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I made this page using windows notepad, what's your excuse?

Assimilated since July 31st, 1997.
The beauty of the damned...

"Psycho Horror put on a great live show"

--- NY scene report, Industrial Nation #9
The best damn magazine in the world.

The intense PSYCHO HORROR is great for dancing and/or beating the shit out of someone. Psycho Horror's brooding and blood spewing frontman DasKreestof and conspirator/electronic sound mutilator Atom are working laboriously on Psycho Horror's next demo. Music industry insider Satan has promised that in exchange for DasKreestof's soul, the demo will get Psycho Horror signed.

DasKreestof is also the founder of the New York Industrial Front.

Wanna here a sample of Psycho Horror? Click here.

Check out our contribution to Black Mechanical Heart 001 and our new contribution to None of the Above's "Black Out" compilation out NOW!.

Psycho Horror played at NYC's Batcave with Swedish Industrial Stars Covenant and NeoCyberChrist on Saturday October 18th, 1997 and it was cool. We have also opened for Kervorkian Death Cycle, Crocodile Shop, Battery Cage, and Spahn Ranch.

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