RGB Unofficial Site,Venkman Blues,Lith's RGB Screen captures & me*g*.. Background music is from Psychotik Rurouni Kenshin Site. Informations are all found by me. Thanks to the people who design or create Peter Venkman^^. Cause Peter is a very sweet guy if you ask me,and that he looks so darn handsome*blush*. Many thanks to the guy who casted his voice,Lorenzo Music for he's the one who made Peter a lovely man & an interesting character. He's voice is also one of the reason why I love him*blushing even more*. Also thanks to many of you people who know Pete exist*lol*. Thanks to my parents who allow me to build this site^_^. And Geocities to let me build a site for him. Also would like to thank the great webmistress of Rurouni Kenshin Network for staying up late to do that "YKYWTMKW" thingies too and that I actually took most of her examples and apply it here. Thanks!

NOTE:Most of the infos are from RGB instead of the GB movies. The music which is playing right now is called [Tactics],1st END Theme for Rurouni Kenshin,although it had nothing to do with any RGB music. But I think Peter would definitely use it to woo ladies*lol*.
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Thanks for visiting my site,ladies! I just hope I'll find my true love someday*sob*.
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In memory of Lorenzo Music
2th May,1937-
4th August 2001
Hey! You been here for some while. Won't you like to know what no# visitor are you? Well,you are...
Thanks,fans! You know who you guys are^_^.

You like this site,don't you? Please vote!!! I work so hard for this,I hope someone appreciates it(I know Peter will*grin*):
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.:Started building on:9th November 2001:. .:Officially open on:7th January 2002:.
Pheobe Venkman:At last! The new and improved version of my Pete Tribute Site. So how do you like it?
Peter Venkman:It's great^_^. Thank you ever so for doing this,Pheobe! I appreciate it,really. Oh,yeah! And you too,fans(for taking your time visiting this site)!*waving at you*
Pheobe Venkman:Yes! Please take your time browsing around this site^_^. I hope you'll like it. Thanks! Ja!
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