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Welcome to Nick and Rudy's Schnauzer Lane, the virtual home of two wild and crazy miniature schnauzers at Geocities. Nick and Rudy's real home is in Redondo Beach California, a small southern California beach town. So when they're not out surfing the net for schnauzers, they're just hanging out like a couple of beach bum hounds.

Nick conceived the idea for Schnauzer Lane after watching the Kevin Costner movie, "Field of Dreams" (Nick's a big fan of Kevin). He was so inspired that he thought "I've got it, we'll build a webpage and they will come... and just maybe they'll bring Milk-Bones with them!". And so he collaborated with his bud Rudy to establish Schnauzer Lane. It wasn't easy either, two inexperienced schnauzers, neither one of which could type... but they managed it.

Both Nick and Rudy were a little embarrassed by their photos below. They were trying to look their coolest, but turned out looking like couple of "bad hair day" photos.... well ok they're no Lassies even when they're all spiffied-up in their best duds. Well enough with the intro's, both Nick and Rudy have some pretty interesting tails to tell, so click on their boxes below. After that you can go visit their feature pages.

Oh yeah... one more thing, they'd appreciate it if you could sign their guest book as they like to know who their barking at! Thanks and enjoy your visit.

Click here to read about me, Nick

Hi... I'm Nick, AKA "Mr. Nick"
Click here for more about me.

Click here to read about me, Rudy

Hi... I'm Rudy, AKA "Rude Dog"
Ignore that other dog.
Click here for more about me!

Our Features

Dedication to Nick 02/13/2000 Dedication to Rudy 10/13/2000
So What's New at Schnauzer Lane Friends that are Gone but not Forgotten
Rudy Celebrates His Anniversary Nick & Rudy Do Hollywood!!
Schnauzers In Drag!! Babes and Bubbles!!
Lady and the Rude Dog!! Meet All Our Foster Dogs!!
Nick & Rudy's Special Guests Non-Schnauzer Friends & Relatives
Second Chance Schnauzers The Schnauzer Rescue Msg Board
Pet Adoption Information Schnauzer Rescue Contacts
Help Shut Down Puppy Mills Canine Health Care Links
Nick & Rudy's Trophy Room Nick & Rudy's Doghouse Picks
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Our Webrings Credits for Schnauzer Lane

The long awaited Schnauzers in Drag is here... click Here!!

Special Features

Season Greetings 2000 in Memory of Nick and Rudy
Rudy's Struck by Cupid!
Nick's St. Patrick's Poem
Nick and Rudy Meet Peter Cottontail
Rudy's Tribute to Moms
Nick's Tribute to His Dad
The Tail of Frankenschnauz
The Tail of St. Nick and Rudolph
Nick & Rudy's Vacation!
Rudy's Movie Reviews!

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Some places Rudy's marked as his favorites

hydrant Sidney's Silky Cyber Port (our cousin!)
hydrant Milk-Bone Moments
hydrant Miniature Schauzers & Friends Rescue
hydrant Companion Animals
hydrant Pet Action League
hydrant Acme Pet
hydrant Dogmark's Cool Dog Site of the Day
hydrant Schnauzer Space
hydrant Schnauzer Ware

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