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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Went to have sushi for lunch with jason, Gan and Fis. so damn cheap! only $15!! and i ordered like salmon sashimi and unagi meal! haha. before that, jason and i went to a nearby coffeeshop to have breakkie! had the traditional chinese breakkie. half boil eggs, beehoon and toast bread with ice milo! haha. and for 2 of us, it cost us only 6RM. heh.
then met with Kenneth too. but he went off to meet his friend. =( now left me and the 3 guys at home, playing Gunbound and Daidee! =) huey chyuan and her sister came down to meet us too! took lots of pics! will upload soonz! might go pubbing tonight. =)) gtg.

Rowena* @ [6:54 PM]

FInally in JB. Alone in Jason's room! he's sleeping already! Well, finally saw Jason after so long. cant wait for Fis to come down tomorrow!! heh. and i stole a cig from jason's mum. =x Anyway, both of us plus another of his friend, Ambrose were at this chill out place at the beach called Danga bay or something like that. took some pics with the nice background, which had a look-alike of being in France, hehe.
Just took a shower and my hair's wet so i cant go to bed. haiz. chatting with Fis at the moment. =)

Without you, my life changed. Within you I lose myself, Without you I find myself wanting to be lost again.
i miss the times we spent together
i miss the way you used to hold me, the way you ran your fingers through my hair
i miss the way you told me you loved the way it made you feel.
i miss the cute way you laughed
I miss hearing your voice.
i miss the way we looked in each other's eyes.
i miss the times we had in our lil' room, miss staying with you.
but that's not all, i miss you because i love you and you were that special one to me. you made my life complete. you were my everything.

Rowena* @ [3:49 PM]

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Went for Manicure and pedicure this morning. cost me $64 bucks. damn ex. but anyway, this is my first time. heh. then Kenneth called and ask me to meet him so i went. kenneth his sis and i went to suntec for a walk, then decided to watch kung fu hustle! quite a lame show but damn funny lah. hehe. you guys should catch it.
just reached home, going to meet kenneth and then i'll be going JB till the weekend. =)) then i can see all my college friends. i missed them!! *happy* but i'll be back in sg for countdown! hehe. anyway, take care friends. i'll take care of myself i guess. glad to be out of singapore. =))

Rowena* @ [7:43 PM]

Going out to have supper myself. so sick of it. but quite cool, the prata and drinks uncle damn cool to me. Used to my monotonous life.

Rowena* @ [1:24 AM]

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I will never forget dates on Tuesdays. they brought us closer.

Rowena* @ [11:56 PM]

had only 5 hours of sleep. Hafis smsed me last night. i felt very touched, thanks fis. and i am fine, dont worry. anyway, got pictures to share. missed the good times. =( i think i'm going to sleep early today. and i am going for manicure tomorrow. and i might go for a hair cut, provided i am not too lazy tomorrow.
Feel like going Zouk tomorrow. my mum keep asking me to go out. She hates to see me home. I think this is the first mum on earth who asks her own daughter to go clubbing. how sweet. =)
Was supposed to go swim today, however it rained like hell. spoilt my mood too. oh and happy birthday Jeremy!

Rowena* @ [6:36 PM]

Monday, December 27, 2004

I think i'm one of the Lucky girls on earth. I'm not trying to boost or put my girlfriends down. =) People who know me should know that i enjoy the night life! so i am always awake in the night and sleeping in the day. Because of what happened it made things even worse for me.
I have no mood to go out. When i want to, no one is there for me. =( All my girlfriends have to sneak out, else their parents dont allow. so i think i'm kinda lucky because i need not sneak out, neither do i have any curfew or rules. i can go out anytime i want and do whatever i want. *how lucky* right?
Going out the whole night today. finally! after so long i'm going out to have fun. hopefully. =)) Whatever. i wont be in SG for long.. so must have fun! and i'm really shocked about the disaster that happened. Pity those who happened to be on holiday. haiz. it's really davastating. Somehow i feel SG is really safe. =)) aights gtg. love you all. Love you konggie.

Rowena* @ [11:02 PM]

Sunday, December 26, 2004

What i was thinking :
i think singapore is pathetic. Christmas was egregious. people are loathsome. weather is horrendous.
life in SG is monotonous. nothing peculiar.
I'm kinda leading a solitary life right now. it was a lamentable decision i have made to come back here.

