Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hmmm... last day of the month again. time is passing really FAST! anyway, i've been home the whole day! haven't stepped out yet! but soon i'll be going out: aint sure if it's to buy groceries and cook or to go out and eat. Dearie haven't decided yet. (he's sleeping!) but i want to cook! i need to watch movies~ heh. tonight we're going to eat waffles and ice-cream again! yummy! i love Tuesdays! alrights. Pixxies.

Princess At 5:36 PM

Monday, November 29, 2004

Went to the Casino again! i lost money!! but i enjoyed the game there~ hehe. Went clubbing with Dearie for a while~ then came home sleep late as usual~ woke up early~ i've got dark eyes circle now! damn ugly. Today went to the City to get Jade's and Darren's clothes. then went to watch a movie at Carousal! we watched National Treasure! think it's quite a nice movie! =)) Davis just left for Melbourne ~ yeah tht's it.

Princess At 11:56 PM

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Just got back from the Casino with Dearie and his friend Davis, who flew down all the way from Mel. hehe. Dearie lost money again!!! i didn't play.. wanted to go clubbing. oh well. tired tired.

Princess At 02:37 AM

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Slept late, woke up early. i hate it. Dearie planned to go to the Zoo today~ but then it was too late. so i just Accompanied him to the golf course! i love the Sun! still thinking of going Fake-Tanning~ i've been doing it myself, but i'm really bad at it! streaks all over. Dearie tried to help, but he's a failure at it!! =x oh well, Dearie's friend is arriving tonight. Gonna stay at our place for the next few days! might go Pubbing tonight~ hehe. Dearie's gonna have his sleep now! and me, i just finished vaccuming the whole room and cleaned up the toilet! hehe. gonna cook Dinner again! trying to cook mapo doufu! hehe. aights, damn tired. miss SINGAPORE friends!!!!!!

Princess At 06:20 PM

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Didn't go anywhere today~ Went to view houses with his Sister~ an the house she got was BEAUtiful!!! i cooked some dinner again~ but we "da bao" curry Fish~ Gonna watch a movie now~ hehe..

I cant wait to go for road trips! i wanna go cuddle koala bears! i wanna stay on the farm! and i wanna feed Kangaroos, baby lambs!! argh. Dearie wont be bringing me to the ZOO. so sad. and his friend is gonna come to Perth for a few days~ and Dearie is so excited about it~ cos tht's his best friend! =)) and in less than 2 weeks i'll be back in SG!!

Princess At 08:57 PM

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hehe, went Shopping today with Dearie~ actually is he wants to go~ I had to get some bob the builder stuffs for my lil' nephew, Bryan! i bought him a bagpack for his schooling, a t-shirt and Shorts and cute socks! hehe. Dearie bought me a pair of Roxy slippers too!~ Dearie bought himself a pair of shorts, some cds. I cooked dinner again~ Dearie said it was nice. heh. watched a couple of movies! we went to borrow them. all of it were horror! Jap, thai, korean ones. hmm.. nothing much to say.. good night!

Princess At 11:57 PM

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Just got home from Clairemont and city with Dearie. Wanted to see if FCUK had any new stuffs but nope. Chill out in the city, have coffee~ chit chat~. now back home. Today's weather still damn hot, but at least there's wind! Gonna cook dinner for Dearie tonight. last few days have been eating out. quite sick of it.

Last night went out with Chien Yee and Clement to chill out. had drinks and ate supper~ Dearie was the hungry one~ I'm going to the ZOO one of these days. Dearie promised! and might go to the beaches here. (cotteloe and Scarborough) DUno how to spell~ hehe. and road trips!!!!! oh and i'm going for fake tanning! haha. i think i'm damn fair right now. i wanna be tanned!!! Yippie!

Princess At 05:17 PM

Monday, November 22, 2004

Did i mention that today's weather is 37 degrees???? god damn it's hot!! but the forecast says the next 1 week it'll be 20 plus! *relieved*

it's very boring here. i cant wait to go home. Dearie and i are at the library to enjoy the free air-conditioning~ hehe. Chatted with Jason and fis online last night. and some jokes were mentioned. kekez. Tonight might go out! go to the city, have bubbletea and walk around. Bought magazines... but i finished reading them. there's really nothing to do!!!! blog later!

Princess At 02:16 PM

Sunday, November 21, 2004

went to Northbridge again last night for late dinner~ then went for bubble tea~ and had a short KTV session! hehe. today we went to Rockingham~ it was like 45 mins drive! i wanted to go to Penguin Island~ but Dearie didn't wan to go! After that Dearie went for his first Bungee Jump experience! now he's so proud!!!! just got home.. both of us feeling tired~ gonna slp now! tata.

