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New York Industrial Front

Let me sum it up quick. It isn't hard to join the NYIF, and it's a non-profit group so it doesn't cost money.You have to give me a tape, CD, or send me a link to some mp3's of your band and it has to be damn industrial. Or else you have to let me in to a show, and put on a damn industrial performance.
You have to have a generous team player attitude. That's it. 5 bands have asked to join in the last 4 months, and the same thing has kept them out. No tape. I can't let people in until I've heard them because there are too many bands out there that think they're industrial but aren't.

Way to many.

PS. If before you know who I am, you piss me off so badly that I want to break your nose, you won't get in.

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