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I made this page using windows notepad, what's your excuse?

These are show reviews taken from

John's Mad Fat Electronic Music Page

Psycho Horror

The Psycho Horror show KICKED ASS!!!!!!!! They are playing on the 12th of September in NewHaven, CT. I am definately going to see them. Kreestof has loads of stage prescence, and a vocal effect that rocks my world!!! They are a must see. Their kicks were punchy and the music just plain rocked! (did I just actually use the phrase "rocked"?) There was blood, gore, guitars, synths, filters, you name it, and it was there. (kitchen sink?) The satanic rap song had the crowd going wild. Psycho Horror had more people in attendance than any other local industrial band. I can't wait till the 12th... ha ha ha (evil laugh).....

Well I saw Psycho horror on the 12th. The audience loved them. Their rap song did not go over well, but we all know goths can't laugh, or they'll melt!? But all in all it was a great show. yet again the best stage show, out of any local band.
It was October 18th and yet again another Great Psycho Horror Show!! They opened for Covenant at the Batcave. They did a kick ass way too evil for Satan cover of Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!!!!!> I loved the show. All was great, but the usual Batcave problems persisted (vocals to low, mix sounded tinny) Atom's stage presence improved since the last batcave show.... Kreestof's presence is always great (I wish I had 1/1000th the stage presence he does). The usual drummer Matt was replaced with Dave Jarmula of NCC fame. He beat the hell out of those drum pads!!! Tell Dave to put some palmolive on his hands (I saw the blisters). All in all I thought it was a great show.

These are show reviews taken from

The following was taken from I have never met the poster, so this was pretty cool. This is from a thread about the show that Psycho Horror opened for Covenant:

>>>Piece machine was a complete joke! >Ah, it was truly a great night ... covenant, despite playing almost 100% >off DAT, were ridiculously good. There was such an energetic vibe in >the air, the best I've ever experienced at the Batcave. I also was >wondering about that chick onstage. I wish somebody HAD shot her. Oh >well. Psycho Horror were great, especially their cover of Ren and >Stimpy's "Happy Happy Joy Joy." I wasn't overtly impressed with any of >the others.


Matrix @ The Bank, NYC, Thursday Feb 12. 1998 Matrix went on even later than the expected time (Midnight) and although some of the uninformed crowd had left (after an overproduced rock band and their merchandise departed), this did not diminish the intensity of their show. Matrix played a set of what could be described as Trance-tinged Industrial, with some synth-pop tendencies. The overall sound quality was possibly the best I've heard from a live band in a long time! The sounds were largely of the analog and Groovebox variety, while John's Theremin tweaking added a subtle layer of atmosphere over the mix. The vocals were effected alternately with a Vocoder and distortion, one of the ways Matrix stands apart from most purely pre-fab synth-based acts, as well as mostly original sounds and the live treatments of the synths that were always going on. Their cover of Duran Duran's Rio was definately a highlight for me, although every song made me want to dance. My only complaint was that their set didn't last long enough... Go check out the next Matrix show, you won't be dissappointed! -Atom

Other NYIF bands

Reviews of other NYIF bands like Negativehate and NCC will soon be posted.

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