Princess At 05:00 PM

Friday, November 19, 2004

Went to watch The grudge last night with Dearie! it was fucking scary!!!! i hate that sound. and Dearie had to make that sound to scare me! This morning went to have Dim sun at Northbridge with my bunch of friends who are leaving today! i Cried while i see them into that idiotic departure gate!!!! Kenneth made me cry more!! I miss you guys!!

Then Dearie brought me to Supre but there was nothing to buy. though i wanted to buy this cute top! had damn early Dinner and he's sleeping right now~ and i'm playing StarCraft! tonight might go watch another movie. hehe.

Princess At 06:54 PM

Thursday, November 18, 2004

JUst got back from the airport. Dearie and i went to send Hafis off. it is really sad to see all the close friends i made at Perth go away to somewhere we might not meet again. Tomorrow more of my friends are going back. Lucky they're all from JB so can still meet up in SG. =)) Last night 17 of us went to have japanese dinner in the city. Then we went to have Bubble tea and a "Karaoke" session. heh. then all of us went to Fremantle to chill out. it was freaking cold last night! and we took pics of course!~

ok, i have an exam in 5 hours!! and i was out playing. heh.

Tuesday, few of us went to Gelare~ and did i mention Dearie got his interview with UWA for his medicine studies? he was really happie about it that he couldnt sleep last night. it's really good that Dearie got in cos 3 out of 4 people dont get the interview.

Tonight might have dinner with them again. i'll miss all of them. and i think i'm going back on the 8th december. i Havent booked yet! well, after 5pm today, i'll be free. gonna enjoy myself! gtg study now. tataz. i miss you guys! everyone!

Princess At 07:21 PM

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Watched The lady killer last night! it was funny! Average show. i also watched Friends finale episodes. about 12 episodes. have about 8 more episodes to go~ going to the Library to study with Dearie though he just left without me. kekez. Exam tomorrow!! Wish me luck. GOnna watch Colleteral tonight or tomorrow night. heh. maybe Catwoman! Bleah. i'm into movies recently! Dearie too! hehe. after exams we're gonna catch all the movies he said. i still havent book my flight home yet! =p

It's freaking hot and sunny outside now. i wanna go sun tan! heh.

Princess At 12:36 PM

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I watched 2 movies at home! Garfield and Cinderella Story~ Cinderella Story was nice and touching. but too bad, i dont realy adore Hilary Duff~ Garfield was so so. liked it because the dog was soo cute!!! =)) Just has dinner with Dearie. Damn early. i'll be HUngry later on~ before that was at library studying and then accompanied Dearie to the golf course. I hate the damn FLIES! and it was sunnY!!! I slept only 5 hours. i'm gonna turn in early today!

Princess At 07:00 PM

i miss Bryan. i just feel like hugging him so tight right now. hes the only one i see and i'll feel sooo happy. BRYAN. i MISS you! cant slp right now. i just feel that i'm wasting my time on some things. and why am i always the one getting upset and paranoid about everything? Its hard to smile when your happiness is all lies, and you have tears in your eyes . . . : i realised that First you fall in love, Then you feel the pain. And when you feel the hurt, you will start to cry, And then you wished you had said "I love you and Good-bye". but ::+:: It's not easy to be so strong ::+::
i'm beginning to be afraid to fall in love so easily.

Princess At 03:28 AM

Friday, November 12, 2004

Went for chinese dinner with Dearie last night! it was freaking Cheap~ i think the uncle charge us wrongly~ heh. we had Asam Fish and beansprout again~ then we went shopping! heh. i bought a billabong bag at last for my hand carry lugguage~ i think it's very nice! then we went to watch 2 movies!! Alien vs predator~ and the forgotten~ nice movies~ but Dearie didn't like the alien show~ then came home! do nothing. Dearie was studying in the library~ should be going there with him later. but i noe i wont study in the library!!!

Princess At 12:19 PM

Thursday, November 11, 2004

just back from the golf course with Dearie! he's exam was SIMPLE! do u believe it??

Princess At 06:00 PM

LAZY me. i wanted to go work out! but i was tooo lazyyy. DAMN IT. it was raining. Dearie's at exam now. all ALone. =( i feel sick. i've been coughing for almost a week. but i dont see the point to go see a doc~ i still hve to take my exams. I wanna go late night shopping tonight. gonna BEg Dearie to bring me there. I wanted to use blogspot for my blog, but i was too lazy to re do everything. i cant wait to go back SG. =)) Dear babes, I"LL BE BACK! but zouk out? i wanna go!!!! but i havent booked my air ticket! how?