I detest Dec 21st. Or maybe i shouldn't. Because that's the point of time i finally understood how obdurate, single-minded, pertinacious and tenacious a person can be.
I'm in the midst of choosing which University i should commence my studies in. All universities have offered me a place in them. =) However its really tough for me. Curtin is where most of my friends are going, however that area is full of memories. UWA would be a fresh start for me. no one i know would be there. I'll be lonely, that's for sure. i only have less than 10 days to decide for my future. *stressed*
My mum have been buying cigs for me. she just passed me one new pack. I dont understand why must she do that. Why cant she let me buy myself? does it make a difference? I've got a top, a necklace and an oceanus purfume set as prezzies for Xmas. =) thanks.
and i like this watch.

Rowena* @ [8:51 PM]

Monday, December 20, 2004

Went out with selene. felt much better. but once i came home, the feeling came back. it sucked.

Rowena* @ [3:38 AM]

Sunday, December 19, 2004

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Rowena* @ [2:43 PM]

Friday, December 18, 2004

My boyfriend got into medicine! Hes going to become a doctor!

Rowena* @ [6:37 PM]

Just got home from Eact coast mac with Dearie and his friends. Before that Dearie and i were in town having our dinner. we had Jap food. It was fucking jan when we went there! then met up with his 4 other frens to watch a movie : Life without thieves i think. was an ok movie. then wanted to go bedok, but on the way back, PIE was fucking jam! even worst then the one we came to town. heh. so went macs instead.
Tomorrow going to Dearie's house then head down for the Babes gathering at Forum~! Dearie still not sure if he's coming along. =( have to go take my camera from Tee Yu tomorrow! heh. i feel damn sticky now. so yucky!

I havent gone shopping yet! I wanted to go down shopping today before 5pm so i didnt have to pay an extra $ for cabbie. but in the end, it was after 5 so decided to take my time. Then Dearie called and said he wanna have dinner! so Waited for him to come down to pick me up! heh. *Love my Dearie*

I'm still sick. having a very very bad cough. wonder when can i recover! =) I cant stand singapore weather! so damn hot!

My results are out. didn't do well as expected. But i should be able to enter Uni though. heh. Pebbles is sick too. she's coughing. I'm not sure if she's pretending or what. when i pat her, she stop. when i stop patting her, she start coughing again. how cute. heh. Mum placed a cup in my room. i didn't noe what was that. hehe. Smell it, then i noe it's Birds nest! yum yuM! its been so long since i had that!!! *Love u Mum*

PS: Dearie!! when u wanna go eat our coca Steamboat restaurant?? The voucher expires end of the yr! and we have to go twice too! =)) we cant finish it once u know? we can take your PT if u dun wanna drive. but who on earth doesnt wanna drive when he has a car!! ^_^ heh. love u baby.

Rowena* @ [3:12 AM]

Wednesday, December 16, 2004

had fever this morning. i feel so sick. but i didn't see a doctor. cos i think it wont help me much anyway. stayed home and sleep and wait for Teeyu to arrive at my house. After a while, we went to Parkway~ i had my pics developed and just walked around. We saw Clara there! hehe. then had a short conversation with her and then we went back to my place. had dinner, played with Bryan and Darren~ then waited for Dearie to come and go to Gelare~ went out for less than an hour and now i'm back. fucking bored. no one can go out late now cos they have schooL!!!!! and some are at Zouk~ actually i'm thinkin if i should go down! its not too late! hahaz. besides i have free entry! at most pay for my cabbie fare. Took some pics with Teeyu too~ heh. tomorrow gonna meet my Perth friends for dinner! haha. its been so long!! =))

Rowena* @ [10:58 PM]

Lets see, i was suppose to meet nette and Chang-z last night, but didn't because Dearie and i were somehow Quarreling~ so didn't think it was a good idea. In the end, had Prata at my place and then went to Dearie's house for a while then he sent me home~
Today slept till 12 plus then watched tv and played with Bryan~ After that went to Dearie's house. Then went to have coffee at Starbucks then went back his house again and had afternoon nap. by the time we woke up, it was dinner time. We went to Changi Village to eat. he ate Stingray with some fried noodles i think and i ate Fish slices soup with rice. eat until damn full! Then went to my house. First time Dearie see Bryan~ that kid was so shy for a while! after that he clinged onto Dearie the whole time! what the hell right? hahaz. Then after a while, Dearie and i went to siglap Gelare but it was fucking crowded! then we went to east coast one instead, but it was closed! In the end, we ended up at Macs! then came back to my home and do stuffs together~ and he just left. =(
meeting Tee Yu tomorrow! heh. and i'm falling ill. i've been coughing nonstop. think Bryan spread the germs to me. Now Dearie has runny nose too. And tomorrow is MAMBO night! i'm wondering if i should go. hehe.

