Excel 2000 Module 7

Data Management

A database, also referred to as a list, is defined as a collection of related information. It allows you to sort information, find information that meets the criteria, and enven extract copies of information from the large databases.

Start <Excel>

Click <File>, <New>

Click <Sheet1>

Rename <Sheet1> to <M7Ex>


  • Creating Data Forms

To create a database, you will need to define te fields. A field name is a name that identifies the data stored in a field.

Fields at the Columns, Edit Records at the Rows.

Type at the respective Columns for the Fields : FIRST, TARGET, REGION

Select the Fields

Click <Data> Select <Forms>

Click <OK>

A data form is displayed

Type the Record for the FIRST name, the TARGET sales, and the REGION market

Click <New>

Type the remaining Records till the last one

Click <Close>

  • Sorting

When a database gets larger, there may be a need to organize the information. An information can be organized in either the ascending or descending order.

To sort by Ascending order is to
sort from low to high order,
while to sort by Descending order is to sort from high to low order.

Primary sort means giving 1st level Priority in sorting, while Secondary sort means giving next sorting preference.

Select the Database

Menu, Point and click <Data> : Click


Sort by FIRST name, Ascending order
Click <OK>

Sort by TARGET sales, Descending order
Click <OK>

  • AutoFiltering

The AutoFilter creates the expression in the data form meant to select a number of records from the large database, if it meets the criteria specified. Rows of data that do not match the criteria you specify are filtered out and hidden.


Select the Fields

Menu, Point and click <Data>, <Filter> : Click


Filter by the Selection from the List :
(ALL), (Top 10), (Custom)....

Filter the list of First names having Targets Sales between $150,000 and $200,000

Filter (All) of the list


Filter the list of REGION market from North

Practice Exercise 1 :
M7: Page 8


Rename <Sheet2> to <M7Ex1>

Sort data on First order (Ascending)
Sort data on Actual order (Descending)
Sort data on Region (Ascending) and Actual (Descending) order
Sort data on Region (Ascending), Actual (Descending) and Sex (Ascending) order

Filter : All Targets between $150,000 and $200,000
Filter : the list Staff from the REGION Midwest

Click <File> <Save>

Click <File> <Close>


Click <File> <Exit>





Edwin Koh : We completed on the New Knowledge and Skills in
Excel 2000 Module 7.






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