Princess At 03:30 PM

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Gunbound rocks! heh. i have a few wounds on my Fingers~ everyday putting plasters on them. and different fingers as well. *OUCHz* well, had good dinner today~ hehe. Curry fish and my fave vege dish,BEans Sprout! Dearie's treat of course. hehe. he has an exam tomorrow afternoon! guess i would be heading down to Fitness first and Shopping~ Its been so long since i worked out. i feel so guilty. i dont wanna go on a diet so i have to work OUT! =p

These few days havent been studying much. Instead i've been downlaoding songs! i like soooo many songs, but i'm dial-up! and even if i do D/L the songs, most of them dont work! Stupid Kazaa~ and i love the song "I like that" by Chingy! hehe. Dearie doesn;t want to take me out for supper. i'm starvin. =(

Currently addicted to the song "Just lose it"

Princess At 11:59 PM

Monday, November 08, 2004

one paper down! heh. tomorrow another one! cant wait! i'm gonna throw my notes away later tonight! =)) hehe. Dearie has been acting like a lil' puppy towards me! you noe how a puppy is. and i know so much of Dearie's bad points! haha. more to come! gonna eat dinner with Dearie soon. some chinese restaurant. I'm still playing gunbound! hehe. Cheerios.

Princess At 06:43 PM

Sunday, November 07, 2004

TOmorrow first exam paper! haiz. studying a lil' only~ die. Damn boring. cant wait for all my papers to be over. Why cant they be all together in a week! and i have to have a paper on the last day.

Princess At 10:59 PM

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Decided to start Studying today! got HUman Biology examination on Tuesday~ and english on monday~ (WHich i dont really care.) LAst night went to Fis place with a few friends + Dearie as well. had a few drinks~ i got a splitting headache! Dearie going to the golf course later. =( but i'll be studying! hehe. i packed a few luggage already~ some for the salvation Army ~ some for friends to bring back for me.

I slept te whole afternoon~ sorry JAson~ i didn;t go box 3 with ya. =( i was too tired.

Princess At 06:58 PM

Friday, November 05, 2004

Just got back from Supre with Dearie~ heh. i spend $150++ on clothes! 4 tops and 2 skirts! bought identical skirts in diff colours and 2 identical tops in different colours! kinda waste money though~ but i like them! its nice! bought the tube in Black! hehe. *HAppie*

LAter going city with friends~ ehhe. might wanna get my roxy bag! and new tops from them! Roxy seems to have new stuffs! i like their new polka dot bikinis! and i wanna go Dotti~ kekez.. shopping day today! Right now doing some MAths paper~ hehe.. i havet started studying. *Dead* Oh well.. tonight going for dinner with Dearie in town~ yippie~

Princess At 02:06 PM

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Dearie went golf again. i was at the library studying! ^-^ i still have the thought of going Shopping!! i have to go for retail therapy! i HAVE to! just paid rent today~ Thousand plus have gone. i could have bought so much things with that amount of money! went for a movie last night. Dearie didn't like it. but i think it's quite ok. i wan to go for late night shopping today! but i wanna go SUPRE!!! i wan to wat waffles! i wan mango smoothie~ i want my roxy bag, which Dearie said he'll buy for me! i wan FCUK~ i wan Armani exchange! think they're having a sale right now! i'm hungry.

Princess At 06:10 PM

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I'm bored. Stucked at home. i want to go shopping! i bought 3 MAgazines today! and i saw so many Beautiful tops! i wan to buy all of them! =)) Supre has new arrivals! and i love the new colours like yellow and green and purple! and i wan dresses!! i miss clubbing. i hate exams! god damn it. i want to shop~ i think i'm goingnuts. why do shops close so fucking early? and why cant i fucking drive! Dearie left me alone at home AGAIN! i am so sick of it. Gonna smoke myself to death! anyone wanna join?

Princess At 04:22 PM

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I didn't go to School the whole day~ Dearie went for 2 lessons but then the total time in school was about 1/2 hour only~ heh. Dearie cut hair today! he look sooo young now~ then accompanied him to the GOlf Course As usual~ but its ok cos i can go suntanning as well~ didnt study the whole day! =((

Dearie and i might go to GElera later for waffles! he promised me this "date"~ heh. Dearie sleepping right now! PIG! i go play Gun bound now~ hehehe.

Princess At 08:16 PM

Monday, November 01, 2004

Went to School~ got back all my papers!! Flunked econs. Maths and English 50 Plus, Biology 74.5%. Never expected it though. Dearie went to play golf again. all alone at home. Kenneth just went off from my place to get his stuff back~ I'm Hungry~ and the darn flies are so irritating! Worst then Singapore!

Anyway, more pixxx.

Princess At 04:15 PM