Rowena* @ [1:07 AM]

Monday, December 13, 2004

Got woken up by Bryan this morning! he came knocking on my door as usual! feel so tired. Dearie was playing with my com and watching golffie at the same time. i was watching tv and i fell asleep! for an hour i think. heh. And Dearie left about 4 plus last night. =p
Dearie went to the cyber cafe with his fren last night. so i called jacky to accompany me. so we ended up at starbucks. Sat there and talk cock for an hour or so and went town to pick nette and Changz. went to frankel's prata to have drinks and headed off to raimah for supper. The 5 of us ate so much! Nette and i saw Jacky's lamb chop that we ordered one for ourselves! haha. and i ate my usual onion prata.
After that Dearie and i sent nette and chang-z back. then he came my house. tht was about 2 plus. That's about it. Definatally meeting Dearie tonight cos he wanna have Gelare. I'm glad he's back! love you honz. heh.

Rowena* @ [3:07 PM]

Sunday, December 12, 2004

I hate this weather! always raining! and town is always so packed! why?? Had to book a cab to come home! It was terrible. Anyways, i went to American Club for lunch with my family. I didn't eat much because of Bryan! i just ate a small plate of salad! and some Salmon~ Accompanied my dear Bryan to play near the pool and the playhouse. haiz. After that went walk with mum for a while then went to PS to meet TeeYu~ saw her lover boy there. haha. After a while, i went home. i feel so sleepy and tired. Stomach dont feel well too. haiz. Dearie's coming home tonight! hehe. Most probably be going supper with nette and CHang-z! that's if Dearie isn't tired. =))
Dearie, i've got so much to tell u!! you'll be damn shocked! heh. rememeber to ask me what they are ok? hehe. Love you! *Still missing you nuts*

Rowena* @ [4:44 PM]

Went to the Temple with my mum this afternoon~ then went a lil' shopping. i bought cheapo gio tops! it was on SALE! haha. bought undergarments and cosmetics as well. Then came home! Jacky came to pick me up to meet Cherie for dinner. Fucking town traffic jam and all carpark full! SO intend to go somewhere else. Before that went to nette's house to pick her, Chang-z and CHaoz. we headed down to Newton~ chit chatted. Then all of them went to look for Xiaoling~ So Jacky was supposed to send me home, in the end went to Raimah to meet my long time no see friend, Ken~ tok cock a while then i went home and they left for Pubbing~
Talked to Dearie on MSN! so happie. i miss him like CRAZY! cant wait to see him!! *i reallie miss u alot honz* Had family talk with parents!!! argh. anyway, Currently toking to 4 frens! but only 2 replies instantly! and tht is JAckson and Kelvin. Talked about last night's clubbing shits. and catched up on old times. heh.
Tomorrow gonna have lunch with Family lunch in town! hehe. aights, have fun peeps!

Rowena* @ [1:41 AM]

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Guess what. My whole body is aching! Yesterday, i went shopping with Debbie in town. I bought a new pair of shoes from Charles and keith and thongs from topshop~ i didn't see any nice clothings in town! i miss shopping in Aussie! haha. Then Shandy, the always never early girl, joined us. we walked around and talk cock. Sat the Macdonalds while waiting for the others to come.

Soon after jackson, Jian Ping, Kelvin andJian Sheng arrived, debbie left to go meet her BF. All of them seemed the same! Except Jackson had a new hairstyle? heh. While Sitting around waiting for Aihui and Liting to come, saw a couple of Mambo friends! (Melvin, Danial and Sean!) I was also waiting for Cherie to arrive! ANother friend of mine, Waishan also came!
Then nette and Chang-Z came by! Had a sweet chat and we had to go join the queue at Chicablack! i miss all of you so much! and Chan-zg look the same except tht his hair is so messy!

When i went to the queue, Deqing and his friends were there already! haha. i called him to come along and really did! so ON! he looked the same too! When we got in at about 945PM, Jian Ping and 3 girls played games. he got Shandy so drunk! and it was before 11! So she went off quite early. Deqing also drunk! haha. i made fun of him the whole night! and he keep bullying me! buti forgive him cos he drunk. and he behaved like a monkey the whole night. Jian SHeng also almost cannot make it. but he did. I got a terrible headache when i was in there. i hate the bass! it sort of push my vomit up towards my throat and i have to swollow it down. and the same thing happen again and again. haha. Jian Xiong, Shawn and Guiping arrived a lil' later, think about 1AM. DIdn't get to talk to them too. i was happily dancing to the songs with my dear Cherie baby! and to my dear cherie, those guy friends of mine are like crazy over you! you noe, keep wanting to be close to you! haha.

