Welcome to the mind and world of Charlie Hopkins
My name's Charlie (I'm the ugly one with the purple top on) and I've been told to write I'm a bit of a ball breaker kinda girl! I'm now *gulp* 24 years young and now officially OLD! The wrinkles have started to appear and my bathroom cabinet now looks like a mini branch of a well known chemists! I'm from the land of sheep and daffodils otherwise known as Wales. Oh and thanks to all those who emailed pointing out that I've been 22 for two years. I soooooooo love you guys(!) Can you sense the sarcastic tone in my voice right now? (Oooh Chandler creeping in there!)

I have been promising for some time that I would change the picture but tough luck I can't be bothered! Truth is I look terrible in all of them so I am not bothering innit!
This page is currently going through a major revamp. I do not pretend to know anything about HTML or any of that nonsense so I'm very grateful for the kind people at Geocities and Yahoo for providing this easy to negotiate page builder. For the time being the page may look slight crap but fear not intrepid reader - I shall try to make it look as professional as I can humanly manage. If I can be bothered to update it every week or so I might just create a blog type of thang.

No promises though.

For those who've never visited this site before - welcome to the wonderful, werid world of me Charlie Hopkins. Please take a look around. My sense of humour is bound to make an impression on you I'm sure.

I personally recommend the Life and Times of Christopher Hopkins (Link below) or the Life and times of Charlie Hopkins.

Love you all

PS The links below are supposed to be floating in the air.....yeah right
This page was last updated on July 14th 2005
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