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I made this page using windows notepad, what's your excuse?
Welcome to the NYIF sample page!

Here you can find .MP3 samples of NYIF bands.

My space for this website is limited so the samples fade out after 30 seconds or so.

1. Expulsion by Psycho Horror. (666 kilobytes which took me 3 minutes 30 seconds to download on a 28.8 connection)

I converted the song to mono to conserve space and quicken the download.
The end result was the hi-hats got a little screwed up, but trust me the
sound quality of the original recording is better, anyway this sample
will give you the idea.

2. Syntax by NeoCyberChrist. (424 kilobytes @ 44.1k 16 bit stereo)

3. psychoOphySioloGicaLneurAlmasTerbatioN by Polymorph 3.1 (424 kilobytes @ 44.1k 16 bit stereo)

4. Humanity by Matrix. (172 kilobytes @ 44.1k 8 bit mono)

5. Dead Room by Side 3. (430 kilobytes @ 44.1k 16 bit mono)

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