Then we left the club at 3 plus, went to mac to eat~ then slowly, one by one all left! i shared a Cab with Wai Shan! when i reached home, i immediatally slept! hehe. Had a great day today. Thanks Guys!

, dont worry i havent forgotten about u! i miss you so much!! plz come back soon!!!! i'm dying without you! hurry get your ass back to SG! loving U!

Rowena* @ [1:04 PM]

Friday, December 10, 2004

Dearie just left my place~ we were having supper. we went to PArkway and then to town then to Esplanade. we were having a stroll from there to marina Square and suntec. after that we headed down to Geylang to have "You cha quay" with soya bean drink. While in the car, i was on the phone with Tee yu and Kalyn~ heh. Will be meeting up with tee yu lots cos she's not schooling and has finished her attachment! =))
oh well, home all day. Talked to Cherie for a while! we're going clubbing tomorrow!! hahaz. then Dearie came to my place for a while then we left for supper. Silly Dearie didn't ring the door bell, and he waited outside! lucky my noisy yet clever dog, pebbles was barking like hell, so i went to see! haha. Love you baby. Gonna miss you thru out the weekend! did i mention he is going to KL for the weekend? he's going to visit his grandparents~ gonna miss you like crazy! *Hugz

Rowena* @ [2:39 AM]

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Isn't it good to make decisions without worrying about the consequence of it? I wonder why do i do things like these. Making decisions is so hard for me because i have to think for someone else. Because i have that special someone. But somehow that special someone doesn't really bother about it. Do i have to wait for him before i can make any decisions? it's killing me right now. I could have plans ahead of me, but now i dont. fucking stucked at home because of him.
if you understand.

Rowena* @ [9:34 PM]

Feeling sad right now. Kinda confused and worried at the same time. =( i dont know if i should do what i think i should. whatever. Didn't sleep well last night. i keep waking up! ive been home all day. it seems like it's gonna rain that's why didn't want to go out. Got to see Bryan today! and Darren too! They're soo cute! I've seen Pebbles, but not my poor lil' coco!
I feel like looking at all my clothes in my wardrobe right now. taking out thouse i dun wan anymore and sell them! heh. and my computer is driving me crazy! it shuts down every now and then! apologise to those who see me signing in and out! =))
Oh, and i finally watched manchurian Candidate! haha. on the plane. watched without a paddle too!
i cant wait to see all my friends!!!! hehehee.

Rowena* @ [2:32 PM]

So tired! but i'm sooo happy that i'm back in SG! hehe. First thing i came home, i took out all my clothes! After that Dearie said he's coming over to my place to pick me up for supper~ when i came home, Mum cleared everything for me. as in fold my clothes and stuffs. =) Dearie and i went to changi village and katong~ he ate a plate of hokkien Mee and nasi lemak~ the food is so damn cheap and nice!! fter that we went driving around. Dearie doesn't even noe the way! *i had to lead him* =p Then he came to my place, chit chat, played computer, listen to music, chill out. hehe. Hopefully i can meet him tomorrow! i'm missing him!! though he barely left for 15 minutes~ =( love you baby!

Rowena* @ [2:33 AM]

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

It's only 10 am. i'm feeling so tired. It's gonna be a long long day! I'm so afraid that we wont have time for lunch! those people haven't called us back! and i'm starving! Almost finish packing. Thinking if i should throw away some stuffs anot. Doing some last minute Washing as well. hope it can be dried in an Hour! gonna call my mum now! hehe. See you guys soon!
PS: Debbie and Shandy: See u on friday! (Some one just got her pay huh. =) ) hehe.

