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Naoko-hime's original idea sketch for the Bishoujo Senshi
Note: All your favorite Bishoujo senshi have been caged and catagorized for your protection. Be advised they sometimes bite and frighten people. If you are young or have a weak heart you may not want to procede. I am not responsible for stray senshi! Now enjoy your visit to the Sailor Moon Emporium. I am sorry for the delay, but capturing and catagorizing senshi is a long and lengthy process. I am trying to hurry, but remember these senshi are dangerous creatures and it takes a while just to get close enough to catch them. Forgive me for the delays on getting new senshi and information up! Additional Note: DO NOT TAKE MY DESCRIPTIONS AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR WATCHING THE REAL THING! IT IS MUCH BETTER TO WATCH THAN TO READ IT! I just offer these as a basis for you to go by.
The Amazon Trio from the manga!

"Silver Crystal Power"しリバー・カリスタレ・パワ (Shiribuu KurisutarePawa) Sailor Moon remembers the story of Princess Kaguya and she summons a silver crystal. Ami-chan says, "This must be Silver Crystal Power." as she remembers the story of Princess Kaguya. Kamen orders ChibiMoon to protect Usagi and all the senshi surround Usagi (Saturn and the Starlights excluded). All their fuku start to glow and Usagi is lifted off the ground and the Snow Dancers hit the energy beams holding Usagi up. Snow Kaguya shoots a blast of energy at Usagi and Usagi fires a light back at Snow Kaguya. Snow Kaguya realizes that this is the light that hit her years ago and increases the blast's power. Usagi closes her eyes and thinks about all the life on Earth. This gives her a stronger power and she blasts through Snow Kaguya. The blast destroyes Snow Kaguya's ship/comet and Usagi makes silent prayer to turn Luna into Princess Kaguya for the night.
"Galactica Planet Attack!" ギャラクチイカ・プラネット・アタック (Gyarakuchiika Puranetto Atakku) The evil Inners and Outers combine their powers and blast the crap out of Eternal Sailor Moon. This attack shatters the Moon Tier and rips Usagi's wings off her. (Manga)

Message to the Dubbies and Half-wits: DO NOT E-mail me telling me about Senshi (Never call them Scouts) that you do not see on this page. For MistylIll@aol.com who I cannot e-mail, I HAVE Heavy Metal Papillon and the other Animamates up on the Villians page, since they ARE villians. I will NOT put any Sailor Senshi from the Sailor Moon Musicals on this page! The musicals are obsecure and most are just another version of the same stories in the Anime and Manga. Its hard enough to do just the Anime and Manga, I will NOT include the musicals (besides they scare me)! I do not nor will I ever own the musicals, I do not like them. I will stick with the Manga and the Anime, perferably the Manga. So do not send me links and telling me I should look at these characters. I probably know Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon better than you do, especially if you're stupid enough to call them Scouts!Ok.. I'm done ranting go on. I might actually work on this page again some eon.

Another Message: Yeah! Another Rant because SOMEONE,namely PokemonVulpix37@aol.com, didn't get the HINT from the first Rant. This idiot decided to IM me and bug me about how KodanClub (Listed below) can't translate their OWN works. Humph, obviously PokemonVulpix37@aol.com is delusional enough to believe that he/she/it knows more about Japanese than the Japanese. This personage, in all their loveliness, bugs me about how Mew Ichigo's attack in Tokyo Mew Mew is REALLY "Reborn Strawberry Check." Get real. No Tokyo Mew Mew fan or site I've seen so far has said ANYTHING about Reborn. Also Reborn makes less sense than Ribbon. It's Ribbon, believe me kiddies. Just because it isn't "logical" in the attack, doesn't mean CRAP. I mean what's logical about "Star Gentle Uterus", other than the fact that Maker does a hoop shape with her arms in the manga. Reborn makes less since in ALL cases, both for Saturn's attack and for Tokyo Mew Mew attacks. Those of you who don't know Tokyo Mew Mew, I assume since you read this site that you like BSSM so you'd probably like Tokyo Mew Mew, check it out if you ever get a chance! (Free advertising.. sheesh). Now if anybody else would LIKE to argue with me, get a life. Believe it or not, I have one, hense the reason this site gets updated so rarely. Oh to make the Pocket Monsters fan's claim even MORE laughable, he/she/it is going on ONE episode of the Anime. I have the first 5, I think I know better than them, don't you? Oh well.. But if you guys want to Instant Message me or E-mail me just to bring up something stupid like that, get real. I don't have time to explain to you people how to think. Those of you who can, can ignore the above statement. Oh yeah and don't clutter my Guestbook with stupid posts like, "Least Favourite Senshi: Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon, she's a waste of art." Oh yeah, advancing the plot of Stars is a waste of art. Anyhow enough ranting. You came here for BSSM, not for rants by the guy who created this thing, right? Oh if you see any of the people who are listed on this page or if you know them, even IRL, point and laugh. These people spent wayyyyyy too much time watching Titanic. Ok that's all for now.

Now if you don't believe its Death Ribbon Revolution... go open your BSSM manga Volume 10.. Then go here Welcome to KODANCLUB.com! check out Manga Preview archives.. look at Tokyo Mew Mew (Tokyo Mews).. if you check it out.. her attack is Ribbon Strawberry Check.. and if you compare the Katakana... it's exactly the same.. so it IS Death Ribbon Revolution
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