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New York Industrial Front

The New York Industrial Front has launched a radio station of New York Industrial Front members. You can check it out at:

Thanks to New York Industrial Front member Chvad of Things Outside the Skin for setting it up.


The New York Industrial Front hosted a challenge for Industrial Musicians. Three Winners have been chosen.The challenge involved composing something that complied with an interesting set of rules which I had posted here.
To see the winners and learn more about the challenge click here.

World Domination Starts here.

The New York Industrial Front does not list events that it does not consider industrial. If I'm not listing your night or your band, It could be that I just don't know about it so drop me a line, (or have the weasels at your label do it.)

Check the Clubs page for regular industrial nights at a club near you.

There is no greater threat to Industrial today, than bands, labels, clubs and DJ's who claim to be Industrial, but aren't. What can you do about it?

What do we want?

Check this out!
Third Wave Collective similiar to the New York Industrial Front, based out of Chicago. They put out a compilation with a bunch of neat bands on it. Great resource for the midwest, well done site, very good manifesto. Take a look!
The N.Y.I.F. Page Updates

The Acronym N.Y.I.F. has been removed from most of the site, due to trademark dispute.

The NYIF has joined Ringworm. Click here to surf the Industrial Ring.

Last update: March 16th, 2003

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The Four Phases of Industrial Music
A brief primer on Industrial music.

Take Back the New York Industrial Scene from the Ravers!

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Heroin Chic Gonna take heroin? click here.

Industrial Challenge #1
The New York Industrial Front issued a challenge to musicians around the world to test their skills at making songs with a white noise sample.

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