Rowena* @ [10:10 AM]

At last i have almost finished packing! =) my room was in a fucking mess! and i had to throw away lots of stuffs! and some were my fave stuffs! but i had no choice else I'll over-weight! Dearie keep throwing my stuffs without asking me for Permission! *Angry*
Well, today was quite a busy day! had to close bank account and settle some bills. But still Dearie and i went shopping! heh. well, Window-shopping to be exact. but Dearie bought me a pair of Earrings! haha. And then we went to watch a movie! Team America. fucking lousy show. Though some parts were funny! but it's not worth the MONEY!
Tomorrow my flight's at 5pm~ have to be at the airport by 3pm. gonna wake up damn early tomorrow to finish packing. and officially move out. Some people are gonna come to check the house. Guess what: the glass window in the room is slightly cracked. i duno how it happened! bathroom's sink area has burnt marks caused by candles! (it was Blackout that night!) the walls in the Bathroom has purple PERMANENT marks and droplets beacuse i was colouring my hair in the toilet that day! =x So afraid they see all these! and i'll have to pay!!! damn it. oh well, tomorrow back in hot and rainny Singapore. how nice. =) cant wait to sit the plane. It's been a long time. and cant wait to meet up with friends!! might meet up with nette tomorrow night!!! hehe.

Rowena* @ [1:25 AM]

Monday, December 06, 2004

2 more nights here. I'm gonna miss Perth! the food, weather, people, fashion. haiz* Talking to Bie online now. =) well, according to my "plan", i was gonna have my fake tan done today! but Dearie ruined it all. i dont wanna emphasize too much on it.
however, to make it up to me, Dearie says we'll go for movie and good dinner tomorrow. hehe. actually i cant wait to go back! i miss everything!!!! and i must must MUST lose weight! Now waiting for Dearie to be back and watch movie together. we borrowed a horror movie! yippie!

Rowena* @ [10:14 PM]

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Just got home from the Movies! Dearie and i went to watch SAW. The show was ok. Didn't really make sense lah. but i like all the gross scenes in it. hehe.
As planned, we went to freo~ Clement and Chien Yee came along. i bought Cherries and Strawberries~ but i have a feeling the Strawberries is not going to last till i reach back SG!!
Anyway, i decided to do my Faux tan tomorrow! hehe. hopefully it turns out well~ Gotta do lots of stuffs tomorrow. well, actually it isn't me. i'm just tagging along. =) well, nothing else to say~~

Rowena* @ [11:59 PM]

Well, i just got home from clubbing at Metro~ I was with Dearie , Clement and Chien Yee~ Today's music was not as good because there were so many Intervals!! like singing competition and some DJ shit. After that Dearie felt hungry so went Northbridge to eat supper. And Yup, back home now.
Going Freo tomorrow! Yippie. hehe. aights, going to bed now. tataz.

Rowena* @ [3:12 AM]

Saturday, December 04, 2004

i slept at 1 AM last night and woke up at 5:15 Am! Dearie woke me up! he went to buy Macdonalds breakfast for me. hehe. then we slept about 8AM till about 2PM~ then we watched a movie. Just got back from dinner~ maybe later gonna watch a movie again. I'm thinking of Saw or Team America. but duno if Dearie wanna watch anot~ Anyway, another day has passed. Didn't do anything. i feel like going out late at night to have fun but Dearie doesn't want to. i really don't understand why. it's a SAT night! and he doesn't want to do anything! =((

Rowena* @ [7:16 PM]

Friday, December 03, 2004

just went to the MOvies. watched Bad Santa. Quite a nice movie. darn funny! and touching. Sadly, Manchurian Candidate has stopped showing!! Gonna watch Saw the next time i go to the cinema! Had bubbletea as usual~ and borrowed two movies to watch over the weekend.

Anyways, we might be going to the beach tomorrow. hopefully it isn't gonna be cold and rainy. Sunday we'll be going to fremantle for lunch and i have to get some fruits to bring back to Singapore~! Dearie is chasing me now. he wants to use the computer! he always gets his way. =(

Rowena* @ [11:52 PM]

*Yawnz* i just woke up from an afternoon nap! had Macdonald's brekkie with Dearie early in the morning` My long time friend, Joshua sent me Bob the builder song! it is a stupid song though~ Surfed around last night and this morning, realised life is so unpredictable. Especially love life. Of course most of them are happy with their lifes.

Anyway, 5 more days and i'll be back in singapore. and that is 4 more nights left for me here in perth! cant wait! Dearie went to the golf course again! =( Shouldn't be going anywhere tonight~ perhaps for dinner. and maybe bubble tea in the city and we're gonna borrow movies to watch~ might go watch Manchurian Candidate! Dearie had been wanting to watch it sonce the show came out~ poor thing.

Rowena* @ [3:38 PM]

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Boring boring. today went to the zoo with Dearie ~ haha. saw lots of animals~ then went to the golf course~ then i came home and cook dinner~ now facing the com~ chatting with my best friend nette! =)) 6 more days!!!! i'll be back in SG to partY!

Rowena* @ [7:57 PM]


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