The Doctor Who Bewildering Reference Guide
the doctor who bewildering reference guide

"Sir, I think Mr. Matthews is confused."
"Never mind, I'll have him completely bewildered by the time I'm finished."
-The 7th Doctor, 'Ghost Light'

january 28th, 2002: laid off, back to work on the website - fresh link to the fabulous 'so vile a sin' guide, a concise peripherals section and some other updated links.
january 29th: robert smith?'s guide to 'dead romance' added to the benny books section, plus mick gair's comments on 'so vile a sin'.
february 6th: i'm in the middle of a bunch of updates and edits this week. There's a bunch of new comments on 'so vile a sin' from paul andinach, for example.

the new adventures/missing adventures writer's guide
 bbc books submissions guidelines (current from october 14th, 2001)
broadsword: the fanzine of the new and missing adventures
the tardis library
sean gaffney's happy guy reviews of the na's and ma's
andrew vogel's terminus reviews of everything
sadly, allen robinson's who's doctor who website has been taken down. allen passed away last year.
dominique boies' reference guide
 the universal databank j.m. lofficier's online version
tim neal's on target: the changing faces of doctor who
 the doctor who ratings guide - the most dangerous website that never existed

virgin new and missing adventures
timewyrm: genysys
by john peel
the ace papers from will cameron's website
timewyrm: exodus
by terrance dicks
goth opera
by paul cornell
timewyrm: apocalypse
by nigel robinson
venusian lullaby
by paul leonard
timewyrm: revelation
by paul cornell
invasion of the cat-people by gary russell: the strange matter page
cat's cradle: time's crucible
by marc platt
the scales of injustice by gary russell: the strange matter page
cat's cradle: warhead
by andrew cartmel
the also people by ben aaronovitch: pronounciation guide from goofy's lush aggressive vegetation webzine
cat's cradle: witch mark
by andrew hunt
happy endings by paul cornell: paul scoones' guide from time-space visualiser #49
nightshade by mark gatiss
no future by paul cornell: peter ware's guide
transit by ben aaronovitch
the dying days by lance parkin: the final chapter from
the highest science by gareth roberts: klaus pumpkin's guide
so vile a sin by ben aaronovitch and kate orman

bbc books
business unusual by gary russell: the strange matter page
doctor who: the novel of the film by gary russell: the strange matter page
the face of the enemy by david a. mcintee
alien bodies by lawrence miles
eye of heaven by jim mortimore
placebo effect by gary russell: the strange matter page
kursaal by peter anghelides: his own guide
the infinity doctors by lance parkin
john anderson's guide
frontier worlds by peter anghelides: his own guide
the ancestor cell by stephen cole and peter anghelides
peter's own guide

benny books
 the pantomime pages 
for the time being, the closest thing i have to a guide to 'oh no it isn't!' by paul cornell
  'down': the director's cut by lawrence miles
lawrence miles' guide to 'down'
 deadfall by gary russell
 ghost devices by simon bucher-jones
dead romance by lawrence miles: robert smith?'s guide
tears of the oracle by justin richards: robert smith?'s guide

pictures and sounds from the gallifrey 2001 convention in los angeles
photos from my august 1999 tour de britain
The EBCorp Webcam: a peek into ButlerCorp headquarters
my resume
northern lights, november 5th 2001
historic meteor storm, november 18th 2001
dabbling in the acting occult

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