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I made this page using windows notepad, what's your excuse?

The Winners!

The New York Industrial Front proudly presents the winners of
Industrial Challenge #1: White Noise song generation.

Using ONLY a white noise sample provided by the NYIF, These three finalists from all over the world, created songs showing their mastery of sampler and synthesis techniques.

"use only a few simple tools and master them"
To challenge artists to discover what they could do applying not just subtractive synth techniques but principles of sampling as a synthesis method as well. There are things a sampler can do, with a basic waveform, that analog synths can't, and I wanted people to explore that, as well as embrace the power that a substractive synth amp envelope and filter can bring to the user with even a lowly white noise sample as the starting source for the sound.

In order to ensure that the challenge was just that, The artists were limited to the functions of older sampling gear and effects processors.

Due to a lack of server space, I had to narrow it all down to three winners. I will not be posting my entry or soundbanks for now so that I may post the works of the other three finalists instead. I will post my entry and soundbanks (so you can see how these sounds were created) in the future, when I have either moved the site to another server, or have removed something from the current site.

Without further ado, here are the winners listed alphabetically by song title.

1. Breakfast on C905J86Y by ScotTunes.

An absolutely amazing entry. You can click here to learn more about he constructed his song. You can click here to go to his website and you can click here to hear other songs by this man.

2. Gas Spectre by Brainscrape.

This aggressive and atmospheric entry is a study in the use of fx processors. But don't let that fool you, my guess is that this song made detailed use of LFO's as well. If you can, listen to this song in headphones. There is great use of panning in this piece. Click here to learn more about how this artist created this song.

3. "to New York, with love" by Skin Contact.

Little is known about the mysterious Skin Contact, except that Kevin is a synthesis master, and an excellent Industrial musician to boot. There's so much to listen to in this song. It's really impressive.
You can click here to hear other songs by this group.


Click here to download the sample and rules of the challenge in a single file


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